New Moon and Mercury Retrograding

  • queenkath

    tried to leave you a post here but it got deleted πŸ™‚


    hang in there...I'll reply to your comment soon! need coffee now!

  • Err Bluecat I'm ashamed to admit he did cheat on her with me.

    no excuses.

  • Not really Killashandra, you were seperated, have children together, it would have been a learning experiance for her, well if she knew. Its your husband or man, kids dad right?that sort of changes the circumstances, like you said, it was only a matter of months, before he got with her, and she knew where he was coming from, had been before. I wouldn't want too be the one too tell her either though!

  • He's lucky the kids didn't say anything because he would sleep in our bed

  • Yes he is! He has too know how confusing that would be for them, geez

  • Where in the world did she think he was? thats kind of silly of her actually.

  • Sleeping in the spare room

  • AH yes--no closing on the loft YET--but I've learned to be patient and trust that the Universe unfolds what happens to me in it's own timing--which is wiser than mine:) Keep sending good mojo that it closes in good time and is good for me. Thanks:)

    HappyDOC--I find my pendulum is as accurate as I am clear about what I ask--and don't ask frivolously or too many questions in one sitting. You ask yes or no questions, for "Yes" the pendulum swings back and forth--away from you then back towards you, for "No" it swings side-to-side, and for "I don't know" or "the answer is not yet clear" it circles. If my question is not clear--or I'm asking too many, it will either keep circling or simply become still--telling me--"enough already!" I always start with a few "test" questions I KNOW the yes or no answers to--not to test the pendulum--but whether I am clear enough to get clear answers! If it circle or is erratic --I know I need to still and clear myself some more before asking. it's a simple, profound and powerful tool:)

    I'd be glad to ask for you--post if you like; though I encourage you to find or make one you like! You can use a favorite crystal or an amulet connected to protecting you--be careful what you use if amulet--choose your messenger wisely, a regular pendant you wear a lot as jewelry--that has your vibration, a hole stone you've cleared and put on a string (make it a lovely string--in respect:)

    Or you can purchase one in any number of places, I think even in the shop on this site:) Pendulum work is a fine tool to have in your bag of tricks and an easy one to get "good" with.

    Remember to meditate or otherwise clear yourself when you sit to ask, be clear on your questions, and to refrain from asking frivolous ones or too many at one sitting. You can always come back and ask later:)

    Killashandra: while gathering quotes this morning from one of my favorite ancient wise ones--the poet Rumi--your question was answered in this one:

    "Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form."

    And for all who are hurting Rumi says:

    "The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

    We're all here to help salve the wound, help teach one another how to cleanse it so it heals well, nurse one another through the healing, and revel in the entering of the Light:)

    and Rumi reminds us: "Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure."

    As we experience the power of this Cosmic Shift our entire world is going through--it's easy to think "Oh why ME? Why am I having such a hard time?"

    We're ALL being tested and tempered right now--how wonderful to be here and have the support and wisdom of friends who are working towards consciousness and evolution--both personal and planetary--and to be able to do it with privacy we may not be able to have in our physical communities!

    Admin: THANK YOU--I'm contacting you to change my name. Already did it on my account--my dailies had the new name on it! THIS one is one I used on many on-line sights and in my video's, and as I enter the world to fulfill this piece of my destiny--I share many personal things so that others may be helped. Yet for a private Cancer like me--having a private safe place I can share intimately so matters. TG for my Leo Rising--THAT's the me I show the world-at-large:)

    For all of you who've voiced frustration at the "rules:" we need them to keep this site safe and private. I found this site when I was blind--talking computers let me figure out how to use it and read for myself! Though I'd always been lucky to have at least ONE "clear" gifted reader--who did not put his/her own spin, issues, or personal projections on MY reading, the dear friend who read for me the first two years of blindness passed to the next world and I was bereft. Finding the site allowed me to once again read for myself. When I e-mailed them my thanks, they sent me another great and generous gift that helped me even more:) I am grateful.

    So just know--the staff and the "rules" are here to allow us all to grow in safety and privacy and peace and are here for your highest good!

    I'll let all of you know when my name and Avatar change. In case this post automatically reads with my new name, this is ZwhocanSEE, now Rising Phoenix:)

    I'll keep the Avatar til Merc is out of his shadow:) THAT way you'll all get used to the transitioning ME:)

    My Emerging friends--just so you know the poets and the wise ones are not always "spiritual" in their wisdom for us and so many of us here are on a journey with Love--Rumi reminds us:

    "In the slaughterhouse of love, they kill only the best, none of the weak or deformed. Don't run away from this dying. Whoever's not killed for love is dead meat."

    My new name reminds us--we are often "killed" and die many deaths as we journey through a lifetime: you can stay dead meat--or you can re-create and rise like the phoenix from the ashes:)

    much LOVE and have a HAPPY DAY!

