Rising/Moon sign insight!

  • Hello all! I'm new here...well, I'm not that new, I've been on Tarot.com for many years but this is my first time posting in the forum!

    Anyhoot, I've always been into astrology. A few years ago, I ran my chart to get a better understanding of myself. So far so good. But I'm a bit confused about some things. As you can see in my avi, I have a moon Scorpio, but my sun is in Libra and my rising is in Pisces. From the Scorp/Pisces placements, you'd think that I was somewhat emotional or intense in relationships...but the thing is, I'm not! I don't know if its the Libra in me that's making me feel so detached and carefree but then again, I'm not really sure. What is going on with me?

    My other issue is relationships. I really want to know which moon/rising signs would be the most compatible with mine. I have a crush on a gentleman that's born on July 26, 1984 but my birth date is Sept. 26, 1987. Being that we're both born on the same day, but different month, could this work out?! Please help!

  • What is going on with me? Being a libra, you follow your mind, not your heart. Others may see you as emotional, you yourself may see yourself with hidden fire, but you have your discipline, never too much, always moderate.

    I really want to know which moon/rising signs would be the most compatible with mine. From my astrological perspective most compatible would be aries rising and sun in virgo. The moon is not that much important, but I recommend pisces.

    Being that we're both born on the same day, but different month, could this work out?! No.

    my birth date is Sept. 26, 1987: This literally means 'completion of plans or ideas'. This will signal a time when some ideas, ways of thinking or communicating, or some personal plans of yours are ready to end. If you choose to resist this ending, you will experience great disappointment, stubbornly holding on to things, ideas or plans that are no longer useful or helpful to you. If it seems that things are going against you, it is probably because you are resisting letting go of something, that in reality, is no longer doing you any good. On the positive side, you are ready to awaken to a new and higher way of thinking that will be better than you have imagined. This has been known to signal a time when powerful spiritual experiences may occur, such as universal consciousness, and also indicates the success of any endeavors that involve spreading higher truths to the world.

    Hence I don't see that with the coming age, with the

    new maturity that man is attaining, marriage can exist

    anymore in the same old way. It has to become more

    fluid; that means it can no longer be an institution.

    People will live together -- they need each other...

    Men and women are halves of one whole; their need is

    intrinsic. Together they become one whole, together

    they are complementary to each other. But they will

    live together only because of love, not because of any

    law. And they will live together out of freedom, not

    out of bondage.

  • Thank you so much hanswolfgang!

  • ´The moment somebody enters in her own temple of being

    she knows there is no death, she knows there is no

    disease, she knows there is no problem. Then the trust

    arises. Then love arises towards all those who have

    helped, the friends and the enemies both. And then a

    trust arises in the whole existence, because it is the

    whole existence that has brought you in different ways

    to the highest peak of consciousness. There is nothing

    else than gratitude.

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