Gemini Men and their actions

  • its a lot to take on so i dont anymore really.. she just dont get me. she either as i said, gets defensive or totally dont understand and gets frustrated or acts like im stupid or totally weird for thinking that way or what ever. there is a definite block of the meeting of the minds there. i dont remember it

    OH! That's terrible. I can well imagine, I had an awful time trying to talk to my libra ex- about anything. It's one of the things I love most about my Gem, is the talking about anything/everything, delving deep into ideas and turning them over and looking underneath and inside out.

  • Earthwind andfire, I like your name -- what a variety. My gem friend has been telling me about his thought process that is constantly happening and I am curious as to what those thoughts are. These are deep thoughts occurring simultaneously. Do you experience this? I'm a cappy with aqua moon and I also think constantly. Rather than analyzing what goes on in my mind are a combination of analysis sometimes but most of the time they are thoughts of scenarios like a film running in my head. I'm an artist. No I'm not crazy. I want to know if he and I have similar mind activities.

  • telpe , what u have sounds awesume !

    i luv to explore ideas and possibility. i have always had the thought that no matter how weird or crazy it sounds, all things are possible ... i have had little things happen through out my life that i feel i manifested into being. i remember people i would be involved with at those times tell me it couldnt happen , it wasnt possible ect.... but i felt inside it could happen or be. and it did !

    the were always small things and, they wouldnt really change the outcome of my life or anything of that magnitude. i guess thats where the best and highest good comes in because i have always wanted to be at a point financially where i no longer was insecure financially and could take care of my health and well being without feeling guilty and free up my mind from that... it must not be the highest good or not in the plan. i have had things come close and then poof ! lol

  • tellstar,

    well said ! sounds like you described my thoughts in a nutshell. i play these things out like movies lots of times. it seems in about half of my dreams its like im watching a movie. i can jump in and be part of it or just watch. weird lol

    another twist is im left handed, it could be some of this is coming from the right brain. you being an artist, are you a lefty ?

  • My mind never shuts off, either. I can't seem to control it. I feel like it's a problem with obsession sometimes.


    I would be happy to correspond with you somehow, but your email address got deleted off your post. They've been doing that lately on here... Are you on Facebook? I am, and I can give you my name on there if you'd like. I don't have Instant Messenger though... Let me know about Facebook, and I will post my name on here, or post yours if you are okay with that. They don't delete names, thankfully!


    Well, I took a chance and wrote a very open enticing email to the Gem, and he responded last night with a very polite letdown, "Right now I just want to be friends." He can't even really be that to me, to be honest. He can't open himself up that way on any level. Maybe it's just my Scorpio intensity and ability to delve deep into my feelings, and express them freely. Maybe it's my superior intellect (not overly superior, just superior to his). The bottom line is, he could not help but connect with me, not just on a physical level, but an emotional, soulful level too. You cannot hide that from a woman, especially someone like me. I know my intuition was correct, and yet he cannot step up to the challenge and yet overall beauty of it. It is his loss entirely. I have only lost a very passionate lover, but not a true life partner. At this point in my life, I need both. He gave out a whole slew of mixed messages when we met last week, and isn't even aware of it. Clearly giving the impression it was more than just a friendly lunch date. I don't need that kind of mind game...


    I agree, it is not just Gemini men, I'm sure. I have just had the most frustrating time with a Gem. It's a shame that some men never really grow up. They remain emotionally stunted and self-absorbed, and wonder why they are not having meaningful relationships with women, or why women just don't understand them! It is manipulation at it's worse... Just remain true to yourself, do the work you feel you need to do to become as healthy a person you can be, and then maybe the right man will come along for you. That is what I intend to do. Because I have faith that there are emotionally mature men out there, somewhere. And I will draw one to me, when I am truly ready for him...

  • My primary hand is the right hand, i.e. I draw with it. But I use my left for other things, like opening a door, blowing my nose ( excuse me). there are things I only use my left hand with and it is automatic but I need to observe myself more. So, this gem might work. It feel so much that way.

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  • Jazzsinger - Yeah, I neglected to mention also that my ex husband is a Gemini. What is it with me and these Taurus Cusp Gems and Gems? I have other men in my life from my past that are both of these... And they are all the same.

  • Hey Amber!

    I'll see if Danny replies, and maybe we can all hook up on Facebook. At least they don't delete names on here!

