New Moon and Mercury Retrograding

  • Killashandra, I'd rather him contact me when he is ready. was that your mail addy? I added it to mine..

  • Yep definitely was

  • Hi ZWhocanSEE, remember when you put your facebook link?? I would like to add you on mine... but I cant find you... do you mind posting some clue, school or some way I could find you...

    i just wanted to see your sculptures and paintings since the last time but didn't allowed me because we were not friends...

    thanks for the explanation of the pendulum... i might bug you later with questions just in case my attempt doesn't work LOL


  • Grungychick, taurus guy =slowww too move into things they are still chewing on, I think contacting him would good. Idon't what the response will be, but hey, you have been waiting a long time, by standards! Get that ball rolling, send him a message! How do you know what been going on with him if you guys lost touch by the way?

  • Sorry a few typos, missing words there!

  • Wow....we all really are seriously in the same boat with our past men.

    Happy Doc, I recently bought a pendulum and all the signals were backwards for me. LOL. I then was at my favorite crystal store in town and a man who gives readings there noticed I was looking at the pendulums they had there and we got to chatting and he asked which one I was looking at. I told him the amethyst one since I gravitate to purple...and he says no...try this one. Sodalite. So I go on to tell him how the pendulum I already has gives me answers backwards and he says try this one. So...I try and it gave off a weird reading. He says...the watch you are wearing...was it a gift? And I said yes...and he says from who? I say a friend...he says male? I said best friend. He tells me to take the watch off and lo' and behold' it starts giving answers the correct way. What is funny? I had just been irritated by my Libra and was heading home in an irritated state and changed my mind and decided to go to this crystal store since it always makes me feel good. I had to laugh since this guy ends up being a Light Worker....was able to tell I was irritated over a man...and picked the right pendulum for me. I can't find my original one...and the sodalite one is perfect for me. Like Z said, you can't keep asking silly questions over and have to clear yourself because it will pick up your energies of what you want it to say and never ask a whole lot of questions in one sitting. When I find it is having a hard time with answers...seems to take forever, I cleanse it then charge it in the sun for a while. Let me tell you...the answers come flying after that! LOL.

    Oh...and I found that I ask my angels to help when I ask questions and only allow those answers which are for my greater good and not my ego. If I still find that I might be influencing it, I chant yes, no, maybe over and over until I get an answer. :0) Just some of the tips that I got from others.

  • I always ask my pendulum show me yes, show me no, show me maybe.

    It always shows me the same way but I like to make sure.

    I havne't actually asked my pendulum about this, maybe I should. I have consulted an oracle book though.


    When I first started using the pendulum, it was on a chain. As time went, the chain(s) would break. I finally asked why . It - they stated for you, "Need to be cord." I now use a silk cord for my main pendulum.

    Also, I have requested the answers only be "YES" or "NO" responses. If there is no answer, the pendulum remains stationery.

    Also, when there is to be a change in question, the pendulum for me, will circle in a different direction to indicate it is now responding to the next question.

    Also, the directions may change as you sometimes have a different GUIDE at that time, so it is abvisable to check periodically with the "YES -NO" direction.

    Hope this helps.



  • Aunt Buck--great story about the pendulum--great advice too! That reminder to your self about asking Q's that are for you highest good and not for your ego is SOOOO important! Often--we THINK we want this--but what's really for our highest good is THAT. So with your non-purple pendulum:) Because we’re so often tied to what/who we THINK we are--whether from our own habit/fantasy/or who-we’ve-been yet now we've grown/changed--or because of programming or the needs of others (usually our family who raised us or the one we live /work with--including friends.)

    We’re ALL growing/changing/SHIFTING in a big way at this Cosmic Moment in time.

    ME included! Keeping balance is crucial, so is working to be who you ARE in the PRESENT MOMENT in your life and relationships. I am DREAMING. Big Dreams that are informing me.

