Gemini Men and their actions

  • Well, this man is a Taurus super close to Gemini. He could not let go you are right. He struggled though... I know he loves me actually but seriously I am not kidding... he wanted me and his kids full time. In his mind, she came with the kids no matter what. She got involved with this religious fundamentalist group who hammered it into her head that God hates divorce and the world is going to end within the next decade and that she must reunite her family and save everyone... Then his daughters started having issues and are in counseling... wonder why... so now he is completely brainwashed and now... tuh duh... it's what's best for the children. Seriously... destiny finds a way. He could not let me go so a month ago I was the one who said her or me and he still couldn't decide. So I suppose I decided for him but never ever thought Mr. Turtle would be engaged now.

    And funny... my ex husband, the Gem, popped back up on the scene in my life at the exact same time as my ex boyfriend's ex wife popped into his. I have to wonder... am I in the same situation in order for me to understand and see how he is feeling? It's just too synchronistic. I know that I do not love my ex husband, and besides there is no other reason to put this back together. My son is 18. But honestly, if my son was 10 I would probably go ahead and put it together for his sake.

    Back to the Taurus/Gem cusp... he said that he didn't want anymore children and the children (age 8 and 10) are the center of his world as they should be. He would talk so much about how much he wished I was the mother of his kids. He had this infatuation with my tummy all the time, and would talk about how much it would have been nice if we had been parents together. I remember getting these sinking feelings just knowing that he just wanted to be with his children. I knew that he was torn straight in two and when she kind of changed a little bit he couldn't find a reason not to reunite his family so that he could be with his kids.

    Here's the problem... I saw this coming last summer. I also see disappointment and heartbreak on his part in a few years, too. I tried warning him but... I was the wrong person. I was too close emotionally and he couldn't see what I was saying from a non emotional perspective. Give it a few years and once again another man will come back to me apologizing and wanting to vent and be either my reunited lover or my friend. I think I'm finished with men, seriously.

  • Hello ladies, wow this thread is getting bigger and bigger each day 🙂

    I didn't have much time to keep track of the forums. A friend of mine from Chicago flew over for 2 months and I'm showing him around a bit 🙂

    Dear Amber, I can tell you that deep down his feelings are genuine (not sure if he worked them out himself yet tho). I'm not sure what his motives are, but the fact that he's not telling you this himself, tells me that he's just scared to do so. It is a big step for him to have your bff say this as he could consider that a sign of weakness on his part. If he had an hidden agenda or was just plain using you he would probably have no trouble playing the part and tell you yourself.

    I'm sketching an overly black/white picture here, but I think you can put it in perspective when it comes to your situation. I think it's a signal saying he doesn't want to mess this up again, that's why he's playing it safe. It would be a huge thing for him to just come clean and tell you all this yourself, especially when he feels like he made a huge mistake trying to move back in with his ex. He's trying to find out how you're looking at the situation ... or might even hope that you give him something to work with instead of putting himself on the line like that. This way he can probe out the situation first and respond accordingly. If you'd respond differently than he'd hoped he can avoid being openly hurt (at least that's what he'd think in that case).

    Ok Christine, your turn 🙂

    I find it weird him telling you all those reasons. I mean we all know Gemini are one of the most open-minded people out there and still he would fall over so many things like religion and such without even discussing them deeply. I mean we're supposed to be great listeners but this sounds like making plain excuses. You going to the doctor is something that probably scared him. Guess he didn't expect that. You're such a sweetheart for doing this for him (I for one know your intention) and he just comes up with more excuses, it's a bit unfair in my book.

    So are you letting it be for now and keep on searching or did you close the book on him for good?

