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  • Hi,

    My name is Nikhil Dhar. I am from Sacred India. For the past 9 years, since i came to bombay for studies, i am here only. have always achieved nothing even though i have always been best. Have suffered a lot. Now, through all thi suffering, i know i have realized a lot of things and gained a lot of strength but i am not able to see it. Not able to see things clearly. In fact, i always believe din the powers of the universe and tried to talk to it but it never replied back.

    I am looking for a person who cud analyse me and may be give me some insights. I want my life to change which will happen when i change (jus a little bit).

    Can any1 like a Guru help me. DOB is 26-07-84. 1:15 am at srinagar, kashmir.

  • Dear NikAndHil,

    This is a time period where you are being forced to take baby steps and feel unable to fly as you feel is your birthright. All of your positive qualities, and they are many, you are aware of and have been for some time. Suffering, as you have put it, is a way to fine tune karma and any negatives. Stay strong for you Are gaining stength! Life has one constant ---- Change.

    Your mind is so active that you are constantly asking questions and trying to find answers. Often you do find the answers! This makes you an excellent student, if you stay focused, and not let your active mind spin off onto the next question. You have a tendency to live in your imagination: this is more appealing than the reality of everyday life. Do not lose faith ---Your willpower is strong enough to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself this combined with flexibility, confidence, and communication skills will take you far.

    At issue, is the search for an answer from the Universe. You believe you have a mission in life. This can not be forced through your will, but your intuition and enthusiasm in the search will eventually give you the answers. Any study of the mystical that you do, please do so in small portions. Your intuition is in overdrive and it should not be taken out of proportion to the reality of the physical. You will undergo many karmic tests allowing you to reach higher in knowledge of spirit. Overcome these tests, be decisive, see nothing (work, assisting others etc.,) as beneath you. All things are for your growth.

    Your destiny is assured for within you have been given great qualities. Work on changing the negative attributes of your personality, whatever they may be, as karma displays to you. It is difficult for you to be patient, but developing patience more than persistence, is what you need to exercise. Build the foundation of your " home" first. Practice silence and stillness when needed, but keep working towards your goal by staying grounded!

    May reading these words keep you moving forward no matter what comes your way!

  • Hey Laie4,

    Thankx a lot for spending some time and giving me this reading. I appreciate it very much. Very insighful.

  • NikAndHil,

    My pleasure and all the best to you!


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