A lil insite from a pychic? i'll trade a tarot reading! :)

  • a little back ground:

    i was told by a pychic that i was going to meet a blond man in march (jay or jeremiah). but there would be another man with dark hair that would come in about the same time (Nexal). she told me that i would have a tough decision to make between the 2 of them.

    like the lady said they both came into my life... on the same day, none the less. she said things would go fast with nexal (and it did) & i would have doubts about jay. Jay & i have yet to move past flirting. i feel that Nexal & i have ran our course (or so i think, cuz she said that she thought that i would end up being nexal's girl friend).

    but nexal & i arn't talking cuz we were fighting. and i feel that jay likes me but i feel that he is attached (like maybe a girl friend?)

    i would like to see what others think because i realy feel like i'm going to be with one of them & soon. again i will trade you a tarot reading for your insite!

  • Enne,

    Jay is who you can build a relationship with. Nexal is who you will have a lot of drama with. You know this already, and it is your choice.

    Nexal will not leave you alone, so you need to end it with him before you start anything with Jay, because Nexal will blame Jay, and that will be bad for your relationship with Jay (Jay will think you attract psychos, and it will repeal him).

    With Jay, you will have to take things slowly, which you will hate passionately. However, you are to learn the lesson that a good relationship is build slow and steady. Jay may have a girlfriend, but he will go out with you for lunch, or something not to serious (drinks or coffee). The girlfriend will eventually leave, she does not really care about Jay that much. He may be sadden by this, but it is not your way in. You will find it difficult to not pounce on him at this point, but if you do you will ruin everything. You are to listen, and to comfort, nothing more. Once you have shown your value as a friend, he will eventually ask you to see him exclusively.

    None of this is what you want to hear, but your lesson is to take it slow, which you hate, but your reward will be someone that loves and respects you for you. This is something that you have never done well, and why all of your relationships have hit the wall eventually, because of the beginning of the relationship, how it started.

    You should know, you will be tempted during the course of building the friendship with Jay, you will want to pounce on him, do not do this. Jay will make it very clear when he is ready to be with you, you do not have to be the pursuer, just be the best friend you can be, till the door is opened by Jay's words to you. There will be no mystery here, so do not over think anything, he will speak clearly.

    And right now think turtle, not rabbit. In fact stop thinking rabbit altogether. Jay is definitely one of your ones, and he could be the one for you, it is all up to you. If you blow it, all is not lost, there will be others down the road if Jay is not there, but it would be wise to do your best to make this one work. He is a keeper.

  • your right! nexal will be an issue for me. we are talking again but i told him that it would be best if we just keep it toa "hi!, how are you?, well it was good to see you." relationship.

    i did find out that Jay is married. i still question (on his part) if he thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. but i do agree with you that his wife doesn't care about him. i just feel that she doesn't realize the good hearted guy that she has.

    i will not pounce on jay, i don't want to scare him away. i like how you put that! "think turtle" we have been developing a good friendship. i don't want to be the (straw that broke the camels back) or the reason that they ended thier marriage. i couldn't be with him if i felt that he left his wife for me. and i don't want to be percived as the stupid girl that has a crush on the married man.

    OH THE RELATIONSHIPS HITTING THE WALL! you couldn't have been more right! lol i get what your saying, and it is difficult for me to be patient sometimes, but believe it or not i have been working on it.

    is there something that you would like me to look into for you?

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