Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why?

  • Thunder07, I see two possible job opportunities, likely before this month is out or the beginning of next month. You will want to choose the safe option but I urge you to be adventurous instead and go outside of your comfort zone.

  • Sry for not being clear ,, im rambling ..sry again ...

    " when will i hear from him again i mean ,, i talked to him briefly last night through text ..... last time i bother . Promise / : "

    The captain,,

    Thank you for your reading , i guess i wont say im surprised . One more before you go .. I was wondering about an ex , before anything i know hes a player but its like a magnetic field when ii see him ,, Ugh do you see anything in the cards as far as me possibly seeing him anytime ...soon..like this weekend....Friday LOL, im trying to keep my devil horns in control... Will i ever hear from him again i mean ,, i talked to him briefly last night through text ..... last time i bother . Promise / :

  • AuntBuck, your next significant relationship will be with a child.

  • Oh sorry AuntBuck, you asked where will you meet this person. Now I am thinking you mean a man, eh?

  • VirgoLadii, you should hear in the next few days unless he changes his mind.

  • Yes....a man but I appreciate the child insight too. I'm definitely developing a much greater relationship with both of my children these days and it's wonderful.

  • Thank you, Thunder. 🙂

  • AuntBuck, you will meet a special man in a place where there are a lot of animals kept in cages.

  • Okay this is ridiculous but WHY WILL HE CONTACT ME ?

  • VirgoLadii, because he is lonely and horny.

  • Thank you Captain. Guess I better get my application in that I have to volunteer at a cat shelter. :0)

  • Captain...sounds like you are talking about my ex Libra....hahaha.

  • Lonely and horny....hahaha....pegged him correctly! 8-D

  • Thecaptain & Aunt buck its funny like """ROFL""" !!!!! But at the same time its like damnn a booty call,,, thats all im good to him for !!!!! ugh i hes the worst !!!!! : / mennn

  • This man is a virgoo... either they are the bestesst lovers/partnerss or the slimmiest ....pss Ill just laugh it off i sappose ...And if or when he contacts me and make sure to skip on his offer !!!

  • Hmm, I think that could sum up many a guy! 😞

  • When will I have stability and feel at home and happy? Thank you so much Captain. As always thanking you for the wonderful work you do for everybody! 😄

  • Yess yess very true ,,, i shouldn't be so naive about him ,,, i have a older brother ive seen it all and to top it off my brother and him are best friendssssss !! go figureee !! Well ill be menstruating by then anyway ...hopefully tomorrow lol so i wont have it for next weekend !!!!

  • Captain...here's another question for you. Why can I never seem to understand astrology/planet type information. I just read your post on the Ascension topic and it just baffles me and I have a hard time concentrating on reading it and have to read it over and over to understand. There have been several posts about planetary influences and I struggle every time reading them when I really want to understand. Ugh..confusing.

  • Intrigued, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and on the earth because you are coming from a past life as an aquatic animal ie. a seal. You feel more at home in the water as a consequence. You will never be happy living inland, or too far from the sea. You need lots of water for your health too or your skin becomes very dry.

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