New Moon and Mercury Retrograding

  • I sent an e-mail to support an hour or so ago--and it appears to all be working WELL now THANKS SUPPORT!

  • Merc is ALMOST out of his shadow! Hurray! Hold on to your hats because Uranus is moving into Aries on May 27th. And we’ll feel it from the 27th to Aug 13th! Maria de Simone says “nothing subtle” he’s gonna “throw a PIE in everyone’s face--not to be mean but to MAKE us TASTE it...and one of the most fascinating things about Uranus in Aries is WE’ll be the ones throwing pies in our own faces. Make it good one.” I highly recommend her May 23 blogpost: “Individuation on Steroids--Uranus into Aries.” It’s EXCELLENT, great advice and that individuation is just what we’ve all been going through here!!!

    Yesterday--even more BS necessitating e-mails, unsatisfactory responses from the HOA. Argh! My buyer must be a Taurus--he’s hung in there this long and says he “will deal with them once (he’s) an owner.” Now he intends to close on Thursday instead of Friday! Yay! Think good thoughts for me--the sooner I’m free of this tie to one of the most negative energy communities I’ve ever experienced--the sooner my own flow will open up big time!

    I wonder how many of you are experiencing the opening-up-of-logjams that this Merc retro intensified in all our lives? SHARE. I sure am. I’m working more clearly and making amazing connections, and getting wonderful loving appreciative feedback. The many pieces of my life’s work-about-to-open up in a whole new way--things I’ve been working on a long time without really getting how it will all come together are falling into place. For the first time in a few years--I’m very very clear about how to put them together into something powerful, beautiful, and giving of myself without giving UP myself!

    Rick & Jeff’s Planet Pulse reminds us with today’s Scorpio Moon “there’s a tendency to remind us of what we don’t have--yet Scorpio’s also about intimacy and closeness.” So if you’re feeling like that--that’s WHY!

    My i-ching today: Mutual Attraction: “...image of this hexagram is that of the attraction between a man and a woman in the courtship stage. Consistency is important in matters of mutual attraction, for this is what separates courtship from seduction... Remaining open to the forces of attraction brings good fortune.” I’m open. I’m OPEN! My Gem’s work has taken him far away--a chance to really shine and demonstrate his brilliance and great value to a team he’s relatively new on--and in a place of great power where I have a very special connect to the Goddess there, a place of great awakening. It will be interesting to see what happens upon his return. MY work at this very moment needs a lot of focus and concentration and active attention--so it’s good I’m not distracted. By the time he returns--I’ll be free from one of the most negative energy blockade/attacks on my life--the old home--and moving right along, more established in my own “new” life’s work--which is not really new at all: it’s everything I ever learned and was prepared for about to be taken on! Last night felt very connected to my Gem and had the most powerful amazing dreams:)

    FYI everyone--I’ve found and downloaded several pics I like a lot for my NEW AVATAR--so get ready--this avatar you’re used to seeing will change on the 28th! 'Course--I can only use one--so I’m looking at them now and them to make certain I choose the right one:)

    A FB friend sent me a message this morning and I share it here with you: "A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life". Risale-i Nur" May we all experience the pleasure! Thank you for giving pleasure to me and making me feel a part of this Emergence-family:)

  • Finally! It is about time they fixed the bug! 🙂

    I have been trying to read the last few pages since the last 24hrs, no luck!

    Well....2 more days and we are finally free from Mercury.

    I can feel good things are coming our way.

    Hang in there! 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Bah today I lost my carefully cultivated cool. Then I read my stars, sheesh shoulda stayed in bed or avoided him althogether. The good thing is he didn't get mad.

    thank god

  • But I think I couldn't have avoided it if I tried. he wasn't meant to be here today just a series of things that happened which meant he had to come out here. and also now it's gone I can concentrate on havinf a fun no pressure weekend.

  • Yesterday I broke my promise and I contacted my ex. I had this strong feeling inside me, tugging me to make the contact. This is against my principle as I gave my word to him that I will respect his needs to be left alone. But I had to contact him.

    I am glad I did. Right now, I sort of know what is going on. What I have been feeling about this whole situation is making some sense now. I wished I had acted sooner though.

    I am going to copy paste what I wrote to Kushi here. I don't feel like re typing everything all over again, explaining the same thing. My emotion is playing somersault right at this moment.

    I am not sure why but my intuition tells me thatt our "time off" has got to do with his health. This is something I do not want to believe but yesterday, Aunt Buck asked me out of the blue if my ex is suffering from any illness. She caught my attention, this was why I asked Kushi for a reading about him.

