Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why?

  • Stonyeye, there is a cowboy waiting in yonder hills for you. Ride out to meet him. I feel your 'children' may all be animals.

  • Lovingsilverwings, that might be why I like to read and watch so much science-fiction and fantasy.

  • Captain, I also sense you may have been the captain a few times


  • Hello "Captain" ,

    My question is where do you see my current relationship heading ??? We've been together a little over 3 years(engaged also with no set date) and have a one year old baby . I was told i will meet my Prince Charming in the next 3 to 6 months working directly next to or neighbor.... Thank you much ahead of time ! : )

  • That make alot of sense being that, the only time "I've"

    seen her win money was when she was with me she had won the jackpot but

    Never Again, im not sure if she even cares about the loosing money anymore!

    Lol, all our family and friends are no longer wanting to go with her, She's

    been each month since this year has started.

    Well i guess its just her choice of addiction.


  • Hello Captain ,

    You have created another great thread ! Thank you :O)

    My question would be this .... I have been told that I would be making a move to a new location . I have not a clue as to where that would be ,as I had no plans on doing so . Maybe you can pick up on where that would be ?

    Thanks again

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • Thanks Captain!

    It's good to know that... at 25 is when I expect to finish university(Actually, I will hopefully finish right before I turn 26... like 1 month before).

    So 25 is a great age, when I can stop worrying about not being independant enough, because the start of my fixed work life is hopefully just around the corner!

    But I bet i'll still undergo plenty of transformations in the mean time. I'm so excited to see what those transformations will be! 😄

  • Virgoladii, the current relationship is going nowhere. You don't have an awful lot in common apart from the child. You will drift apart in about six to eight months but the father will support the child.

  • Addictd, your mother gambles to fill a void in her life. She feels a kinship with all the other gamblers, like they are in a sort of club together. She is feeling very lonely and unloved.

  • Doves46, this place is to the right (east) of where you are now. I see a very pretty town, very small and private so not near any big centres. You already have a friend there.

  • The Captain ,

    Yes thats very true we really dont have much in common ,, Wow that is kind of scary to hear, i mean i fear being a single mother and being alone , you do mean support the child financially ,,rigght , i will not give her up .. i will share but she has to be with me primarily

  • Captain,

    What should I do to fulfill my heart and soul?

    P.S. Your amazing;-)

  • VirgoLadii, you won't be alone for long. Yes, your ex-partner will support the child and will always remain connected to her.

  • Mellove, you need to find work of a humanitarian kind to fulfill your need to do good.

  • I do quite a bit of volunteer work, I need to wait a few years before embracing my inner Angelina Jolie though. Lol. Thank you so much for both your time and generousity Captain. Do you sail? I just got a flash of you on the water with your hair wipping in the wind. Don't know if I tuned in to the wrong channel maybe it was the feeling of freedom I was picking up on.

  • The captain,,

    Thank you for your reading , i guess i wont say im surprised . One more before you go .. I was wondering about an ex , before anything i know hes a player but its like a magnetic field when ii see him ,, Ugh do you see anything in the cards as far as me possibly seeing him anytime ...soon..like this weekend....Friday LOL, im trying to keep my devil horns in control... Will i ever hear from him again i mean ,, i talked to him briefly last night through text ..... last time i bother . Promise / :

  • Shessh, I never thought of it that way.

    we come from two different worlds. shes the daughter and im

    the mother [litterally] and i wanna open to her but i dont think

    it will ever genuienly happen unless i have money.

    i often wish she would be more supportive about my dreams and goals

    but she's my biggest critic instead and brings me down PURPOSELY

    alot of people love her, she is lonely but she's hurt all the people

    who's tried helping her.

  • VirgoLadii, what is your 'w' question here?

  • Mellove, no I don't sail but i do love my freedom.

  • Hmmm....I really had to think about this. Where will I meet my next significant relationship person?

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