Who, What, When, Where, Which, Why?

  • It helps me if you ask me specific questions about your life or the world, so let's try this - you can ask me one question starting with a 'w" - who, what, when, where, which or why?

    It also helps you to focus on what you really want when you must concentrate your energies into a single question.

    Be aware:

    For those who ask "Who is my soulmate?" the answer will be "You have many soulmates" because there are many types of soulmate that you will have throughout your lifeime.

    Because the future is molded by our choices which can change at any moment, the answer to the 'when' question might be more 'when you do such-and-such' than a specific date or time.

  • How Interesting! Okay It Took me A Few Minutes

    To Think about a specific Question.. & I never thought about,

    L0CATION.. I wanna Travel So Much To Alot Of Places

    I dont even plan on living here in California anymore lol.

    Where Do You See Me Living In about the Next 2-3 Years ?

  • Thanks, Captain, this is really nice of you. Blessings! 🙂

    What can I expect for love in 2010?

  • Addictdtoriches, California and Nevada. I don't feel you leaving the US for at least four years because you will meet someone who makes you want to stay.

  • Darkness angel, disappointment because of faulty expectations. What you want is not what you need.

  • captain what can i expect for love in 2010? thank you for you offer kathy

  • TheCaptain,

    Lol! Im So Sick Of Las Vegas Really..

    My Mom Goes About 10times a yr. We Just Left not long ago.

    We'll Be There Next Month too ;[

    Thanks Alot!

  • Kathy72, breakups and makeups but too much compromise and diplomacy on your part.

  • captain if you dont mind when will my son move into his own house ? sorry about posting again should have done so in other one thanks kathy

  • What can you expect for love for me in 2010 also captain and cheers again Xx

  • Addictdtoriches, dont knock Las Vegas - it's going to be very lucky for you.

  • Kathy72, why would your son want to move when he has it so good at home?

  • RebeccaAnn, you will not attract real love until you learn not to be afraid of it and to understand what it really is.

  • RebeccaAnn, you will not attract real love until you learn not to be afraid of it and to understand what it really is.


    Okay thankyou 🙂

  • you are sooo right but his girlfriend is pregant and he is fixing up on a house that hes buying and iwas just wondering when he getting out of mine hoping before baby is born in october . thank you

  • TheCaptain, Hello Again!

    WHEN do you see me getting married??

    Thanks In Advance.

  • Kathy72, I feel that 'fixing up' is going to take him longer than you would want. He is delaying because he wants his child to be born where he feels safe and secure - at home. Sometimes I think he just sits around and does nothing at the new place. It's more an escape or dream for him than somewhere he thinks of as home at the moment.

  • Pilot007, never at this stage while you cling to the past and refuse to move on and open yourself to new experiences and new people.

  • HI CAPTAIN, its me again.lol what do you see of my spirit guides? i had a dream and in this dream many people were talking to me at the same time no faces just lots of talk but the name LEE was the only thing i heard, do you think it was a guide telling me their name?

  • Hi Captain, can we ask more than one question??

    When will i have my first baby?? 🙂

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