Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why?

  • Stclaire, your guides change as you change. What is important is their message and lessons, not their identities. In your mind, see the people from your dream again and ask what they have to tell you.

  • HappyDoc, what you really want is to heal and nurture your inner child first.

  • Captain, what life changes do you see for me in the near future?

  • Hello Captain,

    When will I have a happy stable,honest, loving romantic relationship?

    Thank you for your kind offer 🙂

  • Aquarian31, nothing major until August when your whole life is thrown into chaos. Then December brings wonderful news that you were hoping for.

  • Sounds Good To Hear,

    But My Mom...lol, i hate to laugh about it,

    has become a vegas addict i mean ive been

    on several occassions with her one of which we had no

    gas to get home! this time she came across a little problem

    with the nevada casino security, ummm somehow she managed

    to fall asleep on the slot machine & got arrested. she will be back for her birthday

    & Back again, for court purposes which are two weeks apart, im will be going

    the second route. I just wonder about her & this vegas thing, will she learn.

    a pastor who claims to be a prophet claims she will be coming across a hang of money

    & each time its seems she goes to vegas assumming it will be there.

    which explains why i never get too excited about Nevada.

    anyways just a story i thought would be a little funny.

    gotta admit it.

  • thecaptain,

    another great thread!

    Where do you see me living in the next few (2-3) years?

    thanks for doing this! chocolate chip ice cream is on its way!

    p/s- got your msg abt the being sick......down with bad flu at this moment. thanks for the warning.

  • Great topic Captain ^

    What's my love life going to be like in the next 4 years?

  • Hello Captain,

    I'd like to know what msgs my guide/s have for me.

    Thank you for doing this!


  • Hello Captain,

    My name is Roopashree Sharma Date of Birth 23rd September 1990.

    I am confused in my love life as two boys have consumed my life. One boy is the one whom I met in school and we got into a relationship but after 2 years he tried to take advantage of me by forcing me to end up doing something very cheap. So I asked for a break up.

    After that, 2 months later, at my office, I met a boy who also fell for me and we got into a relationship. Everything was great but suddenly during the end of May, my mom stopped my from going to office which led to minor misunderstandings and created a distance between that boy and me. slowly and gradually he stopped calling me and he himself got confused and hence we thought of being friends only.

    The problem with the second boy is that he does not remain consistent. At a gap one-one month he got to remember me... then for few days he says he loves me then after two-three days he again stops calling and messaging.....

    And the first one is so consistent and committed. He stills says he loves me and wants me back.

    But the problem is that I cannot and not able to forget the second one. I feel so connected and attached with him...but more than one year has passed away and he is not able to commit himself.

    I want to know what is going on in my love life..?

    Is anyone among the both my romantic soul mate or my future husband?


  • Addictdtoriches, there is no luck for your mother in Vegas - only loss. You on the other hand will find you have the Midas touch.

  • Cyw39, when you open up and express yourself more honestly and ask for what you want instead of always trying to please the other person.

  • Emergence, in a little picturesque fishing village by the sea.

  • HiddenDiamond, nothing very serious until you meet someone special when you are around twenty-five years. Till then just enjoy the fun and flirtation.

  • TheCaptain: hi again!

    what do you see for me in this year? when will I get into a good steady relationship? where will I meet him? Will I keep the career that I have and move up?

    sorry so many questions

    thanks in advance!

  • Ineedtomeditate, your guides want you to spend some time alone to gain perspective.

  • Curious1990, neither of these boys is right for you. You yourself are not clear what you want in a partner or relationship. Give more thought to who would suit you better. What you want at the moment is a boyfriend, any boyfriend. Be more choosy about the sort of company you want to keep.

  • ScorpVirgo, decide which question is the most important to you.

  • Hi Captain,

    Will I ever be happily married? If so when might I expect to meet that person? Will I have children? Many thanks to you Captain. 🙂

  • Captain, have you ever felt you were on space ships. I got the sense you have beem on many of these ships.



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