Captain, I need help

  • I have asked twinsoul for help regarding the path I should take in regards to my love life. The problem is, I'm the type of girl that has a VERY hard time breaking a promise i've made to someone, even if their promise to me was broken first. I really value your opinion and insight and would really appreciate any further help as to what direction to head

  • You have a good heart but you tend to align yourself with those who are weaker than you and in need. And when they turn on you as weaker souls will do, you want to support them even more because in your eyes they now need you more than ever.

    Mellove, you need to be able to detach your emotions and desire to help just enough to differentiate between those you can actually help and those who need the harsher lessons of life in order to learn. Your ego tells you you can help everyone so don't listen to it. Let the Universe bring you those who can benefit most from your gifts - don't go searching under every rock or you will find some real creepy-crawlies.

    You also need to divorce your love life from your calling to help others because you are confusing and mixing the two up. In other words, give your help to those who really will benefit from it, but your heart to those who are strong and don't need your help but can use your love.

  • O WOW! Thank you so much. I get that. Captain you are amazing. Even as a little girl I would try to fix and heal whatever or whomever I could get my hands on. Thank you. I feel so torn because he is so broken

  • Some people you can mend, others need to mend themselves. That is how they find real inner healing.

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