    Ladycdf, I'm sorry things always seem to work out the way they do. I can imagine how you feel when they come crawling back to you. You must be getting really tired of the "I told you so" situations, right? 😉

    I'm in kind of a rut myself with a Leo friend of mine in which I was so closely connected on an emotional level that I would start to copy all the emotional problems she has (she's been beaten senseless for about 7 years in a previous relationship). I'm learning more and more each day that the more I try to talk to her and kinda invade her safe zone, the more she resists. So she leaves me guessing as to what's going on in her head. I'm kinda known for my ability to look into people's heads but with her it's taken to a whole new level. But since I'm not getting that feedback from her, or she telling me the complete opposite was going it while I had the immense feeling that she wasn't being totally honest, it resulted in an insecurity issue on my part (thankfully I'm not letting it get to me as much as it used to). I occasionally found myself in such a weird situation that I often asked myself why I had to go through that, why I deserved such pain and suffering. Afterwards, when I finally put everything in perspective, it was as if the universe was teaching me about her situation (and to believe in my instincts while we're at it).

    What I'm trying to say here, is that we tend to attract the same situations over and over again.

    Even if we think we learned, it still comes back and hits us in face once more. It's hard to see people close to us make the same mistakes and feel their pain while they just don't seem to learn ... you want to help them so bad, right?

    Keep your faith and someone will come along that will rock your world the way you deserve!

    Btw I've added you on facebook, Christine. If you want you can send my address to Amber.

    Amber, you could also get my address from Christine's friends list as soon as she confirmed the request ... actually why don't I do that myself ?? 😕 hahaha

    Hugs and kisses to all of you 😃

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  • Mordana - Thank you for your insight and advice. I am getting tired of men. I have said before that I am tired of being used as some vessel for men to learn lessons from, only for them to come crawling back to me. In the meantime, I get hurt. This person however... I never had a connection with any individual like this. My college roommate and I are pretty connected but have not been in touch for some time. But when we do connect we start finishing sentences for each other again. But that relationship of course is not painful. The male/female love is what tears me up. I'm trying to just accept things... all things. I am getting better at it. I have also recently finally just accepted that I have a gift of ability and now that makes me feel better. Maybe that's what I was supposed to learn - to accept what I am and what I know and trust it. I felt what was coming and I tried to fight it. When I tried to step away he couldn't let go... I know that this story is not at its end but for now my guides are telling me to "put this on the back burner" which cracks me up because I actually say that all the time. This has come from a few sources so I know it's the message I'm supposed to get.

    That doesn't mean however that I can't send my love long distance through the brainwaves. For now I can't bear the thought of cutting my cord completely but in time I am sure that will come. And... just like always... as soon as I get all done and cut the cord there will be a tap at my window.

  • Hello 🙂

    I'm an Aquarius, leo rising, moon in taurus and Pisces in Venus.

    And I'm in this wierd predicament with a gemini male, his moon is in taurus and aries rising. I was wondering if anyone could help me out a little here ? I've already read this entire thread and it have been so informative ! I'm going to explain this the best that i can, so i get some clear advise 🙂

    Firstly my situation is like this.. I met this gemini on a night out, where he came up to me after his friends egged him on, and me being flirty ol' aqua, kissed him at hello ! He danced with me alll night, it was like we were bestfriends at a click of a switch and we pretty much talked till morning after the club had closed and everything !

    He said he found it extremely odd that he felt like he knew me for years. (He is two years younger than me by the way)

    He said we had previously met before too, but apparently I was way too much of a party animal to remember that. 😞

    However, according to him, the first time round I approached him and asked him for his name, to which he tried to play hardball and wouldnt tell me, so i kissed him and ignored him for the rest of the night,.. ofcourse I don't even remember this !

    Anyway, since we first met, he wanted to see me every day after that ! I found it soo odd because you know us aquas.. love our space !! Yet I was so intrigued and as boredom hadnt set in yet.. I met up with him 4 days in a row, spending the entire days with him, just hanging out, watching movies, going for drinks, playing, and lazying around !

    This is the most I have seen a new guy in such a short space of time without killing him or myself LOL.

    He told me his job was theee most important thing to him, which is soo cool with me, cause I have two jobs and I get pretty wrapped up in it too, along with partying harder ! As we got to know each other more, the more I got inquisitive and asked him a whole bunch of questions of anything and everythinnnnnng ...the more he tells me that I'm so like him in alot of ways that it scares him and that it might be a bad thing ! WTH !? haha I told him "in which case, this is gonna be interesting !"