    He wrote this;

    Normally i wouldn't do readings about a third person without his consent but seeing as though the issue also involves you to an extent, i dont think it goes against my principles

    He's in a state of contemplation, there's an inner struggle he's facing now and i feel as though it has something to do with his health, now because of this you are somehow affected. Your concern for him urges you to ride on and help him in this dark time as represented by the knight of wands, He however turns his back and believes he must undertake this challenge alone, he has even put friends and family out of the issue.

    My reply to him; feel the same thing as well. His health. I am usually the kind of person who believes in "seeing is believing" but the moment I read your reply, I cannot stop crying. My intuition is tugging at me all these while and I've ignored it. I am afraid to say this now but I have a strong feeling that it is serious and I might just lose him permanently. So will his friends and family. In fact, he did confirm this to me yesterday, that he don't feel like explaining what's going on with him and he cannot keep consistent contact at all, with me or anyone right now. So he choose to distance himself and he thanked me for respecting his wishes. He told me not to worry because I am not the cause of this.

    Oh god, this is the moment when I wish that my intuition don't work.

    Thank you for your help, Kushi. Again, I am sorry for making you read about him.

  • Emergence dear Darlin"--Sending you LOVE and STRENGTH, upon reading your message: my intellect said immediately "Ah well Men are like this." But then again so am I and am a WOMAN. Some of us need to get our bearings and find our balance and TCB on our own before we are ready to share big issues like our health with loved ones or anyone.

    Feels like that's what he's doing now. Men at middle age onwards find themselves dealing with the very real issues that they are not invulnerable as they felt in their teens and 20's.

    My intuition however kicked in hard and says this is not life-threatening--only life saying PAY ATTENTION NOW and DEAL WITH IT.

    Feels like (to me) that is what he is doing. His reply tells me he's probably very glad to know you are there, thinking good for and of him and CARE. When he is ready--he will share and tell you. But only once he finds the balance he needs with it.

    The good news it is IS personal issues that are his and have to do with HIM and his health--and not YOU. So send him as much love and healing as you can--you are Reiki. Maybe this is why you chose this moment in time to get attunement--so you can really focus and send healing!

    For you --so powerfully connected--your own feelings of fear and loss and all that are jumbled and you are scared because it is the "unknown." You have no clue what his health issue is and so your own imagination is making you imagine the worst-case scenario. I urge you to TRUST in the Universe and that Divine Plan is working here. SEND plenty of love and healing his way. Focus your SELF and your energies and the powers you've been gifted with. Focus instead on the BEST-case scenario: that this health incident is the wake-up call most men experience at some point of middle age--and then they either go into total denial about it or START TAKING BETTER CARE OF THEMSELVES and re-frame WHAT they actually want and need in their lives!!!

    Something tells me that this incident he's experiencing might help him to realize that being a solo-act and not having the "emotional ties-that-bind" of a real relationship is not the way to go--and not what he wants! And the feel-good of having someone (YOU!) caring and being concerned may not be his primary focus right now--men hate Dr's and tests and hospitals and having to pay attention to those things way more than women do. I hate them myself--but we women are more practical about "ok--gotta deal with this now," we bite the bullet and TCB. Men have many more emotional issues with the feelings of powerlessness all that evokes.

    Continue to give him his space, send lots of love and Reiki healing, and Reiki and strengthen yourSELF. Perhaps this is one of of those "big moments of realization" caused by a life-crisis--and any health issue is a life-crisis--that can help him clarify what he wants in his life after this--and that no man is an island and it's time for him to get over his past wounds and focus on the good he already HAS in life: the caring and support of Emergence:)

    and Emrgence has the caring and support of everyone here!!! Including ME.

  • Oh my gosh guys, let me tell you for the last idk how many day ok since may 13th I have been feeling soooo awesome and positive I feel so confident in myself that it's awesome I WISH ALL OF YOU THE BEST SENDING ALL LOTS OF LOVE AND POSITIVE ENERGY. I'm kinda confused though with full moon in sagittarius/ uranus in aries stuff can someone PLEASE explain it in a "astrology for dummy's" kinda way please lol. what is expected these upcoming days???? OH, btw, when are moving? or that's not happening anymore sorry i've been so busy didn't have time to read all the previous post. thanx



  • Hi all,

    We have the New Moon today and Mercury is finally leaving us tomorrow.

    I am not able to read the last 1-2 pages of this thread. The last page I get is the Reply Box.

    I am tired of this anyway, it has been going on for days!

    I am starting a new thread for all of us, just like we agreed before.

    The thread will be called New Moon, Full Moon, Retros Part 2.

    See you guys there!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hey all!

    I have started a new thread. This thread is not letting me read the last few comments anyway. 🙂

    Here is the link to the new one;

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