King of Swords in Final Outcome?? (relationship reading)

  • Hello all=) I'm still kind of a newbie at tarot readings, but for the most part, things make sense when I do one. But this one has me boggled. In a relationship reading for myself (regarding a specific person) I got the King of Swords as the Final Outcome. This was a Celtic Cross spread. Everything made sense up until then. The rest of the cards were:

    1. Significator: Queen of Cups

    2. Crossing Card : The Tower

    3. Foundation: Five of Swords

    4. Immediate Past: Ace of Cups

    5. Crowning Card: Ten of Swords

    6. Immediate Future: King of Wands

    7. The Questioner: Temperance

    8. Environment: Eight of Cups

    9. Hopes and Fears: The Hierophant

    10. Final Outcome: King of Swords

    I cannot for the life of me see how that would fit anywhere. If anyone can shed some light on I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!!

  • well on my opinion i believe that the card is trying to tell you that there is going to be a situation or there is one already in which you have to start using your mental and communication skills. or sometimes that card can mean that you may be on the verge of a spiritual breakthrough and you will be ready to communicate it. or the card can also represent a person thats in your life already or is going to be

  • King of swords as final outcome card:

    If the card is representing a person, the person (male) in question is someone Libran, Gemini or Aquarius, or with those types of temperament, probably over 30, and usually with hair on the darker side of the spectrum. They can be stubborn and absolutely sure they are right.

    In general: despite all the obstacles, hassles and trials you have had to endure, you will still be determined to carry on, and you will find an alternative course of action. You will find the ability to take charge of your life.

    If representing your beloved, you may not be able to get the man in your life to do what you want, and it may well be that you are the one that will end up having to change your thoughts and expectations and accept him for the way he is (give up trying to change him or move on?). Do not put up with any mistreatment by this man however, as he may have a tendancy to overstep the mark at times. You have got the strength to see this through even if you get really down at times.

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