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  • For those who are looking at love with a cynical view here comes the Angel of love who will help you to harness energy to get love for an eternity.Do not believe > Post me your problem

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I got one for you...

    A time of turmoil for me, and the girl I love (she has a crazy ex husband). Too much stress in both our lives at the moment, and she decided to bail. I was her rock, and stress reducer by way of fun and conversation, but when things got crazy, it just became managing her madness. Right now, she is not herself, at least I do not think she is (pain meds, antiaxiety meds contribute to this also).

    She said she found someone else, and I think he is pretty much a scammer, a used car salesman of love. That is pretty much it. I was there through thick and thin for a year and a half, and some guy who parrots her likes and interests swooped in, and she thinks he is a good guy. Fact is, if he is, if it is real, then I wish her every happiness, but I just do not buy it. Tell me what is up, and where this is going?

  • Okay! ;] LovePlusEnergy

    Well im pretty young & still dating

    sorta taking relationships light,

    but i wouldnt

    mind any insight, i would have to ask, Is

    there anything i should do or know that could

    help my future relationships last and grow ?

    thanks blessings

  • Wohooo!! Angel at love it at work! 🙂

    This is my problem;

    We could have a great future together. I know there are other issues, besides the distance thing, but once those are sorted out, I think we would have been fine.

    He is scared of committment in a way. And its not because he doesnt want to commit. I believe he's had issues in the past...had his heart broken badly and deeply that he didn't dare to fall in love again until he met me. He frightened himself by falling for me so quickly. He didnt think he would ever do that again...but boy did I show him how wrong he was and now I have to suffer! His fear came so he left me .... and he still dare to ask for my friendship.

    I know it would be easier for me to be with someone closer to me, but I have to do what my heart tells me to do. My intuition keep on telling me that he is the ONE! My conversation with Archangel Michael says the same! This is driving me nuts because I am at the stage now where I know I will be fine with or without him. (okay, with him will be better..just a little).

    Is there anything I should know / do / act / expect?

    Thank you loveplusenergy!

    Your help is definitely needed and appreciated by many of us here!

    Lots of love and blessings

  • Hello loveplusenergy

    Help m to understand that love is not for real or is it ?? Ive been married before and single for 15 years and all the men I meet dont seem to be the one Ive had some to say that they are in love with me but then it dont seem right . the last man i was see keep telling me he loves me and im apart of him I dont beleive him cause he start seeing another woman and say its nothing what hurt soo bad that I was really having strong feelings for him now we dont see each other anymore and he keep calling saying that he will never go away now I dont trust love at all

  • loveplusenergy,

    i have been in a relationship for about 5 years and the last 3 years have been very stressful for me. i decided that i needed some time to think and put some different things in order, so i'm staying at my mom's house. i was just wondering if the path i'm on is the right one. and if the love angel has any other insight for me.

  • Hello , I believe in love eternally, but I am not sure I am going in the right direction. Should I change my present course?

    Thank you:))

  • Hello loveplusenergy

    I would love any general information concerning love. I'm I doing the right thing now or just wasting my time?

  • Well...let me jump on this wagon. I am open to love but I've got an ex that is around even though he's with the woman he believes is his soul mate. Every significant relationship I've been in the person has left me for another woman, including this one. What am I doing wrong? I'm attracting all sorts of guys now but I want to make sure that the one that comes into my life won't do this again. Also...there is a potential for my ex to come back permanently, if I let him. What say you??? Thanks and blessings!

  • Hello Loveoplus, looks like your gonna be busy :O)

    I left Ron for Gab, and now here I am....pining for Ron and waiting for Gab....Am I wasting my time waiting for Gab? And what ever happened to Dan, did he fall off the planet??? lol

  • Ok guess I will bite too.. lol... Relationship with a guy for over a year then out of the blue an old flame of his comes in the picture and he takes it hook line and sinker that what she is telling him to be true . Tells me that he is confused but is happy with me and could spend the rest of his life with me. Told me that he loved me but needed time to think things through. I found out that he is with her now and Started being with her not long after he left. What happened? What went wrong? I am still in love him very much and miss him. Will he ever come back to me and it work for good or do I just let it go completely and move on.. does he love me or did he ever?Tooo many questions to ask here. Just would like more answers on situations and what the future holds if there is one with him at all.

  • Hi love+energy

    I Would like to know the same thing as Auntbuck as it seems my relationships end the same way as hers.

    "Every significant relationship I've been in the person has left me for another woman"

  • I'm single and looking, but every time that special someone approaches, I 'chicken out' and kind of go all shy lol.

    Any advice or whatever would do.

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  • Loveplusenergy, blessings

    Seems I am in a similar boat as Auntbuck. Both men left me for other women. I was not able to have them back even though the father of my son was around for a short time.

    It has been 30 years since I have been in a relationship. Mostly by choice since I have felt there was something in my character which attracted this type of person. Before these two men passed over shortly after our separation, they stated I was the best things which occurred to them and they regretted it.

    Two weeks ago a man approached me wanting to start a relationship. After our first coffee, he phoned me from a payphone (eventhough he gave me a phone number). During the conversation he stated he was still married and would not divorce becauce of his religion.

    I stated when he was free then he could contact me.

    Seems this energy is still with me. Even though I do desire non sexual relations, it seems men seem to want their cake and eat it as well.





  • my bithday wish to all



  • Hi loveplusenergy... are you still out there?

    I fell in love with a libra man, we dated for three months things were going good, i was taking things easy not jumping into conclusions... he suddenly changed and became distant... we had a bad exchange of ideas we broke up... he comes sees me but once every two months or so... he doesn't want a commitment he says...

    don't know what to think or believe anymore and sometimes I feel I've lost all the love we had... but when I think like this it breaks my heart...

    I have other guys that are interested in me and I like to have friends but I haven't pursued another relationship but lately I'm thinking maybe I should move on from Libra man...

    any advice?

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