A numerology experiment needs your input!

  • I have studied numerology for several years now. I also study crystal energies. I realize not everyone is into crystals, but if there are any numerologists out there who understand crystal vibrations please answer the following question: I have found I am often attracted to crystals that have the matching vibration of a numeric energy missing from my chart. For example, I lack a four. Moonstone vibrates to the 4 energy vibration. I love moonstone and feel a need to use it often. Moonstone's benefits seems to fill the missing void where a 4 should be.

    My question is this: has anyone else experienced the same attraction to crystals that vibrate at a numeric energy rate missing from their charts? Thanks.

  • I am not a numerologist so can't directly speak to your question.

    I do work with crystal and stone energies also, however, and have noticed something that might be of interest to you. Various stones coordinate with certain energies of the zodiac, (example: Malachite is a Scorpio stone) and I have noticed that people are frequently drawn to stones and crystals that vibrate with an energy vibrating not with energies of their own sign, but with energies they lack from the other signs.

    I have no Earth signs in my chart and find time after time after time that I am drawn toward stones I find out later are affiliated with the Earth signs, which makes sense because that is where I most lack, and their energies balance and round me out.

    As I read your post, it seems that we have hit upon the same dynamic... I find that interesting. 🙂

  • My internet connection was so lousy the other day I thought my post here didn't make it online! Apparently I was wrong. I have been getting positive feedback from other numerologists and crystal people. I will explore the deeper connections between numeric and crystal energies. Thanks for your useful input.

  • I'm interested to find other crystals numeric vibrations....is there a book or decent site that you could recommend? I'm also going to look up the stones I'm pulled towards to see which zodiac signs they work with to see if they are the missing signs from my chart. Very interesting ideas from the both of you! 🙂

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