Anime and Console Games - Dangerous?

  • I apologize if my text isn't the most correct, I don't know the exact way to talk about this but I hope people will understand what I'm trying to ask.

    About the Astral trips...

    Playing Console Games (Though I'm trying to stay away from the Massivel Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games - MMORPGs), and reading/watching Anime seem to attract(or create) plenty of beings in the astral plane to being around me... from, for example, Sonic the Hedgehog, to anime characters like Naruto.

    Are these individuals harmful for my attempt to get more used to dwelling in the astral?

    In that case, should I stop any activities that may increase the ''population'' of my ''astral space''?

    Also, in what way can beings from the astral cause me harm? Because apparently they can't really touch me, right? Other than causing me digestive problems?

  • (And also, are these individuals in the way of me being able to talk with my higher self/angels/guardians? Because if there's so many individuals there, I can't even find my higher self when I call for it. Or my angels.)

  • Hello HiddenDiamond! First of all, I need to say that I love Virgos heheheh... they are so fun in their way of thinking... probably because I have Mercury and also Venus on Virgo 😉

    On your question... I think, and that's purely my opinion, that when you do something that involves lots of emotions, like playing games, arguing about something, drinking alcohol, anything, you will attract beings that like this feeling/frequency.

    Today games are deeply hidden on most young adults consciousness, so I'm not surprised. Also, when you play, your concentration level gets much higher, so it's like some kind of meditation... Strangely enough It happened to me some days ago (and scared me a lot). I was playing a hard level on a game and started to see a bright light on my peripheral vision... I blinked trying to "clear it", but it started again... Of course I could be in resonance with your question (which I read some days ago).

    I think you need to choose what to do with this. You can ask to go away, or try to investigate... First you need to know what "kind" of beings are you dealing with... you can say this by your inner feeling (not that first scary feeling, but how does your heart feel about).

    Anyway I think everyone should pay attention to the kind of vibration you are entering in. There are too much violence in movies, games, and also lust, desires, etc... This kind of energy is very strong and will also attract lots of people in any plane 😉

    Kind regards!

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