    This last 3+ year period for me has been one of changing, shifting, awakening in a whole new way, re-balancing and the great journey from the last big cycle of my life to the next. With my mother’s passing a few years ago--I’m now the only remaining woman of my blood in this part of the world. The only one born with the addition of my father’s blood IN the world. There’s been a lot to balance and prepare for. It's been a letting go of many things and a time of great solitude. The warrior-woman in me focused on the very clear battle of re-entering the world as the me who I AM--as opposed to being the me other people see me as or want me to be. ALL women struggle with this far more than men do because we play so many more roles to others in our lives. Science says that’s we we multi-task so much better:) I’m glad and always pray to accept the wisdom I’m being gifted with--even though wisdom is a double-edged sword--and to have the strength to do what I’m meant to do. One of my FB friends--a woman I've reconnected with but haven't seen since we we sophomores in HS--commented that "the cutting edge is the blade that gets the nicks." I replied--oh THAT's why all my scars? 🙂

    I’m changing my forum name here--so I can share with all of you in the privacy so important to the intimate sharing we do here. ZwhocanSEE is now my name on a number of other forums and sites too. Google makes finding people so easy these days. So my original name here’s just not so private any more. The privacy and the respect we agree to for each other--so we can freely share intimate things led to my name-change here. Soon you’ll all know me as RisingPhoenix. Funny name for a private Cancer-gal like me--the ego of Leo-Rising:) ?

    Aunt Buck and everyone--IMPORTANT! Your “funny” experience while wearing a watch doesn’t surprise me at all. Esp as a new Reiki--you should know this! Watches have batteries and carry a whole extra charge of their own that can interfere with more subtle energies. Take all watches and most other jewelry OFF. Be as clear as you can be while doing any kind of energy work--pendulum work is energy work. I was taught to always remove watches before doing any of it. I was also taught to remove all jewelry other than the "magical" or personal talisman type I wear to help or protect me.

    The whole art of “reading” or getting info by holding a piece belonging to or given by another person works on the energy and/or intent of that person contained in the item or gift. Definitely NOT saying your BF's gift had any kind of intent to murk you up! Only that her energy murks up the needed clarity of "just your own" energy when you’re doing any kind of work--whether healing, asking, or sending. So can previous work done with that tool. That's why clearing our tools--and our jewelry--thanks for the reminder--must be done periodically. I think I'll start gathering what I have to clear--and do just that--in a jar of water in the sun and moon a few days--once the Moon passes full this month:)

    Pendulum gives you answers as to the present moment. Especially if situations are unstable things--answers may change. My pendulum said my sale would close next week. I asked "Monday?"-- it said YES. Yesterday, realtor says: the buyer DID (at the time of my asking) intend to close Monday. Now, “he still definitely intends to go through with the sale”--thank Goddess!--"but he wants to take care of a few things" and guess what? We’re all waiting for Merc to leave his shadow--the buyer intends to close on the 28th!!! How's that for cosmic timing? The Cosmic joke:)

    HappyDoc,sorry you missed my artwork. I’m glad to have your friendship. Ask and ye shall receive:) Though I’ll now be RisingPhoenix here--those of you on this thread will know me by the name I came here by. Those who seek to ask my friendship can seek me by that name in the Land of the Blind. Which I’m so very grateful to no longer be living in--I give thanks every day!!! I’ve learned a lot and now it’s my time to share it.

    Emergence--worry not--having my own question for TwinSoul, I saw her answer for you.

    “Not happily” tells me that--like my own surprisingly-much-missed one--there are issues to be worked out from the past that are not meant to be worked out with you. Be grateful for this. You are spared that working-out angst. My sense on my own has been pretty right-on so far: I felt perfectly OK about Ms. Rebound--even relieved that part of experience was happening! Pendulum and guardians tell me that’s done but there’s still some unfinished business from his past he needs to TCB on to be ready for me. Take this time to TCB on your own evolution! We have some synchronicity going on. I’m using this time for my own needed fill-out and balance of my own changes. Sending you Strength, Patience, Wisdom, and Love.

    Perhaps we’re all so focused on LOVE in the Personal because this is a moment in time of great Healing and need of Love--both on the Personal and the Planetary. So I send you all much LOVE and ask you to join me--while we’re all here working on the Personal--to use the passion and power I experience in all of you--in a greater-than-me way and work on sending it to our Planet and all its people! Be Blessed and Blessed Be!

  • My dearest ZwhocanSEE,

    Thank you for thinking of me. I saw the message from Twinsoul a few minutes ago, before I got in here. Do not worry about me. I expected that would be the answer. This is not the first time I am told. In fact, this is the 3rd in a month and the reason I asked Twinsoul is because I trust her intuition. I know that somehow we have unfinished business to solve and now is the time for us to do it, I didn't give a thought that he is back in the dating game. Well, now that he is, I am happy for him. I hope this is the right step for him to make, to break down the wall of fear that is blocking him from being love and to love someone. I don't know why he is unhappily dating and although I very much want to gloat on this fact, I won't. I just want what's the best for him. That's how much I love him.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Thanks so much all for your advice in pendulums... I confess I was afraid of trying but finally did with something I use every day that my Mom gave me and is my birth stone as well...

