We fell in love & broke up. - Your thoughts?

  • Long story short, we went out for 7 months and 3 weeks ago he ended it because he feared commitment and he felt he wasn't mature enough to handle how serious our relationship had gotten.

    I am a Sagittarius and he is a Leo. It was attraction at first sight.

    His main spirit guide is a Turtle and when he's angry it takes the form of a scorpion.

    I'm unsure of my guide but I have reason to believe it's a lion or at least in the feline family.

    After some drama went down after the break up we are currently not talking and although I am ready to talk I think he needs a few months, I don't want to contact him at all (for personal reasons relating to the drama).

    His guides really provide a lot of self-defense and I feel like they blocked me off because he was vulnerable to me. His guide told him that my guide is more powerful then his and that I have lived more lives then he has (unsure of the soul age difference though- I am guessing I am not much older then he). His guide told him that months ago though. When we had sex he felt spiritually connected to me and he said he could see my energy (icy blue) and he tried making out my guide but my guide wouldn't reveal itself. He told me that his guide told him that we dated in a past lifetime and that I apparently broke his heart in that lifetime.

    His guide is very open with him. I haven't contacted my guide (it's a process of try and fail), but I know it's because when I do contact my guide - whatever knowledge I gain will be so powerful and gained all at once that right now it would be hazardous to my mental well-being and could possibly drive me to a point of insanity (his guide told me this because his guide has interacted with mine). I've also been able to break into his personal world (not on purpose - my spirit guide kind of just clawed its way in on it's own) and that shook him a bit since it disrupted his mind for a few hours.

    I'm attracted to guys that some would say have similar features. For instance since then I've told my friends of 2 other guys I found attractive and they all say that they look like my ex. I do have a picture of my ex. and I if that might help with interpreting the situation.

    Well, I loved him dearly and he loved me very much as well and to lose him was a great loss.

    Do you think that he will ever contact me? Believe me, I am trying to move on, I'm just curious as to what others thought about this.

  • OK I don't know who is talking to you two but it is not your guides. Guides do not bicker about who is the more powerful. I rather suspect it is your egos or fears talking. Nor does 'age' matter in the spirit world. Alternatively, some mischievous spirits might be messing with you.

    I don't feel your ex will be back anytime soon. He wants his freedom and felt confined by your relationship. If he does come back, I suspect it will be temporary and just for sex as he gives me the feeling of someone who will not be tied down for long to anyone. He gets easily bored in the one spot

  • They were not bickering. Our guides mingled, and his just reported the observations it made.

    Our relationship was absolutely beautiful, the thing is that he had so much stress in his life (not from me) and that combined with fear of commitment just made him back out and hide in his shell. Relationships take hard work and he knew that I was the one holding most of the weight in our relationship. I know he needs time to date others and whatnot. But I wonder if in a couple years or months if he'll try contacting me.

  • Lisa92, I feel your friend was not always honest with you. He won't be back.

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