The Pattern Discovered

  • Discuss Feng Shui reports you've received that caused real change in your life, whether by helping you perceive things in a new way, generating positive energy, or encouraging you to action.

  • When I discovered Feng Shui I was at the lowest point in my life. I cleared, re-arranged and went to the library and online to learn about Feng Shui. I worked on my fame/reputation and career area first and within days things started happening for me. I am an event planner and special projects like media and social campaigns. I was always the person in the background, given little notice or respect for keeping all the logistics and all the details. I would sit on the sidelines watching everyone take credit for my work and others recieving praise or raises.

    I asked the universe, "I just want to see how good I am and what I can command as far as salary"

    The out of the blue....I put on this event with all these leaders and VIPS. The President of where I worked got up and suppose to give a very "presidential speech" and he said, I didn't know Geri does all this beautiful work (it was a formal dinner with all the bells and whistles) and he thanked me and told everyone what a great worker I was and humble in what I do. Then others got up and thanked me and praised me. Then days later I received a bonus and a pay increase. Then I had a president of his company call me out of the blue and offered me to be his executive director of his organization. He said that he heard about my work (we have a mutual friend in common) and wanted to send for me to come down and check out the community. I didn't take the offer (for various reasons) but the fact that I had job offers coming to me and people on a national level take notice of my work.

    I started helping my friends and felt that I had a talent to work with people to help them through this process. I studied with masters and started my side business of Feng Shui. I have clients in 4 different states and worked on offices and homes and taught classes. I sincerely love what I do.

    I can go on and on sharing stories of what I have experienced and what Feng Shui has done for my life. I encourage you if you are interested in turning your life around. This really works but you have to do the work. I tell my clients, I can give you my opinions and tell you what to do but if you don't do it then I can't help you.

    This reminds me of a client that I had and she was the director of an organization who was planning on building a new building for the organization. I volunteered to help her for free so we met and then she went on and on about the problems. I looked at the space and gave my recommendations but she was like, well I read this book and she knew it I told her that if she didn't make some changes this building would keep her and so she won't be moving into her new space. She was plannng on moving within six months and she is still at her old space. And that was six years ago.

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