• Hi, I opened myself last night to talk to my angels and unfortunately fell asleep and then had the most horrible dreams and visions and my husband felt a really dark energy too and we both were not able to sleep. Even all the kids woke up around the same time. I think I may have let a bad spirit in. I pushed it out with lots and lots of white light but it really scared me because I never knew I had the power to do that and then also to get rid of it. I will never meditate before going to bed if I am exhausted again. They were horrible images, just like one time I got pregnant and had horrible visions of blood and murder - I was convinced I had been given the soul of a murdered and I can tell you I was so relieved when I miscarried. So scary.

    x Sheelagh

  • paddifluff,

    So sorry to hear about your experience. My brother and I were just talking about this the other day. He warned me about meditating at night because I might be more prone to fall asleep in an open state. I'm no expert on the subject as I too am in the learning curve here but I would suggest that you pray for the white light to surround you, your family & your home as a protection. I would recommend that you pray to Saint Michael to protect you and your family in this same manner and ask that he send angels to guard for you against any evil that lurks. Like I said I'm no expert but sounds to me like a good cleansing might not hurt either I've heard people use sage or holy water. There are people here who will help you.

    I am sorry to hear of your miscarriage as that kind of loss is always painful but in this case it sounds like it bore a certain blessing of peace for you as well. Wishing you well and that someone here can guide you to counteract that which you encountered.


  • Dear Paddifluff and RC,

    It is very important to always always ask for a blessing before you do any communication. You use your own words obviously, but you want to ask for Saint Michael (Archangel Michael) to bless you and protect you as you communicate. There are lower energies out there who also want to communicate...but know that you are more powerful than any of them could be...and by asking Michael in and telling him to cleanse your house, Poof, they are gone.

    Definitely as RC said, you can ask for God's divine white light to surround you and your home...not just when you pray to your angels, but any time. Your angels are higher energy spirits and they were not the presence you felt. That's also why I never recommend playing with ouija boards. We did as kids...and now I know you shouldn't. They are not toys. They are open doors and you don't control who comes through.

    I've never had to use holy water or anything myself...but I have had a lot more practice than you have. I do remember early on, "feeling" those lower energies...and I'd tell them to leave, I didn't want to talk to them. Now I just call on Michael and he does the dirty work lol.

    I too am sorry to hear about your miscarriage...I've been there...but did not have your dreams. Ask your angels to give you peaceful dreams. Again, I defer to Michael as he is the leader of all of our Archangels...and he can help in this area. It starts with asking, and I'd single him out if I were you.

    Thanks RC for your ideas -- wonderful ones!

    Angel blessings,


  • Hi Beth,

    Wonderful ideas....LOL got most of them from you. Thanks though and the tip to have the angels and St. Michael protect you always is certainly a good one. I can picture the guards at the door. For me they aren't keeping the monsters out but I guess they are still in power over the circumstances.


  • Here is something I learned to do, first I ask God to surround me with white light and then I ask him to please fill my body and my heart with Pink light. Pink light is love so only the higher energys and love can come through.I also ask Archangel Michael to protect me througout the night while I am sleeping so if I fall asleep while meditating which happens often lol I am protected.

    It is also important to trust that God and the Angels are answering your prayer for protection, if you dont have faith they are with you then you will still have some fear and its the fear that the lower energys pick up on.

    That doesnt mean you wont have any bad dreams but they shouldnt be that scary.

    I read some where that we sometimes have bad dreams to get rid of stress or any negativity that we have been feeling. Not a dream expert just something I read.

    Hope this helps.

    Love and Light


  • I don't know how to slow myself down enough to talk to my angels. I did have a question though, How many angels does each person get or are they in more of a community pool? Some people say they have more than 1 but I know I have one spirit guide. He is not there to stop bad things from happening to me, he is there to deal with the aftermath. And how do they become spirit guides? They were people before and I was wondering why they weren't re-incarnated like the rest of us? I don't have any of that but I did play with a Oija board when I was about 14. Something evil did come through and, when I went to get rid of it, the oracle disappeared. Last I experienced him, he posessed my son (2 yrs at that time) said that I would never find it and I never have. Everynight, I surround my house with the white light and I tell the spirits that I can not help them as I can't hear or see them. I am medium-istic. They always come to me. I feel their presence. After a while, they make noises I can hear and I hate those. I have to take meds to sleep. I wake up at 2a everynight. The meds, get me back to sleep. One thing also you can say is: The love of God envelopes me, the light of God surrounds me, and the power of God protects me. You can also power up some rocks or stones and place your protection stones throughout your house. I have 4 necklaces I wear. I have an amethyst I charged as a power stone and I wear it in a leather pouch around my neck, I have a bear clew on some kind of stone, I have a guardian angel pendant, and my crucifix. When I get scared, I will hold my crucifix. I know that the spirits that come here don't come to hurt me but they still scare me when they wake me up at 2a.Every night, I ask that all spirits leave, that I can't help, and then I put my light up around my house.

  • Sylvannah I am sorry that I am not one who can offer the answers you seek right now. But know that I understand how you feel and know that the uneasiness makes rest very difficult. I will pray for you to find peace. My brother told me recently there is some quote from the bible that he says often and I will offer it to you pray that God will grant you "peace within your walls and prosperity in your palace." I don't know yet if it works, but I figure it can't hurt and my bro swears it keeps peace in his house. He too has "company" often. Stay strong my friend and know that you are not alone. I believe we have more than one angel, numerous in fact but that's just my opinion. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you....


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