    I think it did work... it was the very first time... so i'll try again tomorrow... didn't ask too many questions to be sure...

    Well thanks to all and I'll let you know how things go the next time 🙂

  • Just like ZwhocanSEE is doing, I am sending out all the healing and love to everyone, everything. A while ago, I took the time to be alone in my backyard, in the darkness, accompanied by the glow of the Moon. With a Moonstone in my hand, I let out all my heart's desires; for myself and for all of you. I asked for all of us to receive all the good things life has to offer. Faith, strength and compassion will accompany us all in our journey in this life time. I had the Moonstone on my palm the whole time, with the glow of the moon shining on it. I can feel the energy flowing, my palm heated up and tingled. It was very electrifying.

    After saying what needed to be said, I was smiling. Not a force smile or a smile that I had to put my effort to..nothing like that. It was just a spontaneous smile that came out within me. I feel energized. I feel good things are coming, to all of us.

    Let's look forward to it, my friends.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Thanks Emergence!!

  • Emergence you beautiful Spirit:)

    Thank you. It feels so wonderful to be part of this group you've attracted with this thread and I know we're all doing the same thing: sending healing and love and strength and good things:) Know about that kind of smile--I got one Thursday afternoon. Have one now.

    Times of old life breaking away and changing to new life aren't easy and though I feel positive there's a lot of clean-up that can get overwhelming.

    To boot--this last week had two nights in a row with dreams of my Gem--then a third! Dark gypsy dreams of feeling--no pictures or story--just a feeling of "troubled...turmoil." Dreams in the dark before dawn. 2nd morning I texted: "dreams of you 2 nights in a row. if I can help let me know." Got msg back: "Worked a 12-hour day got home slept like crazy. Dreams." Then a few minutes later another: "2 dreams? Wow." I replied: "One night--maybe something. 2 in a row--I'm concerned. Take good care of your self." He back: "Now I'm worried." My reply: "If you've been worried that's why my dreams. If not don't worry. Just take good care of yourself and pay attention." Thursday morning awoke again from such a dream. I usually don't work on people without their permission--I just focused and sent him huge amount of healing and love, then slept. Awoke later than usual. Hard day. Collector calls. Bills bigger than expected. Not enough to cover. Won some time. Waiting on info from others. Hold-ups. All that. Did not txt re: 3rd dream. It felt right to just give it the time and the space.

    Taking my afternoon break, meditating in the sun, asking for grounding and balance in these tough times--and the old Sufi adage: Head in the Sky, Feet on the Ground.

    I feel a whirr at the back of my head. Then it whirs around my head. A few minutes. Then it's in front of my face. I open my eyes--a hummingbird's hovering a few inches from my face!!!

    We stare one another in the eyes for long minutes. Something magical--and it whirs away!

    That big smile Emergence described hits me and my whole being just relaxes. My Native American friends say the Hummer's Medicine is Happiness & Love. I took it in and felt it and thanked the hummer and the Great Spirit and all my relations. Everything that had me overwhelmed fell into balance and I felt grounded with my Head in the Sky and Feet on the Ground:)

    After dark that sam day--talking with a business friend, sharing my dilemmas, I received something from him I'd been trying to get from many sources to no avail for a very long time that will help me move forward in next few weeks--a HUGE connection!

    Happiness! BIG happiness. A door that'd been closed now opening!

