Twinsoul could i have a reading Delbertc

  • Hi twinsoul hope your day is good and i know your are busy but i was wondering if you could see whats in my future for me i have just got divorced after 21 years have been separated for over 15 months lost my job 15 months ago two its almost like i am in a vortex i try to keep a positive attitude but it is getting hard . Delbertc Thanks a lot twinsoul

  • delbertc

    this is a question better answered by the captain. i feel that you need to just go out and get a life for yourself. get a job. take anyone. make some new friends, and move on. ask captain about this,

    she will guide you well this is her specialty.



  • Well thanks anyway i did not know i was bothering you so much i guess i do not meet up to your standards or what ever i guess whoever bit you must of really bit hard .You know i really thought i was asking someone who knew what they were talking about but i guess i was wrong .I am sorry i took up your precious time i sure want any more.Yes the Captain has helped me and she is not arrogant.Delbert C

  • delbertc

    i think you misunderstood my words. if you read them as being harsh, that was not the way it meant for you to read it at all. I am sorry, please forgive me, if you thought i was unloving. The captain is excellent at helping people get through difficult times, especially relationships. I have gone to her for help myself.

    my day job gives me the qualifications to say that i think that you are depressed from all of the things that have happened to you over the past couple of years.

    Perhaps professional help would be a good adjunct to spiritual counsel.

    in your case, i feel that you are stuck. How to unstick? Get out of the house, take a job, any job. Just to meet some new people. Force yourself to get going. Go out . do fun things. i know how horrible you feel. The only way to get better is by positive action. I promise you one thing 18 months from now you will be in a lovely relationship, and have a job that you really like. But you have to help by getting moving on your life.A Wonderful life is not delivered via Santa Clause, down the chimney, you have to go and get it. HOHOHO

    All of the rejection you have experienced was actually a blessing. You will see. i promise. let me know K



  • Hi twinsoul that was nice of you to explain in more detail your previous reply and i apologize for saying you were arrogant but the response was still sarcastic and i feel it stems from a darkness deep within you that you do not want to deal with and you justify it that is pride or ego .But i see a deep seated resentment stemming from a man that hurt you really bad and he is no longer in your life but he is still affecting it by the resentment that you have buried you looked at his actions but you never looked at yours so when we do that we never get rid of it unless we take it to the root were it stems from and what part we played .Have you ever ask your self why you do not do certain readings ?Its because that darkness raises its ugly head and you do not want to go there .Fear has no more power than the power we choose to give it .And you have so much to give .I will say this twinsoul and have for along time i love being wrong but most of the time i am right. I came here for enlightenment and i found it with the help of the people on this forum i am getting back and i hope i have not offended you cause i just want to give back what has so freely been given to me and may the sun shine from the center of your soul. Delbert

  • delbertc

    I wish you all the best. Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors. I am sorry i could not provide the answers for you that you were looking for.


  • Delbetc, I sense Twinsoul was -is being honest with you when she stated you would be better seeking guidance with the Captain .

    I do not think Twinsoul is being rude or arrogant. She is speaking what is being conveyed to her from the higher source which is COMING FROM YOUR GUIDES through to her.

    So If arrogance and rudeness is coming through, then I sense it is actually from your deep inner self.

    Could this darkness you are sensing coming from you ????

    May the LIGHT shine on you


  • my dear lovingsilverwings

    as we all know, sometimes we get a seeker on the forum who so sadly is not in an emotionally well state. I always hesitate to give advice to those whom I feel are not "stable". My day job allows me the professional right to assess the stability of our info seekers. The captain does have the courage to help those whom are ill. I however, knowing what my education and experience has provided, am afraid to do so. One innocent word can set off someone who is not well and can result in something tragic. So i choose not to go there.

    You always come to my rescue! You are so lovely. Thank you so much!

    Blessings to you, my earthly guardian angel


  • Twinsoul, thank you.

    I do seem to have the knowing of when to defend somebody. I do my best to assist those whom we in society consider the UNDERDOG. Not that you are one. It is when people attack others without knowing what is occurring.

    Through scanning the threads I have noticed a lot of people requesting assistance become anger, when they do not get the response they what. Then they try to lay blame or continue to ask the same question over and over to other intuitive souls. Even when they are given information FROM THEIR HIGHER GUIDES, they still will not listen. Deep down in their soul they know, yet are unwilling to act upon the information.

    Many times I bite my tongue with some of these people, even though I understand where they are coming from. Guess I see both sides of the coin.

    Blessings to you and may you be generously rewarded for all you do in life.


  • will tkz and I be together

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