Is this the right thing to do? help me

  • hi im just new hear..

    my ex and I just broke up, we just had our 3 months relationship and it didn't last. During our relationship her ex girlfriend was asking him if they can be together again, at first he refuses for the reason that he already had a girlfriend and that was me.. but later my boyfriend become cold and our communication was lost. Later I found out that he agreed to be together with her ex,and so for me our relationship needs to end..

    few months had past, my ex and I meet accidentally, he wants to come back for us to be together, I asked him about her girlfriend and he told me that they relationship was going nowhere, because I still love him, i try to give him another chance.

    My friends found out that we keep on seeing each other and it alarmed them... they talked to me and told me that I should not entertain my ex again because he's girlfriend was pregnant and he is the one responsible for that thing.. and my ex was running from that responsibility.

    i never had the chance to talked to my ex again after knowing what my friends had told me, i just ignore him without asking for his explanation...

    weeks had past... my ex and I meet again accidentally... I let him explain, he told me everything, from then on we used to see each other again, text each other..we started dating... he again asked me to continue our relationship because he still loves me... I want to believe that he do still loves me because I still love him too... but the problem is, he already had his responsibility, he told me that the problem was already settled and her girlfriend did not want him to answer the responsibility, they already broke up, and the girl already go to their province.

    i want to be with him, but the thing that still bothers me is... his responsibility.

    few days pass... he texted me that her ex girlfriend already gave birth... it was a girl.. from his messages I feel how eager he is to be with his baby.. and it hurts me so much.. I asked him about his plan, he told me that her ex girlfriend inclusding her family.didn't want him to see his child.

    for that I already made my decision, I texted him not to continue our relationship for the reason that i felt like he still wants to be with her ex girlfriend maybe bcoz of their baby. I told him to do everything to win her ex back for the sake of their baby..

    it needs me a lot of courage to say everything and to finally give him up.. I really really love him..

    and it's not easy for me to move on.. after I text him he keep on texting me to know if Im ok and what going on with my life now, i choose not to entertain his messages because I know that it would be hard for me to move on..

    what should i do know? is my decision right.? i don't have any news about him, if they already reunite with thier baby or what.. but still it bothers and hurts me.. every night I used to cry out... it really hurts me..

  • Yes. You did the right thing. I'm sorry you are hurting. I wish you well.

  • you did right thing. pleanty of other men wanting and needing a soul mate

  • i have a question. anyone know if scorpio female and cancer male are a good match? im currently with a scorpio male. he is trying to control me,also accuses me of cheating daily, contantly needs reassurance, i mean constant drives me nuts with this. i know i as a female scorpio do not act like this. we are more independate but yes jealous, and very very inquizative about everything. make great detectives i believe. anyway anyone on the cancer male, would we make a good couple? or just a one night stand. we text nightly but i always have to iniciate the conversation, always! but once he starts he opens up a little more to me. i have noticed hes moody. i try to back off by not seeming to chase the cancer but what i read is that he needs to be persued. so what to do?????

  • Scorpiogal - I can't see your Cancer man looking for a one night stand. Cancer guys are often quiet, homeloving & they enjoy intimate relationships. He wouldn't give you a reason to get jealous & once he has your full attention will open up to you. They tend to be serious - jokey flirtation wouldn't go down well. If you are independent you may find him a bit suffocating ...he'll probably want to accompany you everywhere because he wants to be with you rather than he doesn't trust you! Cancer guys generally make good dads as they love family life too...with all the trimmings! So what to do? My advice would be to finish with your Scorpio guy completely & then you can continue to woo the cancer guy slowly giving him your 100% attention. Good luck xx

  • Scorpiogal,

    Is it any wonder that the Scorpio man in your life acts this way? you are txting Cancer guy and obviously have feelings for him. do the right thing babe finnish with Scorpio b4 you start anything more with cancer guy. If you had deep feelings for Scorpio Guy, Canser guy wouldn't even show up on your radar like this.

    It sonuds to me that you really like Canser guy so give it the best possible shot as a single girl open to love.

    all the best xx

  • Scorpio/Cancer OR Cancer/Scorpio - Supposedly there is no better match than these two. Scorpio/Scorpio - Would be a tough one and not recommended - but Cancer/Cancer is very good, in fact it is said to be second best to Cancer/Scorpio.

  • If it helps, I'm a Scorpio female and I was involved with a Cancer male. So hopefully I can help you and then you can help me with mine. All the traits you talk about; the possessiveness and jealousy are true to us Scorpios. I realize I'm like that and with the help of some education and psychology courses I try to keep it in check. We wonder if our mates are being faithful when we have no reason to doubt it. It is our own insecurity and the constant need for reassurance I seek. We are so controlling. Take control out of our hands and we freak. We love passionately. There is NOTHING I wouldn't do for my friends and lover.

    I can't understand my Cancer though. We were together for about a year. One day, he says we are done. Says he doesn't love me and doesn't want to string me along. His children loved me. (This may have been a big problem). He told me once when I was going to call it quits that his youngest daughter cried for three days. Very moody. Said I was the best sex he had ever had. In talking later, stated he didn't like the fact that I wanted to change his home. Put curtains on the windows because we were often naked, etc.

    I was going through a rough spell and we started talking again. Just as friends. Developed a great friendship. Soon it turned into a sexual relationship. The chemistry between us is huge. I was moving into a house with male roommates. He became extremely jealous. First time I realized he had gone back to the emotional relationship. He talked me out of the move. I had to move South for a little bit. He texted me yesterday that he met a teacher and was spending the holiday with her. This kind of jolted me....don't know what to think or feel now.


  • Oh by the way, what does everyone say about Scorpio/Scorpio matches. Got to love those water signs.

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