Short and sweet tarot spreads

  • Can anyone suggest their favorite tarot spread, or a spread that they feel like works best for them? Maybe a small picture spread and a big picture spread.


  • Normally I would either find a ready made spread or Invent one that is specially for the questions which I find it useful.. Big question will use more cards of course larger spread.. But whereas small problem most likely will have a lesser cards which could make the situation reading more easier..

  • Hi wowweee,

    I'm a newcomer, and just practising reading tarot, but I've found one simple spread that suits me for the small problems we can face and the spread is:



    3. OUTCOME

    I find this very useful for the early stage I'm at at the moment...

  • Good suggestions. I tend to lay down three cards (from left to right i tend to read the left card for past, middle card for present, and last card for future).

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