Need help

  • i am 28 weeks and found out recently that there is something wrong with my baby boy. i was hoping that someone could tell me what is going on? is my son going to be healthy? survive? am i?

    amongst all this his father has walked out as well. i was also wondering if theres a move in the future like the next month or so?

    i'm a single mom and very much scared. i had a healthy pregnancy and son prior what is going on this time?

    please any info could help!

  • Changes5, I am feeling your baby is having trouble breathing. His lungs are weak. You need to be very strong and calm for both of you. Try and send as many peaceful and relaxed vibes to your baby as possible. The more you can stay calm, the easier he will breathe. Also avoid cigarette smoke at all cost.

  • thank you captain. i am trying to quit smoking quit self but i smoke when stressed and im very stressed to say the least. they now say he could have downs syndrome and needs surgery asap after birth. as a mom i feel like i can't protect my son. the father literally doesn't care!!!! he cares more about using me. im hoping to move in a month. thank you so much for responding

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  • with all the stress with the baby and then his father its hard and i am truly trying but find myself giving in more than i want. we got some good news this week and hope that there will be more in the coming weeks only 9 more weeks if i reach full term. he will have to stay in the hospital for some time. im moving next weekend and hope that with the move things will turn around for me and i will find the happiness i want.

  • changes5 sorry to hear of your difficulties. I agree you need to stop smoking it really is best for all of you, especially the baby before and after birth. Will keep you in our prayers that things take a positive turn for you & your child. Have faith, miracles really can happen.

  • Changes5, Stay positive and try not to worry too much. I had difficult pregnancies. With my second child I was told that there was a 1-77% chance that he would have downs. This is what the AFP test showed. The doctors wanted to do an amniocentesis, but I knew that would be to risky for my situation. In my heart it didn't matter to me if I had a down's baby or not. I was just glad to carry the pregnancy through. Matthew is now 10 y/o. He was born 4 wks prematurely. He did not have downs syndrome. You and your son are in my prayers. God bless you.

  • thank you so much for all the support. It is nice to know that i have people that care. tomorrow i might have amnio done i want it but at the same time its not completely necessary because there are no other indications of downs. but at the same time i want to know if he does or there might be something else wrong

  • Changes5, just bear in mind that your health is the baby's health and anything you do at this time will impact on the baby for good or bad. Even stress affects the unborn.

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