Is this a sign?

  • Hello friends! I have a question. I have been seeing the name "Marie" in many occasions for about 2 or 3 days now. Especially today. Is it a sign or the name is just very common. It's not just the name by itself. I always see it with another name next to it but just the name Marie is the one that captures my attention. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thank u for your time!


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  • Dear Zaphire

    thank u for your thoughts! 😄 yes I dare ask the question because I know it means something. And it happened again today. Well just now I saw the name again without me looking for it or thinking about it. It always happens like that. I know it has a meaning and i would love to know what it means. Thank you for sharing!

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  • Ok I will thank u! 😄

  • SunCappyGirl

    I see you keep putting it out there about "Marie" I am curious, could you be receiving this message for someone else? If so I would like to know if there is more to it, and if you know more detail on the other name could you advise perhaps an initial. I may be inquiring needlessly it could as you say just be a common name. I do believe that others try whatever means necessary to reach us when they have something to convey, sometimes that means going through others. Good luck in your search.


  • hi, i agree with rcdreamer , also maybe it is the name of one of your spirit guides? are you going through something now that you need guidence with?if so maybe you can ask marie for help? i also had a strange dream.a lot of people talking to me at the same time and the name LEE was put out in the dream many times, never have i dreamed of a name, so i just thought it was a guide revealing its name to me, just a thought for you to consider!

  • Well I don't think there's much to it. I don't remember the other names at all but u kno what stclaire could be right! Not too long ago I kept seeing n hearin the name jenny/Jennifer all over the place. They could be my spirit guides! That urge about wanting to know them but every time I ask there's no answer. I guess I'm not ready yet to kno then but who knows. I have been in the need of guidance and I always feel them helping me some way or another. If I ask them to help me out I usually see the opportunity they put in my way and even thou I can't see, feel, or hear them I know they're the ones helping me. I makes me so happy. I can always feel them next to me. Encouraging me to do my best n when I'm afraid to go for it. I love them!

  • Suncappy girl, i also have been wanting to know who my guides are for guidence like you and last night i had another name come to me in a dream, the name ANNE now like i said above i never have had a name come to me in dreams but i have been asking for the names so my only conclusion is these must be the names of my guides?hmmm

  • That's awesome! I tried that but I don't think I got anything. Well i do remember a dream that took place in my childhood house where an angel with wings came and we both started cooking something like a cake or i don't kno. Don't remember much. 😄

  • I would suggest take this name into meditation and trace it down

    a friend of mine was just learning meditation, when she encountered a name

    she asked me what to do and I suggested that

    that's how she found out what this name is all about

    there is a reason why this name appears to you, over and over again

    to some people, it's numbers

    whatever this name means to you, should be able to traced down in meditation

    provided you do it right

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