• Ahh RC, my mom was the same way don't remember her saying I love you as a kid, but she says it now every time we talk. She has some regrets now I think. Your mom loves you and is proud of you and you are not done yet, you are still evolving, we all are.

  • Thanks Poetic, I worry about having disappointed her, catholic guilt I guess. But I do know without her I wouldn't be the person I am today. I learned things from her that my daughter notes as weaknesses, caring for others, doing for those less fortunate than ourselves, making a difference one little thing at a time. I hope I can say I'll never walk with cardboard in my shoes like mom did, but I know in my heart I walk the same kinds of paths she did to reach out to others and touch their lives. I think God planted seeds in me to reach out to those in need, to warm hearts that are sometimes broken, to be a friend to those who feel so desperately alone. I think by coming here he reminded me there are others out there who he planted seeds in as well, to touch my heart, heal my pain, help me through so I don't feel so alone. I'm lucky to have each of you in my life and I am truly thankful for that most precious gift as well.

  • That is your greatest gift RC. Everyone needs words of encouragement. You make me cry all the time. Were all in this together, good or bad.

  • When I was groing up, me and my mom didn't get along at all. She was selfish and I remember her telling me once that she had always wanted a girl but I was not the girl she wanted. When my oldest son was born, you could plainly see that she was doing everything with him that she never did with me. We didn't have a bond until the last 2-3 tears she was alive, but in the end, I was the only one that she could relate too. You know how they say, that is not the woman that raised me, that is an old person trying to get into heaven. That's what I thought alot at first but I know that in the end, our relationship was real strong. She was a super smart person, part of mensa but she didn't have the common sense God gave a rock. (bless her soul) She learned to listen to me because it cost her over $700 because she didn't. She was cuban but in the end, I don't think she was. I was the only one she could connect with and that actually meant alot to me. I was the one she asked for in her final days. I was with her 24/7 for a week and the one time I finally left (for all of 15 min) was when she died. I don't have a single good memory of her when I was a child but we got close in that 2-3 year short time we had. She died tring to get my son through the 6th grade. That was the grade I dropped out in and it was super important to her to do that. She was more worried about that then getting herself checked. She was ready to go though. That's why it only took her 2 mos. before she died. Chris made it to 7th because we moved to a different county. I guess that really would not have mattered since he dropped out of school anyway. She did her best and my son was very lucky to have her. I'm glad we connected, even for a short time before she died so I will still say Happy Mother's Day to her. She desrves it.

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  • πŸ™‚

  • I am thankful for my guides. Thank you.

    I am also thankful because my computer is working again and that my laptop is also working.

    I am thankful that it's a hung parliment in the UK, where I live.

    I am thankful for the air that I inhale and exhale. x

  • I am thankful for this beautiful day that we were all given. I am thankful that I saw my oldest son today and he looks good. I am thankful that we are going to win the softball gane. πŸ™‚ I am thankful that I can still provide for all those I love. I am thankful that I am alive and feeling good today. I am thankful everyday for alot of things. I hope you all have alot to be thankful for too. TTFN

  • I'm thankful today that I am alive and healthy and life is still good no matter what life throws at you. I'm thankful that though I give my children guidance it's their life to live and not mines and I cannot control thier destinty. I'm thankful I have people who love me and I them. I'm thankful that today is going to be a great day! πŸ™‚

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  • What country are you in again?

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  • I am thankful for my health and strength, thankful for a generous and caring family, so thankful that my favorite little girl in the world will be going to her own loving home soon. I'm thankful for sunshine and springtime and flowers, for green grass and fresh breezes. I'm thankful to you all for sharing yourselves and thankful that the universe infinitely connects us all. I'm thankful that I always have a choice to act from love instead of fear. I am blessed to be here, and I feel much better having written this. Thanks for the thread, poetic! β™‘

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  • Zephire when I was a kid, we'd play on the phone all the times, I'm getting hidden messages in your post, "being child like" also the thing about water. I've been told several times now by different Shaman's to be more child like and also to get in or near water because of the power of the energy of water. I did do some coloring the other day, funny because I'm a big kid at heart. I like you need to wait for my answers as well, I am in-patient sometimes, I'm keeping still trying to hear, nothing yet, will keep trying. Remember the Lord is never late, always on time.

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  • How beautiful Graceful daisies! Love it, I'm trying to notic Nature more. It's so beautiful. If I had all the money I needed. I would spend each day daydreaming and staring at the blue sky and the green of the trees and also at the Ocean's waves. It's coming! πŸ™‚

  • Love the quotes, seems to be speaking to me especially listening to your heart. :0

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