    I just humour it, like i do with most things... yet the look in his eyes when he stares at me so intently, I think hes serious ? lol

    He called and txted every day since we met, every night without fail just to say goodnight, even though at some points he'd literally fall asleep on the phone.. at which point i started to get bored and just hang up on him..

    I never call guys.. not during the early stages anyway. Its a habit.. I just have other things on my mind, or to do.. Its cool if they call me, its also cool if they don't. I'm not fussed.

    But then he slowly stops calling.. and tells me to ..I do it once or twice but I think its pretty pointless if hes only gonna fall asleep 10 minutes into conversation.. I hate that. Its soo annoying. I'd rather just speak to him when hes more energectic../alive.

    Then he sends me txts starting from the morning, of what his entire day plan is.. I joked and told him I'd put it in his diary for him. And I stpped responding.. He joked back and then started telling me how much he was falling for me. I speak french sometimes. He wrote an incredibly long txt in french telling me how wonderful he thinks i am etc. I didnt quite know how to respond cause it had only been a few weeks and he barely knew me enough ? Kinda felt a lil fake.. 😞

    He also would get a lil jealous on facebook when a guy would talk to me, he'd be very rude to them and tell them where to shove it... it was entertaining to watch ! Normally i tell those guys where to shove it anyway 🙂

    Then I introduced him to my guy friends on a night out.. most of my friends infact are guys. Some, I just met but we get on sooo well, and I'm not afraid by how I interact with them infront of anyone, even a 'significant other'. I'm just being friendly.. however, later on in the week, my gemini gets very drunk, calls me up and his first words "I adore you and hate you, both at the same time !" My reaction.. "HAHAHAH what !"

    His reasons.. he kinda minds how I am with other guys when we're out, cause I flirt alot, and attractive alot of guys attentions, and they want to start fights with him and it makes him feel really on edge when we're out.

    ?!! He then says "but its cool, you're just having fun, i would do the same"

    I should probably mention when he introduced me to his brother on a night out.. where I was partying real hard..I can't even really remember my full night.. but he thought i got mad at him when he went up to a table of girls and started talking to them. I dont recall this..and it sounds wierd because it doesnt sound like me..I don't really care who he talks to. I remember being at the bar, talking to a bunch of guys.. and him coming over, to let them know I was "taken". He told me this too.

    I probably got mad at him for that, because I was letting him do his own thing but i' wasnt allowed to talk to the opposite sex.. haha.

    Infact I started to noticed, weeks after all of this, when we hang out, he'll bring up random topics like " I met a few girls, they all thought i was hot and really cool to talk to" I said to him "yeah so they should, cause you are !!" He asked me about my night, I tell him "I met some old friends, and some random guy talked to me about his tshirt company and gave me his card, we wer talking forever but i can't even remember what about lol" .. he asked to see this card, and THEN puts it in his pocket LOL !? Next he tells me, he took some girls number and they've been txting... and its not how it sounds ..His words " shes apparently a slut that got around some of my friends gf's ex bfs" .

    HAHAHAHA i dont know if he realises how entertained i am ?!

    Then he starts to ask me if I was a "good girl". I laugh because of the adsurdity of his question, so he presumes I was "bad" and something happened. We talk about all this stuff soo openly and it feels as though he's trying to make me jealous or just to see what makes me tick ?! I was correct. He then later asked me what makes me tick 😛

    Soo I just carry on as I would, I also find that i need lots of space after being around him and his erractic moods.. so i can go back to being MY own peaceful self..

    Also, every time he'd stay at mine, he'd do the typical guy thing of having sex and then leaving.. AHAHA I used to hide his clothes cause I thought it was funny 🙂

    Or playfully not let him go. But then after the novelty wore off, I would just go cold and detached.

    And it feels soooo much better again after he's gone ! He on the other hand, is telling me "my heart is open for you" and all this bull. So i thought it;d be funny to say it all back to him.. hehe.

    Ofcourse, my gemini ran a mile 🙂

    I got my space back.. but also humoured it.. goodness..can you imagine if i were falling hard for him ?

