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  • I am new to this forum, Hans seems to give people straight honest advice - just what I need, I have spend a fortune on readings and have been give different answers, my husband walked out last year and left me after 14 years together with no great explanation, do you see if he stills loves me and do you see us getting back together, we have two small children and get on well at the moment, what should I do?? XX

  • Sab,

    I just want to say that I'm sorry for the pain this caused you as well as all of the subsequent confusion. I don't have gifts that allow me to answer your question but from one hurt woman to another I just wanted to offer you my support. (((Hugs)))

  • Thank you so much, im so confused he has been told by a reader that im going to remarry again and I have been told by several other good readers that he will be back in May - totally confused now 😞

  • Hi, I have never done a reading without any kind of information about a person, so I dont know, you let me know if this was right or no. I'll try....

    Have you or him recently traveled to another place near a lake or in a boat?

    You relationship had been based on love & romance more so than on practicality.

    For now it requires a sacrifice a giving from both of you. There has to be more given into the relationship by each instead of taking. It will be a new beginning a change in the situation but I dont think it is marriage or love again( sorry ). Rather you should already be noticing a new relationship developed which is not love but something pleasant.

    Let me know if this is how it is or no.

  • Hi Rchi

    Thanks for he reading, he used to work away and travel to that place on a boat, dont think our relationship was based on just love and romance though. Not sure what you mean by a new beginning not being marriage as we are still married . Also there is no new relationshop develping as he barely sees me at the minute only to collect the kids.

    Im Aquarius 22 jan 1978 and he is capricorn 12/01/80 sean if this helps

  • By new beginning I meant that probably you will both have a cordial relationship, ending of any kind of misunderstandings/disputed between the 2, but as far as getting back together I dont think I see that happening. Like I said this was my 1st time trying a reading for some1 I knew nothing about so I could be wrong. Only thing is, I did see water travel and you said he did that when he was working away.

    Was that how you guys had met...I mean is there a significance of Lake/river/boat in your lives?

    I will try another reading soon & let you know.

  • Hi Sab,

    Hope things are going better for you. Sorry for the delay in reading but here goes....The relationship seems to be going thru an emotional block. You both seemed to have created a barrier between yourselves so no one can enter ur hurt, no1 can hurt u. Its like blocking all emotions & not acknowledging the truth, pretending everything is ok. To break this you 2 must come out of behind your swords and listen to each other. Open up. At present your pain is most acute, there is a feeling of loss, deprived of love, feeling to be reunited. Do not cry over whats gone....look further there is much you can save.

    There would be victory for you over this situation, you will be able to balance out things. A change is indicated and a favorable one. There is good news so lets hope it is that he is coming back for good. Are you planning a movement from your present location?

    Hope this helps you. let me know.

  • Hi Rchi

    Everything you said makes sense, we are both blocking our emotions, Im not planning any movement though, but he does live with his mum at present, so im hoping he is planning movement back home? Fingers crossed, thanks so much for taking time out to do the reading 🙂 I will let you know how things progress X

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