• I am thankful to be alive on Mother Earth

    I am thankful for my gifts and the teachers who came those who are here and those still to arrive

    I am thankful to be able to SEE again (after more than 5 years BLIND--and THEY said "for the rest of your life--you won't get it back)

    I am thankful for ART and LOVE and JOY and

    that so many people are waking up to the Aquarian Age finally being --not dawning--but HERE!!!

    I am thankful for all my wonderful friends and connections and beautiful sharing Spirits everywhere and especially all of you who give SO MUCH of yourselves at our wonderful Tarot dot com forums.

  • I am thankful for Zwhocansee being able to use her eyes again. That is so cool. I am thankful for the knowledge I have been gaining everyday. I am thankful for being able to still walk. (that is a blessing and a miracle) I am thankful for my new life and so far, things are working for me. I am thankful for my dogs. They are a true blessing. Just their presense is alot more than they know. I am thankful I don't have MS. (even though they don't know what is wrong with me lol) I am thankful for my house and for being able to keep it. I am just thankful to be able to be thankful.

  • Zephire- I didn't even know the Netherlavds was a real place intil I sold somebody some 70s lightsabers from there LOL Encouragement is good but the true gift is hope. You may not have another but you can always have hope. Persistence helps but isn't necessary as long as you have hope. You might be alone but as long as you have hope, you will be ok. Even when things look hopeless, keep your hope. There is always a way, it just may take some time to find it.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Good Morning/Evening All! Zwhocansee, what a miracle for you! Never say never, I say. It's amazing how in an instant things can change for the better and I think It's all about attitude, speaking for myself, I was miserable a few days ago, going thru things with my daughter and today everything is alright. I am learning and have learned that I cannot change other people and I have to learn and am learning to let go and let GOD! We have the power to choose our reality and our existence good or bad, everything is all about choices! Wow! I'm learning to let go of the power struggles with other folks. We choose to be happy or sad, mad, angry or to just let it all go, release the stress and tension and breathe! Zephire I'm thankful for your quotes very inspiring especially the Martin Luther quote above, seems to be speaking to me.

    I'm thankful today for the Universe, for the wonderful people & new friends I have found here on this site, for the freedom of expression, life and liberty. And so, so thankful that there is something in me that refuses to die and give up on life. "Still I Rise." 🙂

    Sylvannah I'm thankful for your miracle too because I've gotten to know you and maybe I needed to hear your story too! 🙂

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  • Hi All,

    Just thought I'd pop in for minute and be thankful. I'm thankful for medications that are trying to make my granddaughter better. I'm thankful that although I too am sick that I will eventually be fine. I'm thankful for the reminder that when we focus on everything else sometimes we forget ourselves and we are important too. If it takes ending up not feeling well to remind me of that so be it. I'm thankful for my health, it may not be great but it can be better and isn't all bad. I'm grateful to be aware I can't control everything like you Poetic. That is such a hard lesson to learn and accept. I too am struggling with the let go and let God part but I am trying to do just that and ride the wave. Watching what goes on and not doing anything about it is so out of character for me but I'm trying. I'm praying that something great is just around the corner and although I'm frustrated and concerned that it'll be ok because I can't see what lies ahead but He knows. I'm thankful for you my friends here who allow me to vent and rant and sometimes cry. I'm thankful for your responses which help me to see I'm not alone and others do care. I'm thankful for my daughter for without her my granddaughter wouldn't exist and I'm thankful in advance that one day we will heal what ails us.

    I feel like things are about to change in my life, fairly dramatically it's like I can feel the energy building but I don't yet know in what way. I only hope I will emotionally be able to handle what comes my way and financially find the means to be successful because of it or in spite of it whichever applies. Thanks for opening me up to even be aware of that, thanks for being you.

  • Zephire, your last comments to poetic felt directed at me and my daughter too. Thanks. It's nice to know that the path I'm on now with her could be the right one. Stepping back a bit, waiting and letting life happen because she isn't going to listen so you just have to be there when they fall. Your words are encouraging thank you.

  • I am thankful to be alive, to see every morning sun, the rain, i am thankful for those close to my heart that just with thier presence show me they care, i am thankful to be helpful to others, even when it just to lend a hearing ear,

    i am grateful that there is one day after another, i am grateful for the lessons learn in life,

    i am very very grateful to this site, when i have read many things, problems that others have and apply to me, learning through thier eyes, and those how know how to give good consul, learning to pick myself up, from a rut i fell under,

    i am even grateful, for those who dislike me, to me means there is something that needs to be fix. but also know that u just are not a candy, and not everyone likes candy.

    to the captain, wolfsgang and so many others who are so blessed bieng so spirtual

    may all be blessed!


  • to people like syavanah,

    who have the courage and strength to carry on.

    i have so much more to say, but to all, continue growing,

    and getting better each day.


