• Ive had a quite a bit emotional upheaval AND heartache this past week and honestly i just feel mentally drained and i feel lost .. directionless and confused . hurt and hopeless .. I want to be at peace .


  • Did we just have a mirrored week you and I? Goodness...maybe it's in the air? I hope you feel better. Tomorrow is a new dawn and will wash away the confusions of today. hang in there.

  • VirgoLadii

    Its Def. The Mercury Retrograde Effect hunney!

    It has alot of people feeling mentally drained

    and almost at a setback feeling, Dont Worry just pray

    for peace.

    blessings and love to you.

  • Ah, is it? That explains a lot, yesterday I was feeling a bit dizzy and directionless...

    I walked around the train station a few times, because each time I realized that I wasn't at the right platform... In the process, I left a large half-full bottle of water somewhere in the station..

  • Hi Virgoladii and Hidden Diamond,

    You can check out the thread I started - New Moon and Mercury Retrograding.


    Hopefully you can find the infos in there valuable and I have also included the Do's and Don't for this coming 3 weeks.

    Mercury retrogrades is not all that bad, example..is it great to finish off the unfinished business, reconnect with old relationship ( it is all about go back to the past and start anew)

    it is not encourage to start something new though, such as a new business, a marriage, a new job etc.....advisable to wait till May 11th.

    Miscommunication, problems with appliances, car break down are among the things that often happened during Mercury retrogrades.

    Anyway, check out that thread!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Glad youwroteme,

    Its in the air ,,, I wish these planets would stop having such a negative affect on my life already !!lol I hope everyhting is well with you now ! I'm not alone as you were feeling the same

  • Addictdtoriches,sometimes I wonder if i should stop reading my monthly forecast so I won't be anticipating all of the confusion it doesnt help either way lol ,, I'm getting through and atleast we know we are not alone !! I've definently been feeling like I can't seem to accomplish anything ! Extremely set back ! thank you dear ! Have a blessed day !

  • Hidden diamond awee dear I was reading your post and was sitting in my car ,,now iwas just as confused as you with my car keys today and house keys I don't know why I seperated my keys to begin with while at the laundrymatt. I just couldn't seem to figure what I should have been doing ! Ahhh totally out of it ! Hope tomorrow is better for you ! blessingss !

  • Emergance thank you ! m just getting home from the laundrymat ! im about to read the thread now thank you again. Im sure it will shed some light on everything ! blessings !!! x0x0x

  • Virgoladii,

    You are welcome huney!

    I hope the infos in my thread will ease all of your worries!

    You are not the only one being affected during this period, most of us are.

    Myself, I almost smashed my brand new laptop to the ground..it is pissing me off bad time!

    But then I remembered about the Mercury and told myself to be extra patience for this coming weeks lol!

    Have a great day!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi VirgoLadii,

    I'm so sorry you are feeling this way, but just as addictdtoriches and Emergence says, this Mercury Retro is causing up-evil to all, I have decided to go with the flow of it for now, and like Emergence said "But then I remembered about the Mercury and told myself to be extra patience for this coming weeks lol!"....

    and thats what I'm trying to do too!!.... this mercury retro states has caused me to do what I used to do!!....the more I'm concerned about my weight the more I want to eat!!... I haven't had this behaviour for a few years, šŸ˜ž ...and I really can't afford to put extra weight on because it affects my health, I have felt I have took 100 steps forward....and 200 back!!....thats Mercury Retro for you!...

    but, I know my silly eating pattern isn't as bad as what you are feeling at the moment, your heart will heal, and you will feel the peace again, just be kind to yourself and take care šŸ™‚ all the unsettling energy will pass!

    MUCH love, joy and peace to you.



  • Oh My!!.... how lovely, it came through as animated...I'm so pleased,


  • Thank you so much Denise , that was so sweet of you , that really made my day . ! And about your weight i understand my weight is a huge issue as well ,, when i realize how much it bothers me i end up eating more !! backwards.. I gained weight when i was pregnant ,, never lost it and my daughter is 13 months .. Blessings to you .. And btw ,, Everyone here is so supportive and friendly i feel really greatful to have wonderful ppl in this community available .

    Vanessa x0x0x and many blessings to you !!!!

  • Oh ya....we're all feeling the pain. I've had more problems with communication for my personal business than I care to think about. Missed emails...no emails...laptop glitches...UGH. Men problems....and yes, I too am munching way more than I usually do. I just sucessfully took off 50 pounds in the last six months and I haven't gained but a couple back but these munchies are killing me. And I didn't even have anything to do with the 4/20 craze yesterday!!!! LOL. Lay low...it will pass. :0)

  • VirgoLadii,

    I have stop reading those horoscopes as well!

    this mercury effect wont last forever and instead of

    going with all the madness about it, im just taking it a day at a time.

    Nothing happens for no reason, mercury going retrograde is

    to teach us a lesson, theres no need for stressin, take it as a blessing,

    We have to look at things positively. This period will soon end.

    It will make you and us all Stronger, its a sign we must go backwards

    to go forward, we must revisit some past problems,hurts,situations to move


  • Well said Addictd....

    It will make you and us all Stronger, its a sign we must go backwards

    to go forward, we must revisit some past problems,hurts,situations to move


    Definitely! :0)

  • You are most welcome Vanessa, I can't tell you how glad I am you feel a little better,

    please don't be too hard on yourself about holding on to your baby weight, one of my Daughters held on to hers for ages too, but it will go, you'll see....where as me,...Iv'e still held on to mine for 42 yrs.... lol...only kidding,

    have a wonderful blessed day

    Much Love and Joy to you Vanessa....(wonderful name by the way, my daughters friend of 30yr has same name, she's a wonderful energy too šŸ™‚



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