Would someone be willing to do a reading for me?

  • I really need some insight... would greatly appreciate any and all. I know this is kind of odd but I don't want to really explain my situation in a public forum... I don't want to provide even the bare bones of the situation.

    I'm hoping someone would be willing to read for me "blind"... just lay out the cards, tell me what you see, what your intuition tells you... I can confirm if it helps/is relevant or not.

    I'm sorry I can't be more forthcoming. I understand no one may want to do this, just hoping someone would. Thanks very much.

  • ok i'm doing an 8 card spread. i'm going to give meanings that you will have to some what interperet on your own:

    i see a past that is coming back.

    you have a moral strength & courage.you can interract with others & you will have the ability to persuade the motions. keep in mind that its going to be a lot of work

    i feel like you're the messenger between rivals (a negitive)

    your going to have to make sure that you don't let this take a hold of your emotions completely and you become overly invested into this

    keep company that has a positive influence on you.

    there will be a change, but it will come to an end, but just beware of a break up of something. it seems to me like its an "either one or the other" type of a situation

    some one will have to take up ownership for the situation

    there will be betrayed expectations (again the "either one or the other" situation) not every one will get what they are going for.

    everything will work out for the best. have faith! keep us posted & god bless!

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