Do you beleive in Fairies / Pixies or Pranksters

  • hi everyone the reason I am asking this question is quiet obvious. I have had severel dreams of faires in the last year and one very recently about a month ago, mind you I have never dreamt of faires ever not even as a Kid and I have had two weird experiences in meditation to do with a prankster.

    Here goes.... while in meditation one night I felt someone tugging at my jacket near my elbow. I looked around and everyone was in deep meditation. So I thought I was just being sillying or imagining it. Then 5 - 10 minutes later it happened again and I opened my eyes and nothing?

    No-one was even near me to bump me or anything then the psychic said at the end of meditation I noticed you were distracted tonight would you like to talk about it and I said No cause i didnt know what to say or think ... then the psychic said the prankster was trying to disturb you tonight and he kept tugging at your arm and no your not nuts you actually did feel him this time and I agreed and everyone looked at me like what? OMG someone was tugging at you... and I replied yes thats the feeling i got, but I still couldnt explain it cause I couldnt see anything. But I have been told I have a prankster who like to play games with me by all accounts. Even around my house I beleive he plays tricks. Hide things etc... Has anyone experienced this sought of sensation before while in or out off meditation?

    Also heres a real funny little story about myself and a fairy who asked me to build her a house in the garden in my dream. So I have attemped to make one about month ago. Funny thing was a week later when I was bored, hubby was at work (shift worker ) and I was home so i got on a betting site and tried my luck funny thing was i saw a game with fairies. So thought why not give it a go ... Mind you to this day i have not really won anything worthwhile most was $400 on keno about 13 years ago. Then I thought of my dream are the faires going to help me were they trying to tell me something in my dream?

    Well I accidently hit the button without looking on the first spin and too my amazement I spent $25 on One Spin I nearly died and thought great there goes half my money ... well lets say I walked away with a few thousand and I was in tears and my daughter thought i was nuts and it wouldnt pay out, but i got my payout and Ive just started buying stuff for my new bathroom that badly needs to be done. Should just be enough to do the bathroom, Now all can I say is, I do Beleive in faires, I do, I do 🙂

    Has any body else had any experiences like these two with Fairies / Pixies or Pranksters?

    Cause I have had some wierd dreams lately but the lovely faires really did come through and help me when i needed it the most. I am not a lucky person never have been but when I saw a Fairies game I wondered if it could be a sign. I am so glad I listened to the faries and my instincts and I am slowly figuring out my dreams do have some relevance sometimes.

  • Hi beaniac,

    What a great experience for you...I have to admit that I too have felt the need to make a little garden for them.....I can't believe I'm owning up to this.... lol ,,,but I just had this strong urge to make one!!, I was quite shocked about it and started to question my sanity....but I SO love the idea of them, I haven't had any experiences like you have though, hopefully when I finish the little garden for them to which Im even going to put a tiny water feature there for I tell everyone I'm doing this garden for my little granddaughter to help look after the fairies...BUT...I will own's me that wants to do it....LOL

    heres a picture of some of the flowers and little bits and bobs I bought....I tell you what, it makes me smile every time I look out my window and see these little flowers, they bring me so much what the heck if people think I'm a nut case!!....LOL ..

  • How sweet is this! I love fairies. Hope to hear about them.

  • Ohhh How lovely is your fairy garden Hopeternal, I love it!!

    I will have to hurry and finish mine so I can take some pictures to show you 🙂

    No, Your not a Nut Case!! No way!!

    I know exactly how you feel when you admit you beleive in fairies but isnt it like saying you belive in angels! I believe in both now after asking for signs to believe...

    I think you need to ask for signs and then you'll been shown....

    But you need to be open to the signs and then it depends if you pick up on the signs or not

    that is another thing.

    But I Love your House I will try and hurry up and get mine finished so you can see mine.

    But Were are in the middle Of putting up pergola and tileing the outdoor area, so I can setup my fairy garden properly without my dog eating it!!. When Its done I will denfitly show you 🙂 Beaniac

  • I definitely believe in faeries and gnomes. I placed a cute little faery door in my garden with some cute faery and gnome figures. I am not really sure what type of flowers to place in my garden for them? Anyone know?

  • Yes I actually read a book on fairies, they are real

    and happen to live in most peoples garden they are very many

    fairies/gnomes..some even are evil the book mentioned,

    But you seem to have found a great one, i know for sure they

    only contact certain people. Lately ive had the urge to purchase flowers

    as well; they bring good energy! Good for you, it is amazing to hear your

    experience with them.

  • This post is deleted!

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