    Then it led up to his birthday, I didnt even see him for his birthay, i saw him the day after, and I made him a cake 🙂 He's a Johovah's Witness, so he mentioned to me that he's never had a birthday cake. I HAD TO ! I put sparklers in it and everything:) His face was the cutest when I suprized him with that. He was soo super affectionate to me that day, and I could feel that he meant it 🙂 That was probably the best weekend I had with him. No restlessness/anxiety from either of us ! But then comes the weekdays.. we speak once every night.. which is cool.

    Annnyway, then I dont hear from him for 2 days.. I wonder how he's coping, cause i don't bother at all. He messages me with "whats going on, are you okay ? haven't heard from you in a while"

    Err,.,.its only been 2 days ? I replied with yeah everything is fine sweetness, just been real busy blahblah miss you lots ..and ofcourse 🙂 no reply. hahaha

    So these two days turn into a week.. and then a week and a half. And at this point, I've had other guys to converse with in all that space. And the impression that I get from my gem, is that he's playing games.. he calls me up to ask me how I've been etc and I'm all full of energy as usual and beaming ! He's all "wow.. this is the longest we havent spoken.. I've been so busy with work.. i love my job !" And I agree with him, its been good to have that space ! But i say to him "I've literally talked to everyone else on the planet i swear haha ! You're the only one I havent heard from.." and he says "Maybe I was testing you.. to see if you would call me.. " And ofcourse that sets me off on my question game of "LOL seriously ? " "were you ?" "Why?" etc etc.. I get no answers 😞 He says "Maybe I was".. I'm gonna call his bluff and say naah. Or maybe he was.. lol I dont know and dont care..

    So after that.. hes all cold with me again.. I started toying with the idea of ending it.. I heard gems and aquas were meant to be great for each other, but i cannot even stress how bored I was getting...

    It seemed like I was the one who wanted to do lots of different things all at the same time, but he was dull as a monday is long...

    I know how geminis are kinda awkward to break up with, cause you never know if they're gonna be cool with it or cut your head off.. hahaha so i decided to be extremely sweet, tell him i realllly liked him but he clearly needs the time to himself to figure things out, and that i didnt wanna get hurt. I did this by txt cause ofcourse, i can't handle a freakin emotional phone conversation incase he goes all insane at me.

    After that, I got call after calls from him.. 20 to be precise. And a txt, where it seems like he was literally admitting to everything hhaha that he backed off on purpose cause he was scared of giving his heart away, that he really likes me, and doesnt wanna hurt me, we all do stupid things and make mistakes, and to please talk to him.

    I went to bed. Do stupid things and Make stupid mistakes ? Erm i didnt.. ? Was somebody projecting ?

    (i feel like i kinda tricked him/caught him offguard with that...because he was kinda drunk at the time too)

    Next day, after work, i get a txt from him asking if i wanted to talk. I said to him after his last txt, Its pretty clear he isn't ready and although i realllly like him and could see myself falling hard for him, I'm not gonna waste my time.. his actions disproved all of his previous words and I just wanted him to be happy.

    No replies from him hahaha. So I kept myself busy like usual and later spoke to him over on messenger service.

    I kept it sweet. And he seemed a lil awkward at first.., but i kept being really friendly and funny.. made him laugh for a bit, and then we started talking about everything... he said he really likes me.. i asked him how do i make him feel.. he said happy.. and at other times, really special and wanted, and good. He said he really likes me, but says he has no idea what makes him pull away like that. I asked if i had said or done anything to provoke that, he said he doesnt know !Then he said I dont seem the type that will ever settle down.. I told him i dont settle into anything, i prefer to 'grow' with it.. wth.. hahah I'm in my 20s... i'm having fun.. its the present that carries you into the future anyway.. i'm not a sap who falls for all that future husband garbage. I'm being honest and real about it.. maybe one day it'll happen, maybe it won't.. who knows, right ? I'm not against it though.. I just think his power of words were at its peaking fail.. whatever he was trying there.

