Urgently need reading on relationship ,broke up everything is out of

  • Just broke up with fiance of 3 years , dont have a job and have a year old , i hate this man so much he said the worst things you can say to anyone . Im done but i have nothing . nothing and i have a aprtment thats leased on my name , been here also 3 years , biggest issue is i have a one year old and no car so child care and a job will be out of this world pointlessly ridiculous , i hhate my life and these past 3 have been a complete waste , at this point i wish i could move to another state and completely start over . i know he made me look like a b*h to everyone , i dont even care about anything anymore . my life is the shittiest its ever been since i was 17 . id love to drop dead now ,,,than to have to deal with another day . i cant believe im even in this position right now. im FKED . SRY ABOUT MY FRENCH ! I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY

  • Don't give up. Just remeber ther is someone who is alwyas doing worst then we are. It seems like it is bad right now, things will egt better. It gets worst before it get sbetter. You also have to provide for your 1 yr old, and trust me thing will egt better.

  • Deep breath.....air in....air out. Do this as many times as you can without passing out. LOL. Now, as long as you think your life sucks, it will. You need to sit down and start a list of everything positive you already have and build on it. I just broke up 6 months ago with a man I had been with for 3 years and I know the pain that you are going thru. However, you came here for a reason and that is to find some comfort and some positives in your life. Stay here and keep posting. There are so many great people here that helped me get past the "my life sucks" stage I was in. I can honestly say....six months later, I have never been happier and I have also lost my job since the break up. Everything happens for a reason and you have a purpose in life to fufill. Hang in there and start of list of everything you are grateful for! It really does help! Take care and keep posting. We're here for you. AuntB.

  • I know im not the 1st to go threw this but knowing that doesn't make it that much easier cuz im still going at it alone , its scary right now because i dont know what to do and how to handle the situation , i was with him for 3 years and we have a year old together ,hes staying at his parents for now , so really the worst hasnt happened yet ... I know everything happens for a reason i knew this would happen eventually . Thank you guys so much for being here for me i will need all the support i can get . Im really trying to sort through my feelings and thoughts right now . i will be back when i have some more clarity hopefully i will have my head around this whole situation tomorrow ! much love to everyone blessings ! vanes -

  • VirgoLadii - I too am going through the same thing.. Broke up with my BF of 2 years (no kids) lost my job and moved away from my brother who I was living with for 5 years (BF 2 of those 5 but maintained my own place) so now here I am with a temporary job for 2 weeks, a flat i can't afford, no BF and most of my friends have also walked away.... I am not really sure what to tell you - I know I just lay on the couch for months having no clue what to do - i got up, looked for a job, n then back to the couch... It does SUCK hard - I know I have not dealt with it too well - I have been so depressed but have made myself go through the motions and try to make it better for myself... Even while doing things - I think "just go through the motions until it feels ok again" - so I guess that is my advice...... I wish I had something else I could tell you....

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