In need of an accurate reading, please, please help-

  • None of the readings done for me have been accurate since 1998. I can't find the person who did that reading for me, but the things she said have come to be. I've been to a few tarot card readers in the past few years and they haven't been accurate.

    I've been waiting for years for my health to improve and it finally was! My long term boyfriend and I were finally going to look at engagement rings a month ago, and then a huge health setback took place 2 days before we were going to look at rings. My life was actually moving forward and then, suddenly, I was back to focusing on my health once again.

    Things are not in my control and I don't see when I will be able to get out of this pain cycle. I am a gregarious person and I'm in pain and not myself.

    I can handle any news the reading gives- I am in need of a timeline of events in areas of marriage, feeling better, will I be able to work again?

    Since I'm not working because of my health, I fear spending a lot of money on a reading and have it be inaccurate. I just found this forum and everyone seems so fun and positive.

    My birthdate: 6/6/1973 (3:16pm),

    Latitude, Longitude

    33.916013,-98.503418 and my boyfriend's: 1/21/1971( 4:08pm),

    Latitude, Longitude


    Thanks anyone for your help.

  • Before I go on with a reading I first want to make sure that I'm tuned into the right person, I don't want to write down a bunch of stuff that won't make a bit of sense to you and I don't want to waste your time so I'm going to tell you what I picked up on the minute I read your message and if I'm correct I will go on with the reading.

    I feel joint pain, very painful!

    Also kindneys.

    With Love, light and blessings

  • Alisa922- I haven't been back to the forum because I have been in immense pain.

    I have been under going injections for my sacroiliac joints. I am having a lot of pain today and am in bewilderment that you felt this-

    What else do you you see?????

    I really am amazed-

    Oh, my kidneys aren't hurting, but the area at the level of my kidneys is sore today.

    I am speechless. I feel lucky to have had you read my post! Please let me know what else you see, if you don't mind......



  • I would like a reading when you have time. There is this guy at home that has been running into my mom very often. He even ran into my mom and brother when my brother was in town and they all ate dinner together. I don't live in the same state but close in driving distance. He even took my mom to look at his house that is a work in progress. He is divorced and is also running for county sheriff, so he is very busy until June 1. I have e-mailed twice with a response, the last two times although no response until today he mailed thanking me for a gift I sent. I was wondering is he interested and will it progress to something more in the future. Thank you for your time. Love and Light.

  • Hello there, You experienced the saturn transit of Virgo in your 4th house that started from September 3, 2007 to October 29, 2009 with a retrograding period from April 2010 to July 22, 2010. What does it mean? It means that the planet Saturn of structures, solid foundations and responsibilities moved into the area of your chart, which represents family, home, real estate and parents. You may become aware of things that need fixing whether these are physical structures or relationship issues. You could be fixing the house, decide that it is too big/small and need to relocate; you might even have someone older needing your care for a while. Also the planet Virgo is represented by health, healthcare, routine, work and efficiency so that transit also affect you how you dealt with health issues, and it was a great time to begin a diet, improve your health. After July 22, 2010, you will feel much better in terms of health, home and relationships issues if you did your work.

    Hope it helped you.

    Good luck

  • Hi Natapier- Thank you for your reply! You explained a lot- I really appreciate the timelines as well. You have given me hope in that this health situation will not go on indefinitely! yay!!! And yes, I am working on the relationship, too. Thank you again for explaining this to me!

    Hugs and blessings-


  • You are welcome!

  • I haven't been on in a while due to having to deal with a death out of town and then this wonderful weather that we just encountered in Tennessee. I will do your reading in the morning if you don't mind. I was just browsing through my pages and was shocked to see that you wrote back. I do understand that you were having difficulty and I am sorry that I was not on sooner to continue with your reading. Tonight I will say a prayer for you and tomorrow I will get back to you. I'm glad that I was connecting with you.

    Much Love, Light and Blessings

  • Alisa922,

    I am so sorry for your loss! That is so unfortunate. May you find comfort and peace in your memories.

    Did you have any damage from the weather as well? And how sweet are you to even offer this reading, let alone apologize for a delay after all you've been through! Again, I am truly touched. You have no reason to apologize for anything. I am just grateful.

    As far as what is going on now- I have had more injections (epidurals) today, but at levels in the lumbar area. They found a tumor in my L4 nerve root, but I still have left joint and leg pain. I am wearing my boyfriend's nerves a little thin, I'm afraid. He's an incredible support to me and I am so very lucky to have him in my life. However, it's tough to live with a person with chronic pain- and he's been a trooper. As far as working, I want to volunteer again when I feel better. In the last several years, I've volunteered at the animal shelter. Can you tell if I have another purpose here- as in, another calling(s)?

    I can be a difficult person, especially when I don't feel well. Beware, you may see a very negative "me" in your reading.

    Thank you so much for responding to me! I am saying prayers for you tonight and including a heaping dose of gratitude in there for the gifts you share with us!

    Hugs and blessings-


  • Pastrevisited,

    I looked at your post, and actually had some intuition to share with you.

    Your health issues I see being addressed through something called "trigger point therapy", you should look for a practitioner of this in your area. Do a google search. Various people in the health profession do this therapy, ranging from Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists. Some may be cheaper than others, but I would go to someone who deals with a lot of autoimmune disorders and pain issues in your case. Do the research, and find out who you have around you. I have no idea where you are located, but this particular therapy is widespread now, and should be available in your area. It is painless, and non invasive.

    Once you get to the root of the problem, as opposed to getting the symptoms treated with medication, then your health will improve dramatically, and in turn employment, and a future and wedding with your boyfriend.

    If you continue to control the pain with prescription medicine, it will not get better, and your health will continue to deteriorate. The meds control the pain, but somehow contribute to the downward slide of your health. I am not sure how, they just do.

    You can regain your health, of that I am confident. Find a practitioner who does the trigger point therapy, and from there that medical professional may have some other suggestions for you. I seem to feel you seem to have some muscle/skeletal and nervous systems issues that are not going to be addressed effectively by the mainstream medical approach, and have not been so far, they are the root of your problem. They are a realignment issue, not a prescription medicine/surgery issue. I know your comfort level with people outside of mainstream medicine is not very high, but it is time for another approach so you can get back working, and get married, and have a nice life. It is time to give another approach a shot.

  • Hi Brian Tristan-

    Thank you for your reply! It never ceases to amaze me when someone has a "feeling" when reading my posts.

    You make some very good points- I'm taking pain medication and I don't like feeling sleepy, however, I hate the burning, stabbing, and throbbing pain I have without it. I'd love to not need it anymore! I, too, believe I have an alignment issue and have seen a few chiropractors. Since I have spinal hardware, they don't want to adjust my lower back or si joint area, understandably. I think physical therapy is the way to go- and I will ask for trigger point therapy when I do start the program. I like that suggestion, thank you! And I love massage- can't go wrong with that one.

    Brian Tristan, do you think the nerve tumor will shrink? Will trigger point therapy somehow prevent it from growing anymore? If so, great! If not, any intuitive feelings on what's going to happen with it?

  • Pastrevisited,

    The trigger point therapy, if you find the right practitioner, will address the pain issues, it will address your body's reaction to the spinal hardware, and it will address the nerve tumor. You have to find the right practitioner to do this though, so you will need to e-mail or call around, and explain your situation. I will see if I can find some info to help you, something to help you find someone in your area. Give me a day or two.

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