New Moon and Mercury Retrograding

  • Welcome TheRed25!

  • Idk, glad your favorite lady advisor is back in your aura too help you figure it all out! Glad your feeling your better too!

  • Here I am in a funk as I pack the rest of my love's things up. feeling fearful that it is over but knowing i have to do this anyway.

    And then my horoscope arrived form here.

    and here is yet another sign.

    I have been getting signs daily sometimes more in a day. So i know I am doing the right thing.

  • Killishandra, I don't don't understand why your packing up his things? why isn't he doing this himself? I'm sorry, I just hate too see a good person suffer. If the other woman wants the man, she needs too get a great big bag of his soiled laundry too!

  • Red25,

    You are welcome.

    Feel free to drop by and join the conversation anytime you want!


    Good for you to have that kind of perspective.

    Looking at the bright side of situation all the time, never hurts!

    If there is no relationship to speak of, at least the friendship will always be there 🙂

    So the lady is back huh? Wow, I wish I can find someone like that.

    Does she do email consultations?? LOL

  • Killashandra,

    Mornings is your down time?

    Maybe you can try this out - change your morning routine.

    Do not do stuff that you do which will remind you of your man.

    Wake up an hour earlier or later than usual.

    If you normally have breakfast together with your man before, change the pattern as well.

    The point is; try to break free from the old pattern which remind you of your time with him.

    Oh yeah I know this is tough but in a long run, you will only benefit from it.

    As for the future meeting with this woman he is involve with;

    Look forward to it! Yes I mean it and it is important.

    And no matter how broken and hurt you are, do not reveal them.

    Be the best woman you can be, walk with confidence.

    Dressed up, be attractive, be beautiful, flaunt your best assets.

    SMILE and be friendly, do not show any grudges.

    The way we carry ourselves is very important.

    The confidence we have will give others good vibes about us.

    This new woman of your man will look at you with full of envy.

    If she is an ill person who wants to hurt you with her words. I don't think she will try if you

    show her how confident and how well you are holding up.

  • Emergence, good call on Natapiers/admin fiasco, entertainment purposes is a good idea, and a post of the Rules we hear so much about mabe? I looked everywhere on the site, theres legaldisclaimers of course, but as far as Forum Rules, I couldn't find any mention of any rules. Is it Know as you go? Thy seem too let some go, as admin stated, certainly not horrible too us, as this is a great site with all the info, resources, but too me half of what makes it so great is the people here on forums too, would be nice if they knew what the Rules were before they were called out for breaking them. Whats the difference between a personalized reading and insightful advice? I haven't a clue.

  • Killashandra, Emeregence has a good point with dressing up too feel your best, as this woman probably doesn't have anything on you, just different, but the best part may be that you'll attract more then envy from her, could attract a lot more good things that will have him regretting soon.

  • ZwhocanSEE,

    Thanks dear for the encouragement and the tips to contact my Taurus.

    I really appreciate it very much!

    I really wish I can take your suggestion and text him or send him the message etc but if you read my post ( a few pages back), I mentioned that he asked to be left alone for a little while.

    And of course, being the person I am, I told him I will give him all the time he needs and I respect his wish.

    This was the reason why I was having that emotional turmoil during his birthday LOL. We are taking time off from one another and it is painful not to be able to wish the person you love a wonderful day on their birthday.

    He needs to get the ball rolling now. In the meantime, I will just concentrate on my own stuff. I hope he will concentrate on his issues and solve them. I have a strong feeling that he will come back though.

    I will be thinking of you today, will lit up a candle and send you positive thoughts. Hope the process goes well today! Keep us updated okay? 🙂

  • bluecat123,

    here is the link to the forum rules;

    thanks for the support. I really want to hear a reply back from them. I don't see the difficult part in adding the disclaimer; is not in anyway responsible for the readings given / received between members in the forum. Also, it is the US law that we have to take this as entertainment purposes only. This disclaimer should be strong enough to protect or its members.

    Also, I found their liability disclaimer! This one is strong enough to cover their A S S!

    LIABILITY DISCLAIMERMedia Community LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site, the information, content, materials or products included on this site. Media Community LLC will not be liable for any damages arising from use of this site. Ultimately, all divinatory readings and advice arising from use of this site are understood to be for entertainment purposes only.

