• I just wrote this for you, not my best work, you inspired me.

    To My New Friends

    To my new friends that I have met…

    Who’d guess where, on the Internet

    You’ve given new meaning to my life….

    You’ve helped me with my toils and strife…

    Oh I never knew there was such a place

    Tarot dot com is the space….

    Where I could lay my troubles down….

    Cry some tears and turn around my frowns …

    You give me hope for humanity…

    It’s not to late for us you see….

    The World is changing to something new..

    But loves the same, thorough and through…

    While we have yet to each other meet…

    RC and Zephire give soul to my feet….

    And with every step that I take….

    Onward, onward for destiny’s sake

    While I know not, whence way I’ll go…

    I just wanted you guys to know….

    I cherish every moment true….

    While I seek out my very own truth with you..

    The time you spend with me you see..

    Gives new meaning to my destiny.

    I pray that while on this journey we meek

    Out happiness, Love and Peace.

    There is something going on that is bigger than we..

    There is now a shared destiny….

    What exactly I don’t know….

    The Universe will reveal when it’s time to show…

    The Reason and the Season….



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  • This post is deleted!

  • RC you are like me, I dress for comfort, less is more too, when it's too hot. Zephire I didn't like girls either, liked boys maybe too much!

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  • Pat is my mom's name. hhmmm. I did my crying already.

  • RC, Beauty is skin deep and ugly is to the bone. You are beautiful inside and out, we all wish we could change something about ourselves. I was not a pretty child and had no hair, my Mom told me when the Nurse brought me to her she said "thats not my baby." Smile. She said I looked like a chicken.

  • You are beautiful to somebody, there is somebody for everybody. You looked German to me from your picture or of German descent.

  • I have Indian blood too, Seminole.

  • Zephire I should have mentioned the height, yep I could see you were taller than I, much taller. Almost as if you were too tall for the bike you were getting on, it seemed a bit awkward. Seeing you from behind made me think I was trying to catch up. Not sure if that is what it meant. See I knew we were kindred spirits. And years ago people used to think I was the odd one out. I never much cared about fitting in with a group but if I liked you I liked you and if I didn't I made no bones about it. I've always been a trust your gut, first instinct person about judging people. I know now the judging part is not always a good thing but it has served me well over the years, I've rarely misjudged someone. Guess I should learn to trust those feelings a little better in other aspects of my life. LOL

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Poetic, my brothers coming over and here you have me crying. Gosh darn it. LOL Thanks those were lovely words. By the way, no offense but he thinks we're all a little nuts here. He's the skeptic. Yep I'll wear my old comfy jeans and a warn out shirt if I'm comfortable. I prefer sneakers and boots to most any other foot attire. The thought of wearing high heels is like punishment. it's just cruel. I'm a wash and maybe dry and run kind of gal. I don't do much to look very fancy no matter where I go. I'm not into make up at all. My daughter does encourage me though that one day a mani-pedi would change my life. We'll see maybe one of these days. I loved baseball and had the best collection of rods and lures as any guy my dad or brothers knew. I liked climbing rocks and hiking although my body would no longer comply with that. I was a tree climber too, played basketball all by myself. I had nothing to prove to anyone. You see in some things I had spirit and confidence wonder why I lacked so much of that in other areas. Perhaps that is worth looking into.

  • Zep I don't even remember what captain said to be honest. Glad the pic fit your image of me.

  • Well gotta go ladies, have some things to take care of today will be in touch later. Have a wonderful afternoon, evening or morning if it applies. This whole different time zones stuff is a bit confusing.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This Tarot Reading was printed from Tarot.com.


    Name: Name your reading. Jun 10, 2010

    Your Spread


    higher power

    far future

    recent past


    near future




    Your Interpretations

    Self-Undoing: Three of Swords

    © Tarot.com


    An emphasis on the negative overcomes more balancing experiences that could be positive and enjoyable.

    The card in the Self-Undoing position points to self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, where you could get stuck -- until you examine yourself and make some corrections.

    When the Three of Swords falls in this position, you are affected by an expectation of disapproval and censure. Even a small slight is easily magnified because of this undisciplined habit of mind. It is very stressful to live under such a dark cloud, whether it comes from your own outlook or your environment -- your "mental weather" has to change.

    Learn to uphold your self-esteem and your inner sense of worth; stop giving others the power to undermine you. Everyone sees things differently -- that is the human condition. You can't control what others choose to think, so concentrate on what is beneficial to your long term plan and goal.

    Recent Past: Two of Cups

    © Tarot.com


    Sharing common ground with another has created possibilities, revealed new facets of your feelings, and inspired new responses.

    The card in the Recent Past position refers to events that are just departing, recently influential but now diminishing in power.

    With the Two of Cups in this position, recent experiences of mutual recognition have touched your heart. This may have influenced your priorities in surprising ways. Observe differences in your awareness, feelings and level of sensitivy. Opening up can stimulating noble feelings.

    Don't fight this process or romanticize it. Let yourself be drawn to the harmony of the situation, but don't get swept away or commit too soon. Time will show you if this is just a symbolic wake-up call, or if it's meant to be followed up with further interaction.

