To pilot007

  • U ask me for a romance question.. whether will u reconnecting with ur ex..

    ok this is how he/ she feels towards the relationship.. he/ she might wants to reconnecting with U again.. and the other parties wous mostly think that being back with U would likely be a success to be back with u.. in some ways both are retreating.. he might think is a success to be back with u again but would the feeling be the same again?

    u yourself felt that being back with him U would have much more confident in not making the same mistakes again.. U are more towards the realistic thinking and think more about ur future with him/ her.. U are able to stand up for yourself and truly know what U wants.. U began to think ogically rather than go with the flow of your emotions.. the reason U did that because U have a strong emotional tie with your ex before and it is hard to cut of the emotional ties with ur ex.. wat U did was to regret and disappointment in your ex..

    I could say your ex may be those play type.. the facts that being a play type makes U couldn't accept your ex.. and hence it led u to this situation.. maybe U could try to release certain things that U are holding on to it.. in a relationship it doesn't matter if U can have him or not.. it is about wat could be the best way for both of you.. holding a things too tight will just let u ended up hurting yourself even more.. within this period of being a single, U began to think for yourself, wat u expect from a person and whether is that person suits U a not.. well sometime letting go of something isn't that bad.. of course I wouldn't say that U would not reconnect with ur ex but choices are still up to u~~

    Hope this helps~ if i am way off let me know.. and would like to hear a comment from u~~ Mikyo~

  • Thanks Mikyo, your reading is correct. Thanks for the time, and energy that you put into it.

    I was wondering if you see us communicating within the next 30 days or so?

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Exboyfriend: June 30,1950

    Thanks In Advance.

  • Ok I will do it for u.. =D should be able to give u an answer tonight~~

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