  • Sorry I have not posted in awhile. Well, here is the status. It seems, My Taurus has been thinking about me and wants a relationship as well...but he is still with the Aries female. =/ So how can he be thinking about me and yet still be with the female Aries?. I'm little confused by this. well if he is thinking about me, then I can only hope that this relationship between him and aries is coming to an end soon. Hmm. Anyone care to interpret this for me.

  • Hey grunchychick....

    Thinking of you is a good thing. How do you know this by the way? He contacted you? if so, how cool is that!! Sure made your day.

    Don't be confused. Sometimes they need to compare. You know..some men are having a hard time to decide if the person they are with is THE ONE. In their mind, they will keep on thinking...what if there is a better one out there? It was proven in a survey.

    hang in there!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Emergence, I got it from my tarot readings. My readings are usually quite accurate for me. He hasn't contacted me yet. =( I'm hoping soon that will change.

  • hey grunchychick,

    ooh okay..well..then you have to believe that he is thinking about you πŸ™‚

    I have many readings done and all readings are telling me the same thing, that my Taurus is coming back. Well, he is not back yet but I know he will. Intuition tells me so.

    It is hard for you I am sure. Especially you know that he is still with that Aries. Hmm...let's see what happens once Mercury leaves okay. It won't be long. Just a few days more to go...

    I am sending you positive energies and you have my well wishes. Hang in there

  • hey ZwhocanSEE,

    Sorry to hear about the loft. We were all thinking of you yesterday. Sending you our positive energies and thoughts. But anyway, no worries there πŸ™‚ As you have said, trust in the UNIVERSE, it works on its own timing. Patience is the key. In the meantime, I'll lit candles for you everyday, for good luck.

    Can't wait to see your new Avatar!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Emergence, what date will the Mercury leave? Thanks for your positive energies, Emergence. πŸ˜ƒ my readings have said that he would be coming back to me too. so i'm being patient. I know my friends are having problems with their lovers too. So were not the only ones. Hopefully when Mercury leaves, things will start to change.

  • Leaving on the 28th, won't be back for four months!

    I was not a person full of patience before too but being with my Taurus thought me the meaning of it. I am glad though. I have learned something valuable for myself. Patience gives me the time and space to make better decisions in my life. LOL,...I was always very hasty before.

    Things will get better .

    When we surrounded ourselves with positive things and positive people, we attract more positivity into our life πŸ™‚

  • so look at this. I yanked this from some daily scope on another site,

    Events of the day for Wednesday.

    For a period that lasts usually about a day either side of exact time 17:43 whatever you do will seem to proceed without difficulty and turn to your advantage. This would be an excellent time to start a new course of study or retraining scheme. With energy levels running high, health, vitality and physical strength should improve. A romance or past friendship may suddenly be revived.

  • Woohooo!

    A good one! Just what we all wanna hear. Very uplifting!

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Grungychick although he left me again (well i pushed him) I still feel the same way. am feeling it will be later in the year. this will let any "honeymoon" period start to wane and also allow reality of what he has done set in. I hav etotal faith in this. I still get upset but i still believe it. He really is trying to stop me moving out of his life which if he truly wanted her he would remove me as much as possible.

    He needs time to sort through it and i will be paitent as he does it, because she is also rebounding to him from her long marriage, she won't tolerate his behaviour for long in regards to me. She may even "win" if he drops contact with me but she won't in the long run because that will make him just as unhappy.

    How long has it been with your man now? How long had you been together?

    he will be thinking of you.

    it may be time to give him a quick call to say a friendly Hi.

    Especially if it has been a couple of months.

    Nothing serious, just a quick call when you know he would be more likely to answer his phone.

    Ask him how he is and then ask another question maybe ask him the name of a restaurant you went to or a place because you thought it would be good to take a friend for celebration or birthday or something. no details.

    Move on chat for 10 minutes only no more. if he is happy to chat great invite him out for a cuppa to catch up. preferbly somewhere you haven't been before.

    but how long has it been?

  • Killashandra, Hang in there. It may be tough now. It will improve later on.

    The answer to your question is. I don't have his number anymore. He doesn't live in the same state as me though. Our relationship was long distance. We had a falling out in the relationship back in 2005. Things just went really wrong from there. We're not together right now. For past five years, I have been waiting for him to come back to me...Everytime it seems I' am about to have my moment, it gets taken away from me...I'm left sad confused and lonely because of it. Women come along and take what is mine. you know he gets stolen from me. The relationship between him and I is kinda hard to explain in details. To be quite honest, I don't even really know what happened. The story changes all of the time. ..I had somebody do tarot readings in the past for me on my taurus..nothing became of those readings. So that is why I bought my own deck and did readings for myself now.

    Emergence,I got that from my chart on this site. It gives me a daily reading.

  • Can you say hi via facebook. Or something

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