Advice for learning tarot?

  • You can buy cards that have the straight forward meaning and the reversed meaning written right on them if you are just starting out. There are many good books to help you learn but I would advise finding someone who does tarot to teach you. There are many things abut tarot you won't find in books. Reading cards is complicated. I spent time studying under others who had studied the cards for around 20 years and traveled the county to do it with long time readers and I still needed to call on them for help sometimes.

    Rider~Waite is what I always used and still my favorite style deck. Remember the meaning of the cards change depending on what falls next to them. Pentacles is money and school , Swords is adversity and law, Cups is relationships and Wands is many times work. The majority of what falls in your spread is what the spread is about. If you have cups fall with swords then you could be looking at relationship problems. If many major cards fall with no face cards the spread is talking about you most of the time. With kings, queens, pages and knights, someone else. A page means a young child or message on the way. A knight means a young person or something on the approach depending on what cards fall around it.

    Tricky to interpret when you are just getting started. It takes a lot of practice. The cards love to gossip. I would advise you to not tell anyone you read them when you got the hang of it. If you are any good at all you will have people knocking on your doors all hours wanting to know about love or money. Your cards should be gifted to you by someone else and new. Psychic fairs are a good place to find someone to mentor you if you don't already know someone.

    Keep in mind that the cards tell you predictions based on the path the person they are talking about is on at the time and will change if the person does something to alter that path. Say the cards tell you that you will have an accident within a 3 week time span but you decide not to drive for those 3 weeks. The accident is averted because you changed the course of events.I was reading my cards at the house of someone else who reads. My cards said my car would break down while I was on a trip and I would be calling her that night ( Yes, the cards did tell me it would be at night). Wanting to go badly ,I had my car checked out and all was good so, I went anyway. I had to call her to come get me the night of my trip... because my car broke down. lol Hope you have fun with it!

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