    Well we agreed we've had some misunderstanding of each other.. and then he tells me we should just be friends, or else this will turn too complex, that maybe we'll just be like bestfriends....... and if its meant to happen in the future, it will, or it just won't. I definately agreed with him. Our conversation was so cute. He said i was so awesome and that he loved life, and then we both said goodnight.

    I realise that when i want my space from him, all i've gotta do is react incredibly sweet to him.. he runs.

    But my venus is in pisces.. I get so mushy..and I am prone to romanticise a person, loving them for who i think/want them to be , rather than who they are in reality. Lucky for me this time, I've been as emotionally uninvolved throughout all of this..

    Have we both played each other off !?! loll!

    His venus is in aries. He's a taurus moon(same as me), and virgo rising.

    And this friendship you reckon he's being sincere ? A little after that, I have this profile on this site where you may get anonymous questions, i recieved one just 2 hours after we stopped talking.."Do you think having feelings for someone are irrelveant unless they're reciprocated?".

    He sucks at being stelt. I know hes asked me lots of personal questions like that on there before.. 😛 He tells he he adores me and how much his heart is open for me, and next he wants to be friends, but wants me to inhabit these feelings none the less. hahah typical behavior !

    Right.. over to you guys !

    Analyse and tell me ! What the hell is up with this Gemini !?! Same 'ol ?

    Or whats going on ? Would realllllly appreciate it. I kinda wish it would work out in some ways.. I've always been curious to date another gemini again.. the last one was when i was lots younger.. i got bored of him so easily ! Also.. are our charts compatible even ?!

    Any other Geminis out there ? Help me please 🙂 What would you make in this and plus his situation ?

    What should I do next ?

    ~ Ethereal

  • Hi when is your b'day and when is his. Did he tell you thta he was a Jehovah Witness?

  • Hahaa So update on the situation, I didnt speak to him at allll all week, since this happened. I sent him a txt yesterday evening, just to whinge to him about the Game very briefly and he responded within an hour, we were both being very 'short but friendly' with each other, although i was feeling cranky anyway and told him so. No more replies.

    Later, at 5am( !! ) he called me, (silly me, i answered without thinking) and asked how i was doing etc.. AT 5 AM ! sure, I do have a very messed up sleeping pattern but still.. i could have been asleeep !? lol

    Then he started asking if it was wierd talking to him etc, i said no, it just felt normal. He asked if we were now like "gay bestfriends". (Inside joke i have with him, i told him i'm always kinda expecting him to just tell me he's gay.)

    After which he straight out asked me if i still have a crush on him. aha. I said "er maybeeee. maybe not."

    He said he still thought i was really hot, and that he wished i was with him to fall asleep with. I just laughed. (I know, this is his method to 'keep' me interested in him, unfortunately i dont have enough interest to 'reciprocate' any feelings there). Then he apologised ! For 'ignoring' me and i asked him why ! He said because he knows he was a D*** to me. I said "yes but why do you feel the need to apologise about that now ?" And he said he just wanted me to know, because he was being serious, that he felt bad. I said "okay but why ? what do you want me to say to that ?" .. (haha i have to question everyyyything :P) and he just said pretty much repeated himself.. lol. We talked for a bit, and then, after like half an hour, he started falling asleep on the phone .. after i made him sing to me. AHAHA dont even ask.

    Then this morning, i got a txt from him , asking if he fell asleep again, i replied yeah but so did i.

    Any gems out there that wanna give me an insight on this ?

    Any aquarians ??

    I think i'd really like a reading please if any one can do that ? 🙂 I'm curious

    @worthy1248 Yes he told me this when i asked if any one had ever made him a birthday cake lol

    And my birthday is on 27th January, his is on 22nd May

  • *It censored my word ! lol Its meant to say g. a y bestfriends 🙂

  • Ethereal27, myb'day is 1/23 and his is 5/27, very close in dates and also very similar situations. I don't know why they are so unsure of themselves or insecure. I really love my Gemini but yet so difficult. I have learned that how ever yiu treat them they will treat you tn same way. That's part of their childish ways. Ethreal27 we are so very similar you just don't know, I am speakinfg of your situation with your forever friend. Becaus if he really likes you, yu will be friend forever unless you crosses him. Ask him what nights are his meeting on?