  • I am packing his stuff because he will leave it it's just books but I think I should clear his stuff out to help me move on.

    As with dealing with this woman I have told her ages ago that we will treat each other in a friendly manner even if we choke on it for the girls sake. Miss N was upset becos she liked the OW and felt guilty I told her she is a lovely lady and she is allowed to like her.

    I want to go but my emotions are still high and on top of that the night before their competition I have to work all night so I may not be fully in control.

    I will see how I feel on the day tho as I have never missed a comp of theirs but I don't want to promise the girls then let them down. Better to surprise them.

    Should I remove his stuff? Or should I leave it for him to do?

    I took his pics down and hung them in the girls rooms and replaced them with others of the girls. I am feeling confused today. Maybe I should just leave the books be for now.

    As for changing routine, my morning routine has always been school based so can't change that too much.

  • Emergence, I understand your giving him space, thats very generous of you too do so, I keep wondering though, is he using that time too work on his issues, or slip further into them? I don't know, but I do know its not fair not too be able too wish the person you love a Happy Birthday. He has too know he's being a bit selfish, of course only he can change that, but what would any of us do without some limits too what we can get away with? I shiver too think what kind of crazy shit I could get myself into without the person I love setting some sort of expectation, and vise versa, not that I wouldn't be loyal, or do anything awful, thats not me, but the little things that make us a bit selfish, or who we are when we can be, realtionships are big compromises, but some us do still deem them worth it, I guess bc of love, love is good, pushing it away, not so much.

  • Thanks bluecat123, I appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Believe me, it is tough to sit around and wait. Fortunately I am not anymore. He is not my priority any longer. I'll welcome his coming back into my life but I've set him free to work on his issues. I believe he is working on it because I found out on his twitter that he is busy with hypnosis therapy and also in buying properties. I hope he is finally taking my 'long ago' advice in buying a house instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on a private apartment. As for the hypnosis therapy, I hope he is getting some help in getting rid of his fear issues and all the hurt he is still feeling from the past relationship. That is the only way for him to move forward. No point in him coming back into my life if his issues aren't solved yet.

    I had many readings done and all readings are giving me the same answers. There is so much confusion going through his mind. He will come back but right now he is figuring himself out, sorting out his life but his thoughts are still with me.

    My intuition tells me the same as well.

    Uuughh.....I hate waiting game. Never like it at all and never wasted my time on it! But this Taurus is really......uuuughhhhh!

  • Killashandra,

    I agree with Bluecat on leaving him to do the packing. His mess, he clean it up. You are not his slave.

    But I do understand if you need to do it in order to move on. If you think that it will help you to move forward, then do it. You don't need to put a lot of effort in it. just throw the books in the box and out of your sights. Maybe it is a good things after all, you are clearing off his energies! Don't forget to burn some smudge stick to clean the air!

  • Killashandra, so is he bringing other woman too kids activity? Wow, he was just back and forth, I would imagine its a bit soon for him too do that too you, but I can see your point about packing up his stuff. I know the feeling with kids liking the other person, but you have too be the bigger person, I've chocked on that before myself,not for the faint of heart is it? Lord knows something good will surely come your way when its all said and done, it would just be plain wrong if it didn't from the sounds of what you've been through. I was kind, patient with my ex when I realized all my anger wouldn't get me anywhere, and leaving him alone too figure it all out, that did end up bringing him back, I even encouraged open communication, allowing him too talk about her even, and what it all meant too him. The thing was, I didn't anticipate one small little problem I overlooked while he was gone, I had spent so much of that time missing him, and our life, what I had thought we had, I hadn't realized that I wouldn't want him back. I thought I had, I had fought so hard loudly, then silently, and for all that, I didn't want him back. I thanked him for making me a stronger person though as he walked out again, that took about a year or so, but I was more prepared that time, more at ease with my fears of life without him, it wasn't easy, but I realized he wouldn't be walking out on me ever again, because I wouldn't let him, I didn't want him back! That was a good feeling, way better then when he came back after leaving like nothing ever happend, like hey ,whats for dinner?"Then get a sad look on his face for what, who was missing from the picture, because he couldn't have it both ways. Killshandra, it shows what a passionate, kind person you must be that you picked up on what your guy was going through so quickly, you letting him go, not fighting probably spared you a lot of fighting and heartache. I had let mine stick around longer then need be, and ended up with a lot of resentment, hopefully you will find more peace with the way you've handled it.

