Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why?

  • Hi Captain - thanks Yep - he's gonna have to sell the condo and he's not gonna like it. or sell the house I am living in and buy something smaller that I can afford. And he's not gonna like it.

    In fact moving back in with me to help me pay off the bills is the closest I am going to get to

    a "biy I really screwed up and now I have to fix it" from him. He'll just say he's helping me pay off the debt that "I" ran up. The faster the debts are paid off - the sooner he gets to leave - so he has some incentive at least.

    If I am the Starship that means I am going to get pretty dinged up going through all those asteroid fields and having Kilngons fire on me. That might wind up being one of my shorter lives. (shudder)

  • Thanks Captain, I guess my life and relationship are all one big conflict at the moment anyway, I hope we will see eye to eye again sometime soon. Can I ask you one more question - what kind of effect will a move have on my/our lives? I am hoping it will improve things but I am not sure. That is why I am asking this question. Maybe I should stay and fight.

  • Hi Captain,

    I'm planning to resign by June and work out of the country by then. What Companies and field do i suit best and become successful? Thank you

  • Thanks Captain..

    I do not plan on rushing anything, so thank you for validating that. Also, thank you for the tidbit about the loser Taurus. May he rot.

    Much luv


  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you again. At first I didn't know what to make of the answer.....

    "Lostandfound7, you are worried about repeating past mistakes in love. But if you can identify where you went wrong - examine what differences there were between what you wanted from a relationship and what you actually got - you can break out of the cycle."

    .....because my life, until just a few years ago, had very little to do with what I wanted. It was all about what other people wanted or what just happened to show up. So much so, that even I didn't know what I wanted...didn't even think about it most of the time.

    Now I know what to make of your answer. The difference between what I wanted and what I actually got is this....I accepted what was there instead of even thinking about what I wanted or needed and so my needs did not get met. So, I gave much and got little....in retrospect, that should not be surpresing, huh! [ :`/ tearing up here...whew]

    I have not been purposeful at all in my choices in love and life. I'm going to make a list of what I want...(on paper, not stone, but deffinately in ink, not pencil. LOL). I need to stop driving around without a map or even a destination in mind, metaphoricly speaking. Thank you very much for helping me see this and "verbalize" the thoughts so they stick and make sense. Bless you (times a million) for your selfless efforts.

    Peace and Be Well,


  • Sorry Captain, Addicted to Riches, I would love to go to Vegas! Funny Story.

  • Hi Captain a friend of minds said she had a dream of me winning a HUGE JACKPOT! So my question was when? Thanks!

  • 1chellee, when he finds the time.

  • Paddifluff, you will take your problems with you wherever you move.

  • Khatie, travel and hospitality.

  • Poetc555, the dream was not a prophecy, more about what your friend hopes for you and herself.

  • lmmfao

    that sounds about right thanx

  • Who will love me to the moon and back three years from now - what is his name? Will we be together forever?

    Will we have children together? How many? lol...give me hope :0) I sound like a teenager!

    Captain, you are such a giver. I wish you knew just how much I love reading your responses and encouragements to others. I know a few people in my life who really make a difference to others and you are definitely one of them. You help settle minds and hearts and that is an amazing gift!

  • Hi Captain,

    Appreciate the response. Is it a good decision for me to make, resigning in my current employer and risk looking for a job abroad? How about trying the airline industry?

  • Please forgive me Captain

    im trying to find peace i need

    in my life

  • k

  • Captain,

    I've spent the last year becoming myself again, finding happiness in my life after the end of a long relationship, being alone and learning to love myself, happy with just being. Now I think I am ready to share again. What is in my romatic future?

  • Hello and Blessings to all.



  • Thanks Juliana! Ok Captain, I will try again. When will I reach my inner self?

  • I have another one I've been trying to figure out:

    What is driving my oldest daughter's feelings of insecurity as in How can I help her deal with them?

    Thanks a million times more than i can express


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