Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why?

  • AuntBuck, you are more visual in your learning capacity than with written facts and figures. You learn more through pictures and images rather than words or numbers.

  • Thank you Captain. I'll have to keep that in mind. I know if I saw the charts I would probably understand completely. :0)

  • dear captain,

    where will the relationship with an ex go from many years ago that has came back into my life?We dated a long time ago and was just wondering where this might lead.thank you

  • By the way, he contacted me a couple of weeks ago and we have been talking on and off for since then. just curious

  • Captain - wow! My past life was as an aquatic animal! I do feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I love freedom and have always loved being by the sea, funny though - I don't like swimming in the sea!! My skin does indeed get very dry!! Does this mean that I'm only just starting out in human form? I take it that I have a lot to learn! Thank you so much. You must be tired now, it's late for you. Sleep tight.

  • Hey all,

    ROFL! Suffering from flu but this forum always makes my day!

    LOL at the remarks from Captain to ViroLadii - "He is lonely and horny!" booty call!

    And AuntBuck chipping in about her ex as well šŸ˜„

    Thanks all for the laugh! ( in a good way, not to insult or anything!)

    Okay, back to my question for Captain;

    "Emergence, in a little picturesque fishing village by the sea."

    Wow Captain, I know I want to move and I know I will make it happen but that place you described, I don't mind the sea but fishing village??? Where in the world can I find a fishing village in this millennium? Maybe a few in Europe but I am getting out of Europe, no way I am spending my life here:D

    Don't know if there is a fishing village in USA though....

    Thanks, Captain!

    Lots of love

  • Hi Captain,

    Where do you see me living when I'm able to move?

    thank you



  • Hi Captain

    what do you see as far as me starting a small business.

    Thank you

  • Hello Captain,

    When will I have the opportunity to change jobs and live in a warmer climate? (the two go hand in hand since I want to move where it is warmer).

    Thank you!

  • Captain, here is my question,

    I'm planning to go abroad this summer holiday. Which country (countries) would be best for me to go to?

  • Well I will ask you a question too - where can you see me happily moving to? So intrigued to hear your answer.

    Many thanks x

  • Hello Captain, If you have time to help me with my situation or give me your insight>

    what things will change in my situation ? Or will it remain the same or go back to what it has been.?

    Thanks, Kelly bd 04-12-1983 (Tn)

  • When will my friend and I be back to seeing one another seriously? Why did he act so out of character?

    Thank you so much--you really have a GIFT!

  • Hiya Captain:

    Very kewl idea.... so my "W" question(s) isssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....

    When will things finally fall into place for me? Want to sell my house and relocate within 3 years... Will it work out? Trying to get all my little duckies in a row now.

    Will the Taurus be back?

    Always a pleasure....


  • Dear Captain,

    my question is when will i be over my depression and able to move on in my life?

  • Hi Captain. My w question is will I stay with my job for much longer and if not what do you see me doing? Thanks a bunch,

  • Hello Captain

    Well , that sounds awesome !. Especially the part about( very pretty town, very small and private so not near any big centers. I do not do very well with over crowded places or cities .It turns me into to a growly ole bear lol . I crave quiet all the time and I am always seeking serene places to be . That is when I feel truly and totally connected with myself and who I am as a person.

    Thank you so much for your time and your reply !

    Have a great weekend !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Ahoy Captain! How are you? Fine I hope!: Here is my When ?.

    When am I hitting the "BIG ONE."???


  • Captain, I hope all is well with you and things are looking up for you.

    Blessings for this new thread.

    With a new birhday coming in a couple weeks I wonder what the UNIVERAL SPIRITS AND GUIDES are willing to reveal for me this coming year. Oh what the heck the next few year!!!!!!

    Mostly financially (pension will decrease in 2 yrs), health, socially,

    May you be rewarded generously, NOW for all you are doing.


  • Hello Captain ,

    If you don't mind, I would like to ask another question in regards to the first one I ask you . Is there a time frame as to when this move is going to come about ? I am (not) asking for specific dates or anything . And I realize nothing is set in stone . Just curious :O)

    Thank you for your time !


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