    Hi Ladycdf,

    What sign are you? I'm not sure if I know that. There is a notorious "thing" with Scorps and Gems, but maybe it's not limited to that match. The thing is, I have 3 Gemini women in my family. Two sisters, and my mother, and they are very different from each other, but nothing like this guy. Look, we all know the vast differences between men and women, but what is it about these Gems, huh? He is Sag Rising/Virgo Moon, with both Mars and Venus in Gemini, so I know they all influence him as well. I hate when my intuition feels so right, and yet in reality it is not in sync with the other person. (Or maybe it is, but he is just denying it.) I was so sure about what I felt, and yet he is just so completely elusive. So I know I must move on. Life is just too short to waste time on him. If he proved himself as a reliable friend, I would keep him in my life, but I don't see that either. Besides, I want more than a friend right now, so why bother with him...

  • Jazzsinger - I am a Leo. Aug. 16, 1971 8:52 a.m. I can handle the tough signs it seems, but I am so sensitive... Dunno, I am Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Virgo RIsing.. This seems to be an "interesting" combination to say the least. The strength in me seems to be mitigated by sensitivity and there are a lot of forces at opposite work it appears. Making things tough. Then add the Gem and Gem/Taurus thing and it's not easy.

    I completely know what you mean about the intuition thing. I am extremely strong. So strong that I wish I could transplant it into other people so that they would just STOP. My Taurus/Gem cusp... Love him with all my heart and he is making a gigantic mistake, but you've never seen destiny at work so clearly than before. He has something to learn by going the way he's going. He will end up hurt again by this woman, but he can't see it. I can... UGH. I know what you mean about the friend thing... at least you can consider friendship, for my situation is that it's simply NOT possible between us. It's "lovers or nothing" I"m afraid.

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  • AriesPiscesCusp - RUH ROH... I have experienced this before. Does your Gem feel a need to always have a relationship and seem to float back and forth looking for comfort? That happened to me several times and all it did was wear me down completely in all ways. In my situation, my Taurus/Gem cusp is currently back with his ex but I just know that he will pop back up when that fails. If you are not ready to see him, trust your intuition. This is advice is coming from my own experience and common sense, not a specific feeling. It's just that your situation sounds eerily familiar. Good luck... Blessings.

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  • I know when I first met him he had not been in a relationship or even "been" with anyone for almost a yr and a half. I don't think really that he "floats" between

    i have the same feeling about mine. I think he 'wants' (and acts like) he's a whorehound but I don't see that in his real-life actions or in his heart.

    He has a libra moon, I'm not sure about his rising sign, I think it's gem, so he would have a double dose of it.

    It is possible for a Gemini to be true in a relationship. We were together for a year and although he talked to whole time about other women, he didn't actually go there. He is deeper and stronger and has stronger feelings than what I'm reading about most Gem's.

    I know my Scorp intensity and possessiveness are a lot of what drove him away and i have to be able to temper that.. The tarot keeps telling me to be patient and to follow my heart, also that he is following his heart and that he's having a breakthrough.

    So I'll continue waiting as long as the universe needs me to.

  • Good luck to you Telpe and AriesPicesCusp. I am a romantic and always hope that people who are destined to be together in each others' lives will eventually get there. My tarot funny enough keeps coming up with "move him to the back burner" but "wait,patient" and the number 2. That can only mean 2 years, or hopefully not 2 decades... we will be old by then! In the meantime, he has asked his ex wife to marry him. It makes zero sense and not just to me. Good luck you guys, truly.

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  • AriesPiscesCusp - At least your news is nice. Thank you for your wishes. I actually knew it would happen, not a month after we stopped seeing each other though. I know that he will always think of me and one day I hope to be able to be in his energy field again and be happy. If there is a plan for us to join again one day, that would be good. For now though I know that this is the path that he is destined to go. We tried everything to fight it but it just kept chugging in that direction. Unfortunately I can see straight through her. She always made my stomach upset and I felt creepy around her. She has the one thing I don't... his children.

  • Ladycdf,

    It's funny that you mention her having his children... My Gem told me almost immediately after we got involved that he really wanted to have children of his own. I'm a 45 year old widow, I have a 7 year old son, and he is almost 42, has never been married and has no kids. So when I thought he was actually going to make a commitment to us, I went as far as to talk to my doctor about the prospects of bearing a child at my age. I then shared her feedback with him, which was actually quite positive considering the age I had my son, the ease of that pregnancy, and my overall health. Yet, in retrospect, I think this was a roadblock that he was trying to put up to keep me from expecting a commitment from him. After 5 months together, he found a few more reasons why he shouldn't make a commitment either. Religious differences, and get this... conflicting child discipline tactics! From someone who has no kids!

    So honestly, I wouldn't think that is what she has that you don't. Most Geminis are very self-absorbed, and they are also notorious for reuniting with old loves. They can't seem to completely let go of them. Then of course there is also their tendency to hold onto their hurt when they've had their hearts broken, which is just a defense mechanism to avoid committing again. I could go on and on about Geminis! I have never met more complex and annoying men!