    Later, I go to GF (Gem's neighbor)'s house--to wait for her arrival from work for an evening together. He sees me, comes out to say hello--says its been mad but he'll come out and hang--fielding biz calls one afterother--he apologetic--says it's been like this. He has a very demanding new job he's moving ahead in and projects flying. Says its been crazy but he's loving the work. (GOOD!) Goes inside. Comes out says he has to run errand will be back--energy highly nervous--like he's trying to stay in balance but concerned somewhat scattered. GF running late--me beat--I go in to nap a while. Sleep deep. Awaken a few hours later in dark to hear voices in garden below. A party. Intro's. Gem's voice, my GF's voice, others. Another woman's voice I don't recognize (not ms. rebound.) Someone asks the question where are you from and the answer: Gem's old town. Ah-hah! I think--the EX! That's why my dreams, the turmoil, the nervous energy! What I like--this Gem is not a player. These things are not things he's smoothly handling, his discomfort-- tells me this is all a bit much for him. I go down and join party. 3 new people, including ex introduce selves. Great conversations. I like her. All of us happily talking and sharing, Gem's nervousness begins to abate. Several comments and questions about ex's visit--both he and she letting everyone know it's just a visit--she's happy where she is, and those we "used to live together" comments to set everyone straight. Gem makes a few comments to me that no one but ex takes uncommon note of. A tone in his voice directed at me is one only she gets. Several times she goes inside--he follows then they both come back out. She's checking me out more intently--but a friendly check-out--no bad vibes. A few more comments from them letting everyone know they're a past thing and good with each other. She's in town for only one night and one day to see a place she's never been--all make suggestions of what to see, including me.

    Even MY GF has no clue Gem and I been connecting under her nose. I'd said in the start of our friendship--as we were having those conversations you have with someone who might be more than a friend--that I'm very private about these things til involvement is comfortable. Not hiding--just it's hard enough for 2 to get to know one another without friends opinions getting in the mix.

    It was a lovely very late night with new friends--besides me and GF and the 3 couples that only knew their other--or former other:) and we all end the evening liking each other a lot. My GF and I stay out in garden for another hour or so. She wants to stay out on her own to think some--I go up to bed.

    As I'm turning my ringer off--notice a text from Gem wishing me a good night, thanking me, and without quite saying so directly letting me clearly know he sleeps alone (Gem's are good at that kind of thing:). I txt back my wish for his very good night and sleep. I realize how much I'd missed my "good night" msgs that stopped once the rebound started.

    I find myself going to sleep with that big huge all of me smile that Emergence described in the previous post. Happy. Knowing. Sleeping well. This a.m. I'm outside talking with another neighbor friend and Gem comes out several times to connect--sending me big vibe, much happier, telling me of biz trip that'll take him away for almost 2 weeks but he'll try to TCB on something I need--can he leave it with my GF if he gets it done before he goes? I tell him if he can yes leave it, if he can't---know the biz trip is so big and needs so much prep--no worries--I can wait--I know he'll get it done upon his return.

    That this is moving so slowly feels like a very very good thing. I've been smiling all day. So we shall see what we shall see. But I received Hummingbird Medicine. Happiness and Love. And TwinSoul sees "a lot of joy" in this one. So now I can plug on with my own re-emergence into the working world I'm about to re-enter in a whole new way, undistracted, knowing I have almost two weeks to TCB on my own huge projects to get off the ground. I need that! Gem returns a day before my GF's birthday and a few before his own.

    It strikes me--among us here on this thread--we share a common experience: there are things we must all strengthen in our selves--as individuals--and so do those who we share here about--before we can come together. And I think again--what an amazing Cosmic Shift of Soul-Strengthening and Tempering we're in! Like the Temperance card teaches--the tests we must go through and meet on our own--like the steel which must go through fire to become the high quality power it is to have--so again I wish you all: Strength and Love and Peace in your Spirits.

    That we are here sharing our individual journeys has much power and I feel all of your Strength.

    May we continue this loving supportive group for a long time to come. Like Emergence--I feel very good things coming to all of us. I am grateful:)

  • Dear RisingPhoenix,

    I love your nick! It suits you well. Rise my dear, keep spreading your wings and fly! 🙂

    I am so happy for you! Looks like things are going the right way for you, new beginning and the joy of love are coming your way! Wohoo! This is a start of something wonderful, for you and everyone of us here.

    Isn't that a wonderful feeling? To be able to smile without even have to try?? I cannot describe the feeling I felt when I was watching the Moon. The smile and the emotion I felt inside was so overwhelming. I am so glad to hear that you experienced the same thing during your afternoon break! This is just wonderful. Life is wonderful!

    You know what, sometimes....when 2 people bonded, when there is a strong connection between them ( like you and the Gem), others might not notice the connection you two felt at all. The connection is too transparent for the outside world. It is all about you and him. I know this why? Well, when my Taurus started talking to each other etc one knows about us for about 6 months. Even when we were attending the convention with few other friends, no one suspected if we were dating etc.. We were not hiding anything from them. I guess it was the silent understanding we both had for each other. I knew what he would say or think before he could finished his sentence and vice versa. Hard for friends to notice all this.

