Please help...

  • Even though hes only a few months older than me?

  • Yes, you can ask your local Police Department. Wait until you are BOTH 18. I do not want him to get into trouble.

  • Dear LoveConfusedLibra,

    I know this may not be what you want to hear but Pilot is right. The attention from him is great but if you put all your efforts into a relationship with this guy starting with a physical relationship you are going to lose. A year makes a big difference at this point in your life and it will for him too. I have to push college because no one ever regrets getting a college education. I know you're worried about money but there's always a way. If interested, I can help with applications, finding financial aid & forms. Whata ya say?

  • Dear littlelioness, I would be greatfull for any extra help i can get. My main priority right now is to get a job but if you are willing to help with stuff for colleges i would be forever thankfull 😄

  • Okay, I don't know what happened to my post but I just replied here & it didn't show up. Here goes again:

    Dear LoveConfusedLibra, I'd be happy to help. I'll stay posted to this thread to see how that I may help. Do you have a college in mind? College apps are due Nov your senior year & of course, it's an easier process for in-state colleges with rolling admission. If you've not taken the SAT, there are free SAT prep courses online and your HS or community may provide that service as well.

    I bet you'll find a summer job. Keep looking. Check out any posting boards in grocery stores or perhaps a small eatery such as panera bread. Look into park & rec programs, summer camps or even just babysitting.

  • Lawd! Let me not try and be too "Arian like" but you're only 17... trust, you can wait on the sex and choose your partner(s) wisely. the man has a girl already, and if she's an Aries you'd better run lol But I can't give such advise to a minor 😞 best thing I can say is do unto others as others would do unto you... and karma is a b***ch.

  • YES, you do not want to get a Backlash of Karma. Also...., I would like to ADD, if these two are Soul Mates and you purposely interfered in their relationship; the consequences are threefold!

    If you do not believe me...ASK the WHORE who brokeup my relationship!!! So far, she has received THREE DUI's (Driving while Intoxicated), and the rich guy she met online dumped her.

    How do you like THEM Apples??????????????????????

  • Hi everyone. I was just reading the last post and at my age (46) and have already experienced the supposed "happily ever after senario", and am now single again and confused, I think we all begin to wonder is there really that certain someone out there that is truly meant for us? I truely believe the answer to all our questions lies within. If we have doughts deep inside then we need to heed them as we are our own BEST FRIEND!!

  • Dear littlelioness,

    I dont have a particular college planned out. It all depends on what state i live in after i graduate. If i stay in Oregon i will most likely go to PSU but if i move to say DC i will probably go to Galluet University or just take classes online. It al depends on where i live but i am starting to get uneasy about how uncertian my future is

  • Well, that does complicate it a little if you want in state tuition & completing your senior year where you are is desirable. If you move this summer you could establish residency in DC or if it's mid year you might be able to stay with a friend until you finish HS. You can, however, practice & take the SATs & decide later where to send the results.

    Did you mean Gallaudet University for the deaf and hard of hearing? Are you hearing impaired?

  • No. it is a college that provides just about everything. My friend wants to go there and she wants me to go with her

  • I looked at Gallaudet's website & the school looks great. Unlike many university websites, it provides most of the info that you will need regarding practice ACT/SAT, checklists, admission deadlines to financial aid, including grant suggestions. What do you want to study? What will determine whether you move or not? How are things going?

    FYI, I'll be gone the end of this week for about week & back 5/13. Keep me posted, hon.


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