• Hi Captain,

    Sorry to keep asking the same questions, I know you are told that I should work with animals and I agree with you. I am actually going to get a puppy in the up coming weeks and decided to volunteer my weekends at a shelter. I do still need to work though and I am miserable not at what I do but at where I am. I have 2 job offers, One at CDM and one at Acronym working for FSH. I know that this next job I take I will have to stay in for at least a year. I need the job that I will learn the most in, be the happiest in and allowe me to be secure enoughso that in the future I can concentrate on doing mainly what I am passionate about. Out of the two which one would be the best fit for me? I am so sorry to keep bothering you and I know about the animals, I just need to make the money so that I can eventually work with animals. I am so miserable i cry every day. Can you help guide me between these 2 bc I am very torn which one is best for me, which one I will learn the most, which one I will fit in at and which one will make me the happiest for at least a year.

    Thank you and many blessings!!!

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  • Hey jotoole,

    The captain's gone on holiday, I think she'll be back next week : )

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