For captain....guidance.

  • Drgagannagi, with you I see a crying woman putting some eggs (hopes) in a basket but they all drop through a big hole in the bottom and smash on the ground. Time to get a new basket. The man you love is attracted to much younger women. He is shallow and definitely has a 'big hole' in his soul. It will be hard for you to find anyone who can live up to this 'dreamboat' who is much less of a star than you realise. He is not worth your time and energy.

    you did this vibe reading for me, captain

    can u shed light on my evolving situation.

    friends +- relation with guy from 4 years, we like each other a lot, but he doesnt want to marry, i just want to marry him and i have conveyed my feelings. he is a very nice guy, and i would wish him to be in my life, i have kept this friendship going despite all odds, he has maintained it too....will he come around? exactly when?

  • This situation is very hard to predict as your friend keeps swinging from one decision to another, depending on whether he is with you or his family. Prediction is based on what a a person is thinking at the time so you can see why the predicted outcome keeps changing. This man seems to have very little decisiveness or strength of character. He is weak and easily influenced by others and does not even seem to know what he wants. At the moment his family is urging him to look for a younger, stronger woman who can give birth to many sturdy children. He is leaning this way, too. I doubt he will ever make a complete break from his family so he will always be heavily influenced by them.

    I wouldn't waste any more years hanging around for him or you could end up alone and miserable.

  • captain, do you think he has ever told his family about me?

    am i in the picture when he discusses his life with his family and friends?

    you are very right about what u told about him and his family, he is staying there with them, and they always want a traditional female for him, i am 5 yrs older than him, but im 32 n hes its not that im old....we r living in two different states in the we r far and i don't see us coming together unless i him.

    he does get pulled in whatever direction the pull is stronger...u r right..

    will he marry n sacrifice our friendship or he is shallow and just maintaining friendship with me when he also wants someone else as a wife?

    could u tell me how he feels about me right now and how he has felt in the past 4 yrs...?

    captain im 1 march 77, 5 57 pm , ludhiana, india he is 6 jan 82, 6 26 pm, amritsar , india

    now im in miami, florida, he in san fransisco, california.

  • For some reason, he feels embarrassed to talk about you with his family and friends. He feels too ashamed to go into many details with them although he has mentioned you a little. He feels they disapprove of you too much. In his family's tradition, the woman must always be younger and meeker than the man and depend on him for guidance and support. They do not see a modern older woman as being a suitable mate for a man.

    He likes you as a friend for your intellectual and emotional companionship but I doubt he will ever see you as a potential spouse while he is so weak and easily influenced by friends and family. In fact, I feel he is very close to giving you up altogether and marrying the woman the family has selected for him just for the sake of peace.

  • getting away from this...

    most of the times in life, since 7 years i feel lost and disillusioned. i feel this is not what my life should have been like. i am right now doing the education which was meant to be done 7 years ago because my parents were all around me and made me marry this guy and he harassed me for bringing money from my parents and then left me, just after 5 months,

    why did god punish me by keeping me single since 7 years when my husband committed all wrong against me...he just got married again n raised a family, in karma the bad person gets punished, here i am paying n he is happy?

    i put all the pieces bit by bit together, starting working adfter a gap of two years, kept working for 3 years, wote some exams for my licence came to this country where i am now to resume my education which i left wen i got married. i met a nice guy 3 years back, but he won't marry me. im desperate now for my personal life and my overall purpose in life. sometimes i think im just meant for acaedemic pursuits, and i will never meet my soulmate...n have a house and kids. i kept being told that i am a doctor and i need no more, but i need a man with me...n a home.. n everything.

    can u tell me what u see in my life? will my life be good?

    what does god want me to accomplish in this lifetime.

  • Wow... I stumbled on this one by mistake...a wrong click. But for soe reason drgagannagi I need to ask you why you NEED to be with a man? Why cant you feel full on your own? No one else will complete you as you can yourself. Infact I know several women that are successful in their careers and have had a home and a child without having the MAN with them.

    Your life is as good as you make it be. Something I learned finding myself is that each and every choice we make can make our life "good". We as humans have been given free choice so that we can guide our own lives and futures. I have also found most things come to us when we arent really looking for them. 🙂

    I'm not sure if any of what I said will help or not, but it was just something I felt I had to convey.

    oh and something else just struck me.... "here i am paying and he is happy?" I have also realized that HAPPY is something that is observed more from the outside. How can you be sure he really is HAPPY? I faked happy for years....while in reality I was dying inside. Happy is all about perception, it does not exist simply because of actions.

    Blessings to you,


  • Why do people blame God for all the things that go wrong in our lives? Take responsibility and try to understand that we attract to us what we give out. If you give off desperation and neediness, you will attract needy and desperate people. If you give off strength and love, you will attract strong, loving people.

  • captain, is that all you have to say to me?

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