• Okay I just read the threads from the weekend and am so glad everyone is fine. Sylvannah do what your heart tells you to do and you will prosper and be happy doing it. Zephire I too am changing, my husband and my daughter think I'm crazy and they don't understand. Many changes are going on in the Universe and with us as well. RC you are going to be fine, watch and see. Zephire I agree with the goals thing, just this morning wrote down my goals for June, I also make a short term and long term goals list.

    I'm thankful for you guys my friends who keep me grounded and give my life inspiration, who listen to my troubles and give wonderful advice and bring special meaning to my life. Namaste! "Today is going to be a great day!' I belive this month is going to be very special to all of us and very lucky! "Something good is coming, I can feel it! 🙂

  • poetic, Good Morning, nice to see you again. I think you are right I think something good is coming, I just kind of wish I knew what it was, it might take some of the pressure off. For now like you all working on lists of "to do, to achieve, to overcome". Have a great day.

  • I know absolutely nothing about it. lol I just know I want 3 acres and have a spot just for pit bulls. Other than that, I know nothing. I now we have the land here.I don't know if I will just suild a building or convert a already pre-existing one. I do know that I have to start doing something cause I don't expect it will all just fall in my lap. lol Last day of school is tomorrow so I might wait for that! I just have to fight off the procratinayion andget motivation. I am so drained by the time I get my daughter to school!Then 30 days with no meds but hopefully, these new meds will work. I definately see a difference when she gets sleep[. I want to do this before she starts school next year. She ill be in 6th grade. New school, an hour earlier, and I just don't want her to come home everyday with the knowledge that someone kicked her butt! Which will be an everyday thing unless I can help her.I have alot of things on my plate. I don't want to mess nothing up due to something pre-existing. She gets me so stressed out that I forget alot of stuff and this animal rescue is very important t me so I don't want to forget anything.I don't know what I should do 1st. Look for a grant. Look for some property and hope tha it will be there, or look into the cost of building what I want. Kinda work on the achitecture. I will probably start on the achitecture cause that I can do with the issues I have with my daughter.I want to get the ball rolling on this.I can work on the design and make a list of employees. I need a vet, a groomer, groundskeepers, and someone knowledgable of horses and cows. I have to think of how big I want the stall and how many I want to be able to fit in there. And so on. It will be alot of work! But I know I can do it.

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  • Zephire you know you are right. I feel like I have been fighting a funk for the last couple days. Really struggling with not letting myself get down or worried or discouraged. And in thinking that way I allowed myself to go there to the someday place. Mind you I don't know what the future holds but I have been trying to stay in the present and enjoy that gift....LOL I do still feel something is coming, I don't know what it is but it's a definite anticipation like feeling. Anyway, I'll try to do better.

    Laithano great positive focus, good for you!

    Sylvannah, just a thought on my part, I think your rescue idea is wonderful. Have you ever considered getting your daughter involved? Perhaps it might give her somewhere to focus her energy and I believe being around animals is always therapeutic. Perhaps you could sort of do it together. Naturally it's not an overnight thing but working the plan could be a great way to bring you together where you can focus on more than the meds and maybe get to enjoy each others company in the process. Like I said it's just a thought. Might be worth a try, think about it.

  • Sylvanna maybe you can take donations, let local shelters know, yada, yada. Yeah look for grants first, people love animals and leave money to them too. One hour, minute, day at a time! I feel yah RC and Lathiano welcome. Nothing pleases him more than be thankful!

  • l have thought about icluding her. She can help with the horses. I know how therapeutic animals can be. I have 9 dogs and they hae helped me immensely since I left my b-f. She get's included in everything anyway. I'll even let her help me name it. But thanks for the advice. I am always looking for ways to help her. Thus the softball. TTFN

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  • zephire,

    thanks, this morning i got up feeling much better emotionally than in a long time, looking to see what had been posted i noticed that you had posted in this forum, so i read it, thank you for such valueable information! i copied it, and place it where i can see it so i can repeat it, until i get it rhrough my hard head. i am thankful again, to the life the universe allows me to have, and for so many little things, that mean much more than material richness, i will be grateful everyday to this forum, because each passing day, i always find something to help me better myself and at the same time, even with small examples you help others around you sometimes without even bieng aware.

    again thanks zephire,

    blessings to you may the universe fill u with;


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  • zephire loved the pump up. Your affirmations are great. I have glanced at the subliminals but wasn't sure I was getting the full effect, I have no sound on my computer. Does that matter or is it all visual?

    Thanks for the boost.

  • Good Morning/Evening All! Love all the messges Zephire, I'm going to try the subliminal messages today.

    I'm thankful that everything is coming together for me as the Devine Universe is preparing me for what's ahead. I'm thankful that I'm being guided in the right direction and that HE is placing the right people in my path on my life's journey! I'm thankful for the ability to learn and grow as a person and to share any knowledge obtained. I'm thankful for God's Mercy!

  • Zep you are on a roll. How I wish I could see what you see sometimes. I know the changes have been showing, I can feel it. But the last few days have really been a struggle. I just don't understand it. Maybe it's planetary or something, that part of all this is a bit confusing to me. I spent a long time yesterday just getting quiet. I'm working on connecting with some people in my meditation so far things are just a process, no real signs of success lately but I keep trying because I know it's coming, maybe it's just not time yet.

    Now on a kind of odd note. A friend of my brothers passed away recently, she was involved in the theatre a costume designer, a wonderful person. I met her when I was a kid. I got thinking about her kind of in remembrance and a play she did came to mind. She was in Fiddler on the Roof, she played Golde, Tevye's wife. In the play they sang a song to one another "Do you love me?" he explains he didn't know her on their wedding day, she explains all she does for him washing, cooking, children, tending their cow etc. and he asks "But do you love me?" her response is "if that's not love, what is?" That song drove me nuts the last two days, I even dreamt about it and then I realized it was sort of a reminder, a message if you will. We get caught up in what we have to do, cook dinner, do laundry, run the kids to here or there, commitments, worry about money, daily chores and yet when the day is all over it's just about love. Our love for our family and friends. Our love for God and His love for us. I felt as if my brothers dear friend was just reminding me "love one another", what a great message. I suppose sometimes we need to be reminded to do the simplest things.

    So I suppose when the day is done and I cast aside all that has had me rattled lately, what really matters is just "love", it's not just a word or emotion, it's an action. I think it should be on all of our to do lists. So old friend, thanks for the reminder.

  • Hi Poetic, and we're thankful you are with us too, pushing us, pulling us along or perhaps just standing by with encouragement. Isn't it nice when you can feel positive change? I can't tell you how many years in my life lacked that but all of you here are helping me make up for that lost time. I'm thankful for you my friends and the love we share with one another by caring enough to support and encourage and just share in one another's days.

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