Relationship: in need for a reading pls

  • Hello to everybody

    I hope you can help me.

    We have been in a relationship for some years but some tough events that happened last month brought a lot of turmoil to what we have between us. I can hardly think, eat or sleep because of this. I wake up every single morning with tears in my eyes. I'm a wreck and in need of your help.

    I welcome any insight, any reading from anyone, please.

    My question is just this one: once we sort through some of the chaos will we be allowed to then start fresh?

    Thank you so much

  • dear white velvet

    i'm sending out a prayer that you get your reading. best wishes.

  • I feel that if you want a fresh start and you think that its the right thing you know it in your gut then you will have it. Just think positive and sleep well and eat we all go through turmoil but its the way we come up at the end is what is important. I feel that your negative thoughts are clouding your judgement at the moment. What are the troubles in your life? Anna

  • aquablu

    thank you for your prayer.


    Believe me, I've been trying to think positive and believe in my instincts but just I don't know what to think anymore. I'm feeling miserable.

  • Any reading, anyone..?

  • I don't know what your problems are, and this is no reading, but if you love him then go to counceling. You have history togeather. Hash out everything .

    peace to you and trust in God

    Light en dark

  • You dob white velvet... You are a young spirit... You need to although its hard and you probably think that everyone around can just give advice cause its easy but trust me 99% of people have been through heartbreak and you know what not readings will help you as the best way to predict the future is to create it ourselves....The only thing that can heal wounds is time...Without not knowing what your problems are its hard to give advice.. But no man if he hurting you in any way is worth your tears..Anna xx

  • anna13

    You are right. It'll take some time to heal and he certainly isn't worth my tears. I'm getting better each day. If he walked down on me then he definitely is not important to my life.


  • See gorgeous you figured it out..Much love and hugs xx

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