Do you need a Spring Cleaning?

  • poetic, thanks for the support, I haven't given up don't get me wrong. I think I am just stepping back and awaiting the process. With 400 apps they had to be overwhelmed. I have confidence I am the candidate to serve them in this position. Time will tell if I'm right.

  • Aunt Buck thanks to you too my friend. I love Poetic stupid line, I recently have taken up the term "you can't fix stupid" in discussing my frustrations with the kids choices right now. My family laughs about that but it's my way of just stepping back and saying hey it's not my fault, I can't fix what she thinks isn't broken. I have to wait until she realizes it is......odd how life works sometimes isn't it. But man that letting go part is not easy. Again, appreciate the support.


  • Thanks Aunt Buck, yeah can't wait to travel!

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  • RC - I haven't been on the threads for a couple days? Did you hear about the job yet? I have been busy manifesting the things I can imagine in my life. I cannot begin to tell you how many classes have been presented to me in the last week or two and it's just trying to absorb it all. There is so much to learn and I want to learn it all. I cannot quench this thirst for knowledge.

    Poetic.....I can now imagine all the things that will be in my life and I am working daily toward generating them now. Thanks again for a great thread!

  • Aunt Buck I'm so happy for you, I'm going thru this knowledge quest now too and I love learning! You worded your manisfestation so beautifully. May we all be blessed now and forever and be a blessing to others now and forever! Peace, Love & Light!

  • I guess I need to focus on the manifesting more, still no word on the job but holding faithful.

  • Hi, This tread is great,

    I have been wondering in my tarot readings when it said about sowing seeds and waiting..

    I have in the last year gone through a big emotional , life change, in part of doing one thing has put me on a path of self dicovery.. get the real me back, now im taking baby steps to get wahat i would like,. i'm learning not ask what i want as that the ego, just wish but i not sure if wish is the right thing?

    I think go with the flow and feel you higher self guid you, feel the dream and it's essance, and the touche and laughs and hopes, believe the faith of it.

  • Hi Scully! I'm posting this for you, it helped me a lot! This a response I got previously on this site.

    Stop wanting. It doesn't generate the results you "want" because you continue to "want". That word shouldn't even be in your vocabulary. Start living. Start loving. Start doing. Start creating! It's so simple and I don't know how else to make it any simpler. You WANT a better life? Then go create one. You WANT to be a better parent? Then go BE one. You choose. You have free will correct? You WANT more money? Goodness. Then go get it. Go create yourself to HAVE it. HAVE something. Don't WANT something. It's a state of mind.

    You don't believe me? Try it. Just once. Pick something you WANT right now. Then, stop thinking of wanting. Start thinking of Having that very thing. And each day focus on having it. See yourself HAVING it. See yourself not just "working on it" but HAVING it. You will begin creating the experience the very instant you change how you think about it. It's all in how you create your life. Your mind doesn't want you to HAVE it. Your Spirit does. You mind wants you to live in fear every day. If you want something, you will never get it. And your mind loves that because then you can focus on the "not having" of things to define who you are. The battle continues. Choose the Having. It's a much more rewarding and fulfilling life!"


    And angel blessings to you!


  • I miss her so much!

  • Manifest what you want. Believe that you have it and it will be yours. I believe every day that I am happy and sure enough....I am.

  • I wonder if I can manifest respect, dignity and consideration from my daughter....there's a thought and I thought it was all about money and peace of mind. LOL

  • Sure you can, one day she will tell you she's sorry. Don't feed the negative vibes. Remember that song, "When you're smiling..... the whole world smiles with you."

  • I haven't given up hope but I feel I have a negative mode going on this morning. Sarcasm. I don't mean to be that way it's just coming out. Had the strangest night last night, kept dreaming of old stuff, relived my lay off only it was handled differently no better, same out come but other stuff were visible during the blinded by the shock mode. Left me feeling really weird when I woke up this morning. Not sure what to do with that. Any suggestions?

  • My night was strange too, couldn't sleep for a long time. I have days when I'm witchy, change the w, to a b. I ask the Lord to fill me with his Peace and remove my anger and breathe. When I'm pms's whew! lol!

  • Maybe it was some moon phase or star thing messing with my head and dreams last night. Sure was tired when I got up and discouraged. Have to work to overcome that feeling.

  • Go to one of those Dream Interpertation sites. That is a tramatic experience, so maybe your subconsious mind can't let go. Our dreams mirror our fears and emotions.

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