Gemini Men and their actions

  • I dated this Gemini man for a while, I say "dated" because it's what it was (i guess)

    Anyways... what I am trying to get to here is...

    He and I dated for about 8 months on and off. He always said he only wanted to be friends but then would get upset and jealous over another guy. He is a my bff's cousin so he would have to "see" a picture of every "new guy" I went out with. He would literally ask her to send him a picture over the phone.. sigh and then he would call me up and act like he was happy for me but then get jealous and say something mean.. (you all know what comments are made when someone is jealous). Snotty comments.. = p

    Well anyways.. I would always run back to him and he would throw this "friend" thing on me again and again..

    Sooo, I finally told him "goodbye" and this time forever.. he got quite upset with me over this and was his normal A** hole self.. (He treated me pretty badly to be honest) and then had to call up my bff (his cousin) and of course say something about it.. I told him I would no longer be his friend even so he got really upset.. He complained to her that I wouldn't even stay his friend..

    Well, IDK about you out there but when I'm "IN LOVE" with someone.. I cannot stay a "friend" especially the thought of him kissin on another girl... yeah, not cool with me.

    So recently he had his ex wife of 10yrs conveniently reappear in his life (that he so much loved anyways) when he was purchasing a home.. hmmm.. she reappeared and wanted a relationship with him again and of course he was all for it.. how convenient - her timing was impeccable.. she left her bf of 10yrs to go back to her ex husband at the same time he was buying a house and moving out of his apartment.. yeah.. impeccable timing there (Can we say "using him"?)

    Anyways yeah I'm pretty bitter about that saying he would never give me a relationship but oh, the ex comes back and all of a sudden he wants a "relationship" just not with me...

    ahem... getting back to this after rambling on and on....

    He contacted his cousin and he wanted her to RUB IT IN MY FACE!!!

    She did not want to tell me because he wanted to HURT ME intentionally.. well, she said she waited a week.. She calls me up and starts just ripping on him left and right.. I was like "WHA??"

    My bff always stood up for him before "oh, he's a good guy" - well not anymore...

    now she's TICKED OFF!! for him WANTING TO HURT ME

    Now tell me...

    This is the real question to GEMINI MEN...

    Does this or does this NOT show this man has deep feelings for me???

    This is ALL I really wanna know

    Thanks... sorry, needed to Vent a little here




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  • I think Gemini men are so confusing and difficult. They are afraid to show their true filling. If only they can put their fillig in check and not be afraid would make great partners. My Gemini friend is a pic for tac type of person so therefore I would call that very childish and inmature. I think they can stir up a lot of Drama. But he calls me a Drama queen and I am a Aqua.

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  • Hey thanks for that info. I never thought that about myself as a Drama Queen. Like you say that really comes from them and maybe their insecure. What dol you think? They are reeally a tripp. They also really knows how too hurt a persons feeling, I know when your in a relationship these things will happened. Like you say they tend to make you feel like il's your fault. I myself is not onto finger pointing. H E L L I want to tell him to grow up.

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  • You just don't know how much that has helped me. I just goes tho shaow that this is a trait of a Gemini Man. I to am very sensitive and he know this. I once or twice has told him that certain comment that he has said to me has hurt my feelings. I know that there where things that I have done or said that he did not like and like you said about yourself will come at me at an uncertain time and just get me back. God knows that I cannot take it. And it hurts. They are also game players....

  • Hi there AriesPiscesCusp,

    I spent most of last summer on here talking about my then love interest, a Gemini man, and I learned quite a few things about them! He was exasperating with his, of course Gemini "duality," and it really threw me off! I was married for 13 years to an Aquarian man, who sadly passed away, and he was everything but that. Very straightforward and singular in nature, although very complex... I can tell you what I learned from the myriad of women on here that had been or were involved with Gemini men, and also what I learned...

    First of all, Geminis run hot and cold, due to the twins of their sign. BTW, I am a Scorpio with Gemini rising (Libra Moon), and so I have that in my nature as well... So this guy seems to be running hot and cold with you too. Geminis are also known as the true "bachelors" of the Zodiac, so that could explain his need to keep your relationship limited to friendship. They also LOVE a chase, and are easily made jealous by someone who is leading them in a chase. Now, I have also heard great things about them, when paired with the right sign. All in all, their behaviors have everything to do with their Nature. I have been doing quite a bit of research on this, and after doing many birth charts for people I know, I can say quite confidently that Nature wins out over Nurture in most cases. We are always influenced by our upbringing, but we cannot fight our true nature.

