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  • TwinSoul,

    Again, thank you for the time. Husband is 7/20/81 Cancer, I am 4/21/78 Taurus. We've had a really rough year and we've been back and forth with fixing it. We are currently expecting our 4th child but he left shortly after we discovered the pregnancy and one minute he seems to want to fix things and then he'll go weeks without communication. There is another female, 4/19/91, who I believe is influencing his decisions. Any insight you can offer would be helpful and very much appreciated.



  • gbravens

    Hi, the 4th scared the #### out of him. He is feeling a great deal of pressure. She is an escape hatch for him. Its up to you if you are willing to forgive him or not for his transgressions.



  • Many sincere and deep thanks. 🙂

  • welcome

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