New Moon and Mercury Retrograding

  • Hi Long2010,

    You found me!

    Nope I cannot speak Vietnamese, sorry 😞

  • Well I am feeling better today, thank goodness sleep does help with that.

    also did some meditating last night as I lay in bed.

    Woke up feeling like singing this morning.

    I'll have to check out charts to see if K and M are compatible but I have no idea really about astrology.

    So here's to a brighter day and relaxing and letting the universe do its thing.

  • i just did yoga..helped a bit to clear my head

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  • We aren't allowed too give our personal emails right or?

  • angelfayce...its ok..but found the boards..just signed up


  • No bluecat we can't.

    Pity really cos sometimes we like to connect outside the boards not sure why they would stop it really.

    I mean I'm in Australia and often its boards like these that I can connect with people

  • Just became a fan of on facebook

    Just checking out the sun sign info and made left a comment. i have no idea about sun and moon activities.

    Anyone wanna enlighten the people over there?

  • You mean enlighten the people on fb?

  • Doesn't matter. Someone answered them.

  • Wow a lot of rules and regulations stuff today. Must be prepping for that Venus/Saturn square & Mars/Pluto semisquare tomorrow.

    NO boo-hoo--we did NOT close on my loft today. The Homeowners Assos. is being SO difficult with the buyer and providing info my realtor GF--25 years in the biz--says most HOA are "difficult" but she's never seen one like this, feels like they're really trying to hide something--and said she had planned a chat with an atty today to make certain she and I'd be covered in case of "anything."Sure feels like they'd rather have a foreclosure--even though it'll lower values--then the bank owns it and the bank will know nothing to disclose! I've already filled in and signed all the disclosures so I'm done. Buyer's hanging in there now it's pushed til next week. Though my pendulum tells me Monday it WILL close.

    Send MOJO!

    Have we been breaking the rules on this forum? Emergence--have you been a "bad" girl?

    Someone enlighten me. I've read the rules--pretty standard fare...and sensible. The freedom we have to chat here--though sometimes interrupted by sales pitches that get deleted by admins--

    "needs" those kind of rules--and the powers that watch over internet groups insist.

    So don't feel like it's all just THIS site.

    It would be nice if we could find way to connect outside the group--sometimes conversations that are not for the forums and friendships could occur:) Any ideas?

    Hang in there everyone--the FAT LADY won't sing til the 28th.

    That's what I keep reminding myself!!! My Gem is incommunicado. My dream last night says he's in some turmoil--I am patiently awaiting to see what unfolds. Pendulum says rebound over, but past things returning for clean-up, patience, wait....

    Sound familiar? I have enough going on to just feel what I feel and keep flowing on with all I must keep flowing on with to move forward. Will be a relief when the obstacles are out of my way. ALL of them. It's time:) Whatever is holding back is allowing much to be done in the meantime.

    Remember all things flow at the Universe's Divine wisdom.

  • Oh forgot to ask a question. While I AM about to "go public" with my story--it strikes me that I could maintain a more intimate conversation with my friends here with a different forum name. I searched on the site--but could find no way of changing my forum name.

    I'm enjoying being on the forums--but am so new--of COURSE I'd let you all know of the change.

    Does anyone know?

    Do I just sign up under a new name and leave the old forum identity behind?


  • bah humbug with it all. What am I supposed to do? Grieve not grieve, grieving feels like I don't trust the universe.

  • Hi ZwhocanSEE, you need to completely open another account with another valid e-mail to be able to change your forum name... try it already and that's the only way I found...

    by the way thanks all of you for the support...

    sorry you didn't close on your loft... I don't have a pendulum... maybe I should try to use one... I've heard anything would work??

    would you ask something to your pendulum for me?? have you found it's accurate enough??

    🙂 well thanks in advance for your answers... 🙂

  • Killashandra, I think its ok too grieve, its a natural process after all! We can grieve and trust at the same time right?

  • Its not as if your wishing any ill fate on anyone, youv'e been fair in heart and mind, your entitled too you own tears, otherwise I don't think we would have them, thats what makes that sort of thing so damn aggravating, bc its painful, it is, yet your moving forward too, might be crying one min, up and taking charge the next, having a good memory one min, ready too pummel someone the next min. I think its all part of the process! You will be able too share what got you through some of the hardest times for another too at some point you'll be a saving grace! With my split, not that I recomend it, but lets just say someone sends a box too your house with a thong, a few pics, and whtever else they sent too your husband that they didn't know you would intercept, and you made sure that box got back too the sender in care of their boss, as a "great suprise" too be opened for Miss little Nasty in front of everyone, bc well, thier boss didin't know what was in there,never occured too them that it wouldn't be a good suprise, and mabe that box also contained a printed email of hers, talking about how her boss is always coming on too her, bc after all, she is theself proclaimed "queen of everything', aka husband f***r!Yep, I did that. Now, I didn't do anything that would seriously hurt anyone, just sort of beat a couple cheaters at thier own game, and had a few laughs at their expense. I have so many fun stories from that time I could write a book.

  • ZwhocanSEE,

    We might be able to help you with your name change os that you don't have to start a whole new membership and lose your Karma Coins or journal. Email us at and let us know what you would like to change it to. We'll see if we can help.


    Forum Admin

  • Yeah,

    I like that. LOL

    He never cheated on me. It felt like he did but as his male friends pointed out that he left before taking up with her. Even if it was a very short time after.

    The thing that gets me is that he lies to her all the time. How healthy is that? And evven after I told him to go back to her I know he is still lying to her.

    It's as if he is trying to keep her distant or set himself up for her to kick him out. But he's not ready to come home so where wil lthat leave him if he gets sprung in the meantime. I can't have him back like that.

    But he keeps telling me he cares for her and I'm sure he is telling her that he loves her. NOT that I have spoken to him since saturday but his actions...

    Ah well

  • I see Killashandra, so he sort of cheated on her with you? hmm, that is hard. It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants anymore, and theres a few innocent people getting caught up in it all, no matter how well intentioned he is trying too be. I understand you can't take him back like that, I felt that way too, like there was just no going back with what I knew there after. It would take him having too be totally accountable for all the pain caused, even if he doesn't mean too.

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