  • Welcome Raminita! You are welcome here and we like you! I've found in life there is always someone who for no reason at all, they just don't like you! But guess what, it is their problem not yours, pray for them and love them anyway!

    RC I'm sorry you are sick and have been worried about you and your granddaughter she and you will get better! I think something good is going to happen to you soon, I can feel it! Take care of yourself and her and we will keep the love fire burning (instead of home fires). I am thankful this Mercury in Retrograde crap is gone! Halleleujh!

  • Zephire I love your words of wisdom. I've been down this road before with my oldest which was by far much worse, but you know you get tired sometimes! I know I know it all but she thinks she does (smile). I know they have to fight their own battles, we try to make it easier for them but they don't listen and I probably didn't listen either. And so it continues, I turned out alright too! 🙂

  • lol Poetic555 I bet I have you beat on the kids thing though. All I know, is that 'legally' you can only spank you're chil on the butt with an open hand and can only leave a mark that will stay for an hour. You can only put your child in time out if they have a window. What kind of s h i t is that! My mother use to beat the snot out of me and I didn't grow up to be a serial killer. There is a saying and we have all heard it, Spare the rod, spoil the child. There is a reason for that saying. In the 70s, we didn't have columbine or so much violent crimes. We didn't do nothing wrong cause we were afraid of getting whatever. Kids today have no consequenses. They do whatever they want. Not scared to do it! I still think I just should have taken my son's kneecap out when he was 8. MY consequences wouldn't have been as bad as they ended up being because of him. Anyway, I'm gonna shut up about this now and I gotta go. I don't wanna be nad all day so, TTFN

  • to poetic 555

    right now i have another thing to be grateful for,

    finding you, thank you so much, you made my

    day much better, i have lots of friends, i have friends of different ways of bieng!

    i like you all very much too!

    have a great and blessed life!

    i will be back to read more insight!


  • Poetic, thanks for the well wishes. I sure hope we are right and something really good is coming. I could use the lift, today I'm feeling down and letting the daughters attitude get to me, I just can't seem to shake it. I'm trying.......

    Sylvannah, you are right, we didn't need social services to step in and tell us how to act or what our parent could or couldn't do to us. I for one grew up in a neighborhood where everyone looked out for one anothers kids, my mom worked days and dad worked nights and if we got in trouble before they were home a neighbor did the correcting and filled them in later. I can remember my sister in law trying to correct her son once and he said to her "If you hit me I'll call child protective", I thought, if my mom was alive you wouldn't have made it to the phone kid. She wasn't one to hit you but a comment like that would have landed him across the room. Whatever happened to as parents we teach you right from wrong so just do as you are told.

  • Ramonita- I wanted to say Thanks. All you can do is keep going. Life isn't going to stop. If you give up, then all that gets accomplished is you are miserable all the time, and you are not happy. Why? I just deal with it and keep on. I have been through more than most people could even handle. But I don't get angry. I have gotten depressed but then I snap out of it. My problem is on some things, everything is so overwhelming. I rush to whatever when I need to stop and think for a second. I haven't had anything like that happen for a while but if it ever does again, I will have to make a concious effort to handle it better. I am going to avoid stress (as much as I can) My daughter isn't so happy about it cause I end up just walking away from her alot. lolI am on a mission to better myself . I don't have a b-f right now. I have dogs instead. Funny thing, I will pick an animal over a person almost every time. The animals are just following or doing what their owners told them too. The people should just know better. Common sense isn't really so common. lol But anyways, thank you TTFN

  • EXACTLY GUYS! We had this exact conversation at work yesterday! The world has gone to you know where in a hand basket. Thats why I'm so frustrated, I never spoke back to an elder, had manners and good home training. RC I'm with you too, if we did wrong i got spanked by neighbors and another one when I got home! The government has taken the way our rights to parent, I understand child abuse, some folks go to far. These kids know they can call 911 and you are in trouble, they have too much power, why should they respect you? The fear factor is gone, (respect is gone). If i talked back to my mom I wouldn't have front teeth, now these kids are beating the parents. Sick, sick world. They took prayer out of schools, workplace. It does take a village to raise a child, now we are a world out strangers. Remember playing outside all day, you had to make me come inside before dark. We played kickball, softball, volleyball, and there was no obesity epidemic, these kids have no imagination, just video games and T.V. We actually got locked outside if you came in and out every five minutes, letting the flys in. 🙂

  • Sylvannah I don't know, I think my oldest was from another planet, she never had fear of anything or anyone is extremely intelligent and used it as a weapon. Manipulative and spiteful. She did get her spankings but refused to cry, extremely stubborn. But Karma is a beautiful thing. This young one is not street wise, she is just a smart ---, with nothing to back it up. Very beautiful but naive and has not clue about the real world. I can tell you some stories.

  • RC It's coming, I can feel it. 🙂

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