  • Emergence, thats awsome, that he's getting some help with that! Good Lord what was done that made him so sad? I have noticed this with the taurus I know too, yeah you can't hardly sit around and wait on them, they are slowwww! but mabe thats for the best, just hard too be patient yes,I feel your pain there! So he is suppose too contact you then? I am hoping he does really soon! As far as my taurus friend, I'm afraid I may be the one who always has too contact him, or keep it open, he is something else, theres the karmic connection thing, I feel it, but I can't get him too feel it or be better friends or whatever. I am trying too be positive for everyone, dealing with these things, I think my thing is I get tired of seeing good people suffer, but I have too remind myself that I have seen miracles myself, I know whats possible, so I have too try too over look these trippin taurus' for now, and think of the potential for everyone!

  • Yep bluecat part of me knows that could happen as well. And yes he is taking that other woman. I am leaving his stuff tonight. I am tired and emotional and it is not a good way to be while dealing with it all.

    So I won't LOL

    the books I pulled out are in a bag and tucked out of sight. Pretty sure he is mad at me as I approached his mum about his depression. She told me he is fine. Bloody Aries stubborn lot aren't we. Yep he's an Aries as well.

    She must have mentioned me as I had to talk business with him and he was very clipped but I responded with politeness. I really don't know for sure but it felt like it.

    But that's ok I am not going to chase him even if that's what I want to do so desparately.

  • Thanks bluecat,

    Yea, all of my readings told me that i have to give him space and wait patiently, also my angel reading from arch. Michael. My Taurus has issues that he needs to solve. My guts is telling me that it was his previous relationship from 6 yrs ago. He got dumped when he got serious to commit. That drove him to the wall and he never dated anymore since. Then he met me and he is all haywire now LOL.

    I went against all readings and contacted him just a few weeks ago when I didn't hear from him for a week. 3 days before his birthday he left me a message to leave him alone for a while, so I did. I don't want to, it is killing me but I respect his wish. I guess I will wait for him now to make the move once he is ready and come back as a different person, no more baggage. It will only get us nowhere if he is still carrying the baggage from the past

    whoever that woman is, will I go to jail if I kicked her A S S for hurting him this bad???? LOL

  • sorry to hear about your taurus bluecat. But hey, you already did your part as I have done mine. We already contacted them and now it is up to them to get the ball rolling. I also believe that in general, Taurus don't like to be pushed. And since my Taurus already told me to leave him alone for a while, I better do that. I will make matter worst if i contact him again. He will feel suffocated and I will only push him further. This is crazy I know because as a Sags, I am very forgiving. I get mad easily but I forget about it the next minute. And if someone comes to me and reach out, it will smooth me out and I will welcome that person back. But this is not Taurus trait I guess, they need their 'ALONE' time to think clearly.

  • Probably would go too jail yes, but may be worth it! Mabe she doesn't know she did it though, thats a thing I recently learned about taurus, as my old taurus seems too be holding a grudge too. Everything he says points too run, don't walk, this guy does not want too be around you", so I try that, and life just seems too throw us back at each other, as if we have some sort of lesson, or thing too do, Brian's advice was that I needed too make a very clear, no strings, apology, as they can sometimes be leary of others intentions towards them, just say sorry, sorry, sorry, and leave it at that. So I did, and no response. Now if I were too call him, since he takes my calls I could say that, and mabe it would sink in, he won't call me though! So, its strange too me with taurus,says he doesn't care about me,yet isn't angry with me for fifteen years ago ancient history, water under the bridge,but wouldn't talk too me then, or for years, yet claims he does not love me anymore, yet still has some unresolved issues with me, will talk too me if I go out of my way too approach him, but won't approach me. and this is who I have a karmic connection with, some life lesson with, God help me! I got my work cut out. Emergence I feel your love for this taurus of yours is preserving, its the best kind, your patience is serving you well, I pray he is doing well, and will let you in soon, too grow with the progress!

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