    I wound up ending it with my Gem, because I wanted more and he couldn't give it to me, or my son. Yet, I still see him and find myself thinking about him again. Because... the sparks flew with him like with no other man in my life! (I've heard it's a Gem/Scorp thing...) I know he's probably not right for me, but man! We were HOT in the bedroom! (LOL,LOL)

    So, I hope this helps in some way! Question... Did he let his ex move in with him? If so, I guess you'll have to just put him out of your mind for now... Yet I know that's hard, because we obviously like a bit of a chase ourselves! (LOL)



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  • I have heard that most Gems are hot in the bedroom. Must be that hot and cold duality, or something! I know that with mine, there was in intensity I didn't even have with my husband. It has been hard to forget. I was lucky though because I got out of the relationship with the Gem before I got hurt. In fact, he was the one who really cried when we broke up! Which was very confusing considering he was the one who pulled back first. (That duality again!) When he did that, we fell apart. Because the intimacy was a major part of our relationship. That was the glue that kept us together... A big reason why he did pull back is his religious upbringing. He's a Southern Baptist, and they are very conservative. The thing is, he is a rebel at heart. He rides a motorcycle, and of course he hooked up with me! I am far from religious, and conservative! (LOL) Plus, he was very "experimental" in bed. He struggles with that duality quite a bit... (I'm sorry that hear that you got as hurt as you did.)

    He also had his heart broken by a woman who used him! Must be another trait of theirs! (So weird...) He chased her, and then had to rescue her from her situation at the time. Only for her to cheat on him, and leave him after he took her and her 2 children (from 2 different men) into his home and heart. They were also engaged. So, I guess it was all about the chase for him.

    I can tell you this for sure about your Gem... He and this other woman will NOT work out! No relationship that has a history of theirs, and a current "using" aspect to it could. So, rest assured, that will be short-lived. Not to say that you should keep him in your mind or heart. Just be confident in the fact that the karma influencing that relationship is not good!

    I am curious about your comment regarding your new man... You say he is your "next husband to be," and you are "trying to accept that." I am wondering if maybe you should hold off on the marriage until you are absolutely sure about him? You should never go into a marriage trying to convince yourself that he is "the one." That should be without any doubt in your mind. (I speak from some experience in this matter. I was engaged to a man before I got together with my husband. I thought it was about time I got married, and thought he was supposed to be the one because we had dated, broke up, then got back together. I spent 4 years with him, but could not go through with the marriage, thank God! My husband (who I knew for 10 years already, and had also been romantically involved with before) came back into my life just as that relationship was ending. He was most definitely the one I belonged with. We were friends for all those years first, but were also in love with each other, and soul mates, without a doubt.

    I have learned so much on these forums, and they are a great place to vent, and help in the healing process. Losing my husband was the most devastating thing that ever happened to me, and my choices since his death have not been all that sound. Having people to communicate with about doubts, issues and emotions has helped me on so many levels. I have also met a few very good friends on here too, that have helped me on an even more personal level immeasurably... I hope you can find the same.



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  • Sorry I couldn't respond earlier, APC.

    Let me start with saying: the last two years have been rough for me as well and I'm having a hard time explaining this to you cause my mind is a bit clouded at the moment (and English is not my native language as well). I've also got moon in Pisces which makes me overly emotional and easily hurt so there could be a slight difference.

    About your question, I think it's definitely a Gemini (man?) thing pretending to not care and then going all out. One of the things is that we rarely forget anything (especially when it comes to things being said). Since we have a hard time saying exactly what's on our mind (when it comes to feelings) at first, things can very easily get bottled up (so it gets covered up). So when the time comes to let it out, you're gonna get it all at once (even the old issues that in your eyes were already resolved or at least talked about).

    The reason for this is that, in the heat of the "battle", we can easily get lost in the argument (Gemini love a good discussion) and lose track of the things that are really important. This may result in trying to get back at you with your own words, especially when we're hurt ... or even worse NOT HEARD. Call it the duality again, since we're the ones that didn't honestly speak up at first. Does this sound familiar to you?.

    By the time we got our head together, it's like we missed our chance of saying what we really wanted to say. At times we forget that our words can come across really harsh, whether or not that was the intent.

    In one of your posts you said his "big deal on no relationship" was because you lived an hour apart. I think this is because whenever he needed you, you we're an hour away. Whenever he needed his space, he could easily keep you at a distance. This would have been a lot harder for him when he would be in a relationship with you (the freedom that we crave would have been at stake). Does this make any sense to you?

    I'm sorry to hear that he causes you so much pain and suffering. I know how it feels trying to let go of someone you connect so deeply with, on more than one level. I'm going through the same thing myself.

    It's getting late here so I'm off to bed soon but let me just say that this Gemini man will be glad to help you trying to explain this to you as clearly as I can ... and offer you a listening ear of course 🙂 While I'm doing this I'm learning a lot about my issues in the process 😉

    Blessings and a hug to you!

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  • You are so welcome APC! I like to try to give back some of what I've gotten on here. I am happy that you deem me trustworthy too. We Scorps are usually quite that, and loyal as well...

    I wish you all the best with your Cancer/Gem! It's a good sign that he's opening up to you. God knows that's hard for most men to do! (At least from my own personal experience with them...)


    I would like to extend a thank you to you! I am considering letting my ex-Gem back into my life, and hearing what you had to say to APC makes me consider even more about it! I LOVE getting a Gem male's perspective. There is something between this man and myself that has not broken since we split up last August. We see each other usually once a week in the store that he manages, but just to chat. Yet, when I asked if he wanted to meet me for lunch one day, he eagerly accepted. I believe the breakup was a regretful one for both of us. We had a very strong connection, emotionally and physically. Have you ever found yourself involved with a Scorpio? I have heard many stories of the intensity of that pairing. His and mine was a perfect example.