  • One other thing he is a true Gemini. His b'day falls on the very first day of Gemini's. I wish I had more of your personality where it seems like you don't even bother with his actions. That's a good thing. Have you experience the double personality yet?

  • OMG, do you think he is G A Y? Or am I misunderstang what u wrote?

  • No i dont really think he's g a y LOL

    I just tease him alottt !.. aquarius quality with the teasing.. lol

    Yes I have experienced the double personality.. after meeting me a few times, he told me that he thinks me and him are soo alike that it could be a really bad thing. That he has two sides to him, and one side is not sure of me, because of this. I just smiled cause I have been told before by others that i act like a gemini sometimes, and sometimes when people try to guess my sign, including other geminis and they say "gemini" first. I realised it is because of the position of the planets in my birth chart.. My venus is in pisces. So I can romanticise a person and fall infatuated with traits i tell myself that they would have, rather than what they do have in reality. I think this clashes my aquarius side sometimes, and i can cut them off and detach away when 'the dream' is broken. lol plus adding the fact that aquarians live in their mind most of the time, i play lots of mind games, without really trying. I think the gemini dual personality is like that, they don't try to be like that, it just is.

    He says i understand him. But i don't think he has much of a clue about me. i change my mind alot.

    He says i bring out a fiery side in him that wants to play. I guess this is the 'childish side' that you're speaking of because i dont find him very fiery (yet) lol.

    When he speaks of his exes.. he says they really hurt him, i did some investigating, and guess what.. they're aquarius and scorpio. ! He said one of them said a lot of hurtful things about him and he can't stand her. He says the other one, hes friends with and they talk, but by the sounds of it, not an aweful lot.. as he doesnt say much. I on the other hand, have lots of close friendships with my exes, and he has kinda made jealous jokes about it. 😛

    I too attract lots of scorpios 🙂 So i can understand why he may have felt the sting a lil more.

    I have had close friendships with geminis before too, and I know how much they use others to do their work for them, i.e he has two friends of his that i never speak to, yet he wants them to have access to my facebook etc. Its like he wants to keep an eye on me, to have their opinions while he is trying to second guess me.

    When i met him, i asked for his birth date and time etc, had his entire birth chart to look at HAHAH so so i had an idea of what to expect...........

    He is a taurus moon, so am i. And he is a Virgo Rising, with his venus in Aries. So he does like people really fast, but it ends just as quickly as it begins because of this !

    He has seen dual sides of me, when i'm drunk and i tell him i dont want to see him or be near him and to go away. He never does go away, stays and looks after me, and is really moody but he never leaves me. When we go out dancing, he will leave me to dance with lots of other guys but will come over, dance with me and then promptly just leaves.. to get a reaction but ofcourse, im just having fun so i let him go and carry on dancing lol. Once i left without even saying goodbye to him, i woke up to 5 txt msgs and missed calls, they read "i know you hate me but please talk to me, you mean so much to me".

    Its odd huh. The worse i seem to treat him, the more he likes it. Unforntunately, i do all this when i'm drinking, never when i'm sober, cause when i'm sober, i'm just very mellow, and having space to myself, not 'angry' with him lol. Its not even like i'm angry, I just don't acknowledge him very much.. the pisces moon in me would like to be more softer.. than cold. And thats what puts me off, i dont want him to influence me to turn like that. I need great amounts of time away from him so i can settle my head, cause sometimes i get so bored with him, it hurts lol. I think you should do that too, just have your space. Don't get too emotionally involved with his difficult emotions. They're his demons, not yours. I tell mine this too, that all the bad qualities about him, all the hurtful things he says about peope, are his own insecurities, and has nothing to do with them. So if hes happy to be so miserable, then to carry on, cause everyone else is having fun. hahaha watch how fast he changes his tune !

  • oh and what a coincidence, he just sent me a txt asking if i'm okay lol

  • Thats really nice. I have not talked to him in about a week, and is trying to get pass that. I am so use to talking to him on a regular. It's hard not talking.He said some crazy things and I just figure needs space. And it's doing me some good also having space and just figuring things out. I guess this is their curse..... Not being sure and being insecure. I know we all have them but this is a battle for them everyday. Dual personality.