    Roots: Strength

    © Tarot.com


    You possess the taming power of the feminine, which inspires rather than demands.

    The card in the Roots position points to influences from your personal history, your roots and background.

    The Strength card here suggests that someone somewhere showed you how spirit can dominate matter by motivating it to rise to a higher expression. It is the essence of true Strength to draw the best from all participants, without forcing anything on anyone.

    Because of your experience, you are certain that such a thing can be done. You know there is no chaos so fierce or frightening that it can't be tamed and led to serve the greater good. This skill gives you the courage that empowers you to go with confidence into the lion's den.

    Higher Power: Nine of Pentacles

    © Tarot.com


    Remember that the bounty and support we enjoy at any moment is temporary, as we reach within and find our best work and highest contribution.

    The card in the Higher Power position reflects the broader perspective and influence of your conscience, Guardian Angel, inner wisdom.

    When the Nine of Coins comes up in this position, it signals a move to work with people of genius, connections or financial power. Relax and enjoy the upgrade. Among them you can do your best work or make your best contribution.

    At the same time, don't forget for an instant that all this abundance, beauty and ease is on loan to us. Let your contribution be its own justification, its own reward. Don't look for more than the Grace that supports you right now.

    Self: Six of Pentacles

    © Tarot.com


    This could be a good time to be open-handed. Both you and the recipients of your generosity would benefit.

    The card in the Self position reflects an aspect of who you are right now, as you present yourself to the Tarot experience.

    With the Six of Coins in this position, you are in a position to be generous if you want to be. Generosity is always a win/win. First of all, there is a feeling of warm power in giving, but it also improves your reputation while others are being helped. But, be careful -- any act of munificence can carry within it the hooks of obligation or the seeds of ongoing dependency, creating a moral dilemma only the very high-minded can manage well.

    Your motives are good, but no matter how much you want to help, it's also important to support self-sufficiency in others. Finding the balance between kindness and accountability is the the responsible path that will help you avoid inadvertently creating unhealthy relationship dynamics.

    Situation: Two of Pentacles

    © Tarot.com


    Resist the impulse to join those around you who are becoming polarized in opposing camps.

    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to the social or environmental circumstances you find yourself in with regard to your concern.

    When the Two of Coins is in this position, you may be surrounded by people who are busy taking sides. If so, resist the impulse to join either camp. Some people with a need to be in control may jump to conclusions. You do not have to join them, however, or take a position one way or the other.

    Ask yourself -- are all the facts in yet? Or do unknowns still govern the day? If you are patient, you will spare yourself grief, while truth reveals itself in its own good time. Don't let fear have its way with you -- you may discover the situation was never as serious as it seemed.

    Far Future: Judgment

    © Tarot.com


    With new eyes to see, you transform your awareness of who you are.

    The card in the Far Future position points to unknowns still taking shape. It is the "wild card" yet to be played.

    With Judgment in this position, there is long term potential to go way beyond personal limitations you had accepted. The value you once placed on the outer is being shifted to the inner. You are gaining new capacities for self-knowledge, self-trust and awareness of your divine aspect.

    As you allow your petals to unfold, what a bounty of talent, inspiration and visionary ideas are revealed! You yourself are an abundant universe -- a fertile, creative, blossoming place from which new developments are constantly emerging. Explore this new, exciting, fresh energy of transformation.

    Near Future: The World

    © Tarot.com


    Don't withhold from the blessing of oneness.

    The card in the Near Future position indicates which way the wind is blowing with regard to your situation. If you follow the advice of this reading, however, you can improve on or neutralize tendencies.

    When the World appears in this position, the only thing that separates you from everything you ever wanted is the belief that you are alone. In truth, every molecule of your being, every breath, is in constant communication with the entire universe, the continuity of all being through all time.

    Lesson: Death

    © Tarot.com


    Surrender to the sickle; submit yourself to the pruner's shears.

    The card in the Lesson position represents the personal investment or sacrifice required to derive full benefit from your current situation.

    The Death card in this position suggests that you relinquish what you have been clutching tightly and accept correction. Be aware that you are a part of a larger plan. The changing stages of this cycle mirror the changing of the seasons. This is a design that no individual can go up against and vanquish.

    This card can put you in touch with the non-negotiable powers that sweep things along whether you cooperate or not. If you are sensible, you can derive comfort from this process and look forward to the fruits of change. On the other hand, you could choose to fight furiously while the inevitable carries on around you. If you cut your losses and surrender, however, you will be fresh for the future.

    Illustrations by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Stamford Ct, USA. Copyright U.S. Games Systems. Except as used to display a Visionary Networks' Tarot reading, further reproduction prohibited. This beautiful image, scanned with permission from U.S. Games, is based on a Tarot Deck available for purchase at USGamesInc.com.

    This reading is based on the work of Tarot Expert Christine Payne-Towler and Tarot.com ©1998 - 2010. All rights reserved.

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  • Hey just did this reading and it was beautiful, the negative thinker is him, (the wolf).

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