    I think this time around I will play a little more hard to get. Last time I was earlier on in the grieving process of losing my husband, and my expectations were set too high, I believe. Plus the level of my "neediness" was much higher too! Any tips on how to handle a never married, once engaged but hurt badly, 42 year old Gemini man, would be greatly appreciated! ; )


    P.S. Your English is perfect! So no worries about your communication skills. You did that quite eloquently...

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  • Hello again,

    Hehehe support group ... nice one! 🙂

    it brings me joy to hear we're helping each other out in such a great way ... and thank you both for you compliment (it's good to hear one again after a long time hehe) 😉


    Good that you're finally able to get over him and the situation. Funny how that works tho. By the time you're really starting to get over him, your Cancer/Gemini starts opening up to you (and that's a good sign). Call it karma, I guess 😉


    I'm sorry but I've never been involved with a Scorpio in a romantic way. One of my closest (male) friends is a Scorpio tho. He's one of the few people I can talk to with about literally anything, no matter how far out there the subject is. He's also one of the people I tend to "mind-read" and vice versa. He could be saying what I'm thinking at the exact same time. This happened on more than one occasion so there's definitely a good connection.

    I can understand how your "neediness" could have gotten in the way. As you know Gemini love mental stimulation, so keep it a bit mysterious. Let him chase you, let him keep coming back for more. You can really catch a Gemini's interest by saying really profound things. This will put his mind in overdrive ... and once that happens I'm betting he can't get you out of your head.

    You can do this in several ways. Keep on bringing up new subjects to the conversations, he loves to talk about everything. Then, when he least expects it, say or whisper a sweet and cryptic remark (basically say you care, but make it a puzzle) and then continue on with other conversation as if you never said it (whispering these things is also a big turn-on :D). He's bound to be taken by the mystery and seemingly out of place remark. Remember that a Gemini can talk about anything at any time 🙂

    Keep showing different sites of your personality, but do it slowly. Don't give it all at once and I'm sure you'll keep him interested. That's when a Gemini will go all the way and takes you to new heights 😄

    I'm currently interested in a Leo, but things are getting weird (she and her current bf are about to live apart for a while) so I will be asking for your help to get a different perspective as the situation develops.

    Good karma to the both of you and let me know how it goes 😉



  • Hello Amber!

    I am just like you! When I am hurt and betrayed, I am gone for good. I cannot forgive deceit or betrayal. A good example of this... Last year I reconnected with an old BF of mine from way back in high school (1981!), through emails and then most recently, phone calls. He apparently searched for me for 10 years, and finally found me just after I lost my husband. Well, we spent hours and hours on the phone talking about our lives, and even pursuing a future together, despite the geographical distance between us (he's in NY, I'm in FL). We both felt that tug of fate you mention yourself though, and just went with it. Then, things started to fall apart for him. He lost his job, and his soon to be ex-wife found a new man, and he just lost all sense of what was right. So he went out one night with a friend, and "hooked up" with a woman he's known on a friendly basis for a few years. It was still a betrayal for me, and I had to end it. It showed me his emotional instability, and lack of maturity and ability to reason. So I have cut off all contact with him.

    In the meantime, I asked the local Gemini guy to lunch, and he offered to pick me up instead of meeting me there, which surprised me. I have a feeling about him, and I'm going to feel him out tomorrow when we get together. I found some emails we wrote each other last summer, and I can see where I made some mistakes, pushing for more from him too soon. His responses were very honest and open, and well written too. We also ended it quite regretfully, and amicably. The few differences we had did not have to come between us. It was my expectations I believe that pushed him away...

    Hello Mordana!

    Thank you so much for your insight! I love hearing about psychic connections too! I had one with a Scorpio man who was a good friend to me after my husband died that was amazing! And I had one with my Aquarian husband as well. I also have an uncanny ability to dream of people who are thinking of me... We Scorps are pretty intense overall! The most intense part of my relationship with the Gemini was the intimacy. It was really quite overwhelming at times, for both of us! (tee hee) There was this switch that would just be flipped on in both of us at the exact same time, and then watch out! So, that has been very hard for this very sexual Scorpio to forget...

    I like your suggestions on how to handle him as well. It is my nature to carry on very intellectual and insightful conversations, so they are rarely if ever boring, and could be on any number of topics and issues. So I know I was intellectually stimulating for him too...

    I will slow things down this time, for sure. I also have an eHarmony account open right now, and am getting many matches to choose from as well. I think I will mention that to him at lunch tomorrow... I know you Gems enjoy a chase! I have never actually "played the field" in my life, preferring to date one man at a time, but maybe it's time that I "expand my horizons." In the meantime, it will show the Gem that I am not sitting around just waiting for him to come rescue me...

    God, I love this site! I have met some amazing people on here, and also some friends that I continue to correspond with. You both are wonderful people and writers, and I feel truly graced by having met up with you here...

    Peace and Love, and Good Karma!!


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