  • @worthy1248 I've got to update on my situation.

    Since that calll.. he disappeared again.

    And I let him. Then I had this idea.. what would he do if i were 'honest' about my feelings ? So I took a stab at it, was also creative with how i told him.. and even though for the whole day, he kept giving me short answers, he kept coming to me.. and he wanted to know more. Then when it was all told, he gave me nothing in return (I predicted as much that this would happen 😛 )

    I had myself booked for lots of work any way to keep my time busy so it didnt bother me, i was hoping he wouldnt reply soon... but a long time to him is apparently "two days" which he apologised for taking.. and told me he needed "time to think about what is best for me as well as for him.. "

    I didn't reply, I made sure to get right to the end of my week of busy work, before having him on my mind again.

    But he found other sneaky ways to communicate with me.. through my anonymous questions site. As soon as i made it known that i guessed these questions were from him.. they stopped. hahaha

    Well anyway.. its really been a whole game of cat and mouse here.

    But for the first time he did actually confuse me. The other night he woke me up at stupid o'clock again.. this time i was actually asleep. ! He just wanted to talk, and told me he wanted to see me the next day.. which i said no to as i was gonna be attending a wedding. He told me to cancel it.. i said no and that he should come along if he wants to see me. So basically.. long story short, he wanted to see me apparently, but wouldn't take upon my invite.. even to see him after.

    Conclusion ? Oh boy... I'm now very near to completely working him out. haha Well. my conclusion anyway is that.. he tells me what he wants me to feel, asks me what he wants me to think. Lots of manipulation going on here !

    Another thing i noticed ? Hes been lurking through my friends'list and added some random girl i work with, she approached me at the wedding i was at and asked me who he was. I've been very close friends with geminis, and i know how sly they can be. They like to make you to think theres more going on than there actually is, to probe a reaction. Funny thing is, all that they try to project onto you, is what is going on inside them. I.e I have a close work friend that is a guy, and unintentionally i mention him a lot in conversations because i generally see him a lot as part of my day. Well my gemini wanted to know who he was and if he was my boyfriend lol.

    So my advise to help you out.. @worthy1248 Just back off a little from him...and learn from him.. really look at his actions and observe how they make you feel. Then switch the tables up a little, and call his bluff. You can't go around feeling sorry for someone who is aware of what they're doing. Remember all the effort he must have put in in the beginning to get your attention ? 😉

  • Hi Everyone,

    Im a leo woman that fall completely in love with a gemini man, were both in our late twentys. Things ended about a month ago and im still devasted. By far one of the best relationships ive ever had, never fought, he made me smile and laugh every second we were together and everytime i saw him i got butterflys and felt like a little school girl. if i had to create the perfect partner it was him with one exception he didnt want to commit. We were together for nine months and at nine months i had asked him if he wanted to make what we had offical and be boyfriend/girlfriend. I told him how i feel about him and i know that he has some feelings toward me they may not be as strong but i know he does. His reponse was he didnt want to think that far into the future and that hes afraid of being hurt and being a disappointment. (mind you hasnt had an offical gf in over 5 yrs but has dated) So we broke up and i havent seen him in about 5 weeks and havent talked to him in about 4 weeks. Im not holding my breathe waiting for him to call but i secretly wish he would. I thought giving him space would make him realize what he had. A two weeks ago i ran into a mutual friend that of course brought up the relationship. He proceeded to tell me that he saw my gemini recently and he was so miserable and really upset and that he missed me etc... The next sentence out of his mouth was well you know him he moves on quickly and hes prob already seeing someone else... not exactly what i was expecting him to say.

    So i found this forum and alot of great advice so i figured id give it a shot. A part of me doesnt want to give up (my heart) but my mind is telling me to move on. I move on for a couple days and then boom something else reminds me of him. Ive had two other serious relationships both were about four years long w pisces men. Im having a much harder time moving on from my gemini.

    Any advice?

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