    We are all experiencing this lessons right now to strengthen us, just like you said. To prepare us for the better US, for the better future! Remember the quote people say lightly "No pain, no gain"? Well...I have never use that quote before but I think it is appropriate to be said here. For all us....We are in pain now but this is good! Feel the pain and then let it pass. We have something to gain from all this pain. Universe has plans for each and everyone of us. We are all in this thread for a reason. To feel the pain together, to support one another and to prepare for the great future together. I can almost feel it...don't you? I can't wait...I am smiling already 🙂

  • Wow! A whole day with no posts--and I'm wondering if everyone's OK! Merc is ALMOST out of his shadow! Hurray! Hold on to your hats though--because Uranus is moving into Aries on May 27th. We’ll feel that from the 27th to Aug 13th! Maria de Simone says “nothing subtle” he’s gonna “throw a PIE in everyone’s face--not to be mean but to MAKE us TASTE it...and one of the most fascinating things about Uranus in Aries is WE’ll be the ones throwing pies in our own faces. Make it good one.” I highly recommend her May 23 blogpost: “Individuation on Steroids--Uranus into Aries.” It’s EXCELLENT, great advice and that individuation is just what we’ve all been going through here!!!

    Yesterday--even more BS necessitating e-mails, unsatisfactory responses from the HOA. Argh! My buyer must be a Taurus--he’s hung in there this long and says he “will deal with them once (he’s) an owner.” Now he intends to close on Thursday instead of Friday! Yay! Think good thoughts for me--the sooner I’m free of this tie to one of the most negative energy communities I’ve ever experienced--the sooner my own flow will open up big time!

    I wonder how many of you are experiencing the opening-up-of-logjams that this Merc retro intensified in all our lives? SHARE. I sure am. I’m working more clearly and making amazing connections, and getting wonderful loving appreciative feedback. The many pieces of my life’s work-about-to-open up in a whole new way--things I’ve been working on a long time without really getting how it will all come together are falling into place. For the first time in a few years--I’m very very clear about how to put them together into something powerful, beautiful, and giving of myself without giving UP myself!

    Rick & Jeff’s Planet Pulse reminds us with today’s Scorpio Moon “there’s a tendency to remind us of what we don’t have--yet Scorpio’s also about intimacy and closeness.” So if you’re feeling like that--that’s WHY!

    My i-ching today: Mutual Attraction: “...image of this hexagram is that of the attraction between a man and a woman in the courtship stage. Consistency is important in matters of mutual attraction, for this is what separates courtship from seduction... Remaining open to the forces of attraction brings good fortune.” I’m open. I’m OPEN!

    My Gem’s work has taken him afar--a chance to really shine and demonstrate his brilliance and value to a team he’s relatively new on--AND in a place of great power where I have a very special connect to the Goddess there, a place of great awakening. It will be interesting to see what happens upon his return. MY work at this very moment needs a lot of focus and concentration and active attention--so it’s good I’m not distracted. By the time he returns--I’ll be free from one of the most negative energy blockade/attacks on my life--the old home--and moving right along, more established in my own “new” life’s work--which is not really new at all: it’s everything I ever learned and was prepared for about to be taken on! Last night felt very connected to my Gem and had the most powerful amazing dreams:)

    FYI everyone--I’ve found and downloaded several pics I like a lot for my NEW AVATAR--so get ready--this avatar you’re used to seeing will change on the 28th! 'Course--I can only use one--so I’m looking at them periodically to make certain I choose the right one:)

    A FB friend sent me a message this morning and I share it here with you: "A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life". Risale-i Nur" May we all experience the pleasure! Thank you for giving pleasure to me and making me feel a part of this Emergence-family:)

  • hey Rising Phoenix i tried to find you in FB but I wasn't lucky, looking forward to your new picture... i changed mine too 🙂

  • Hmm....

    I wish I can read all the lates post from this thread (if there is any). I can't seem to open the last few threads. It brings me to the reply box.....

    Will check in again later 😞

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • OK I'm trying too. If this post does not show up , I'll contact admin--maybe THAT's the problem?

    Or that old Merc still in his shadow having some last fun with us:)

    happy doc I'll clue you in in a few days.


  • Okay....I saw a new post in this thread from RisingPhoenix but when I clicked on the last page, all I am getting is the reply box.

    I cannot read the last few pages of comments! Uggghh...

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