• I am hoping someone can help me with this dream I had last night.

    In my dream I was walking with a man he was talking to me like an old western type guy, he was there to help me to safty, safty from what I really don't know. We made it through a town I believe then I saw a women who I wanted to be with, this man said we had to go into this body of dark water to get to her, the next thing I know I was under dark water and panicing ( I am closterphobic) the man was with me the whole time then I woke up.

    I do hope someone can make sense of this dream because I can't.

    Thank you


  • What I pick up on, and it may not be everything, is this...

    The man is you, the masculine aspect of you, being assertive, and rational, guiding you through

    the town, which in your dream is dangerous. This is the brave you.

    The town signifies the circle of people in your life. However, the town in your dreams signifies the people who surround you, who are not good for you, and you seem to have a bunch. Are you surrounded by people that have given you bad advice, that in your heart you know that is not quite right? People who tell you things because they want you to do a certain thing? Your assertive side knows that you need to bravely get through the "town" without being misguided by the manipulative people, who only serve their own self interests. And the man gets you through town unharmed.

    You see the woman, and that represents caring nature, and love, but she is passive, she can not, and you can not get to her in town, the bad people are there. You must go to the body of dark water that you left her in, to get her.

    The woman in the body of dark water is either the person who you want to be with, and/or the love and caring nature that you want back, one or both that has been lost to you, because of your manipulative people in your life. If you know the woman, then it is about her, but that does not rule out it also being about you also (the loss of yourself to manipulative people).

    The body of dark water into which you must go symbolizes repressed emotions, and you panic because what you have to do to get the woman back is get her from the dark water you threw her into on the advice or manipulation of others, and it terrifies you.

    Your terror is because you have to find her in the dark water, and all the dark water is your repressed emotions, which seem to overwhelm you. But you put her there, and you need to get her out. The man with help you, and he will never abandon you, so all you need to do is be brave and overcome your claustrophobia, and find the woman, and pull her from the dark water.

    You may have the dream again and again, but it will not stop until you pull the woman from the dark water. That may entail you figuring out, in your awake world, in your real life, if it is a person and/or yourself that is lost, because of manipulative people. If so, you need to undo whatever it is you have done or let happen, then and only then will you have pulled the woman from the dark body of water.

    Good luck. Be brave, and do what you need to do.

  • Hi BT

    Thankyou for your take on my dream. I feel you hit many things on the head, there has been manipulations in my life from people who "have my best intrest" in mind. I am in a changing point and trying to figure out who to take with me and who to leave behind.

    Since that dream I have had others that also include water and people trying to help. My last dream also had my paternal grandmother who has been gone for 17 years.

    Again thankyou very much for your reading.


  • Toni,

    Be aware of this, and you must sit and think about it.

    If someone is trying to get you out of a self defeating life pattern, then they are trying to help you.

    It could be smoking, binge drinking, eating too much or too little, or letting someone walk all over you.

    If someone is trying to manipulate your decisions or behavior for their own gain, then they are trying to help themselves. It could be money you will bring in, a built in baby sitter, or ever squashing a dream of yours.

    You must understand that not everyone that tries to change the way you think or go about things, is always someone with bad intent, and sometime people who are caught in turmoil, like you are now, mix the two together. Think clearly Toni.

    What is in that water is something lost to you, and it is important, and if your paternal grandmother was someone who cared about you and had your best interest at heart, then she is also trying to help you. Figure out what it is in the water, and then you know what you must get back (a person, yourself, and so on).

    Also, try this. Sit down with paper and pen, and clear your mind (that is the hard part), once you have, then ask your paternal grandmother what it is that is lost to you. If you keep your mind clear, you may just write something, or you may get a thought and write it down. Do not stop right away, you may write a few things down before you are done. This can work for some people, and if it works for you, then you can use it in the future. It is a bit unnerving at first, but it is very useful, if it is something that works for you.

    Figure it out, and then think clearly, then act.

    God Bless,


  • Hi BT

    He and his family come in my dreams to answer my questions and want me to become the daughter-in-law of their family..

    One night I cried a lot and triggered questions :Who are you? Do you love me ? and that very night in my dreams he came and answered to me ""I love you like anything and this is the answer to your questions""

    Also, previous month I have to make preparations for leaving the town for my higher studies..I told him about it..on the phone he said it is good..but in my dreams he did not let me go and board the flight..

    His mother comes in my dreams and say "I miss you a lot child..where have you gone? I miss you so much that some times I feel like I make you the daughter-in-law of my family....""

    Why all such dreams..??



  • Curious1990,

    I am not actually very good at dream analysis, you would be better off getting a dream book and doing it yourself. I know a few things from analyzing my own dreams, but that is pretty much it. I have not had dreams like you are having, so I do not have much to share on that.

    I feel this man, that is your deepest concern here in the dream, is a good fit for you. If you are patient, and if he is patient, I feel things will work out rather well. Sometimes when we concentrate on the present time and place, instead of a goal up ahead, like say here with marriage, we wreck what can be. Hold on loosely right now, and try to relax. If you feel worthy of something, you shall receive it, and you are most worthy. You are very sweet, so stop beating yourself up, and stop worrying, for lots of good stuff awaits you, but only if you believe in yourself. Believe.

    God Bless,


  • Hi BT,

    Thanks a lot....for such a sweet reply...any type of help or guidance is welcome.....

    Thanks again,


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