• Hey Mags, I am okay, not close to the riots, im an a hour away from London, but my godmother was right next to them by London Waterloo station she's close too heard them round the corner from her house, think she is okay though and mums ex boyfriend was close as well, in Birmingham his friends got stuck in a pub by the city centre, they barricaded themselves in as it got bad outside. lucky he was at home. i hope it stops, and doesn't continue again.

    I am Thankful, for being alive at this time

    I am Thankful for, overcoming difficulties.

    I am Thankful for, Being safe, and away from those riots.

    I am Thankful for, the, sun, moon, and earth

    I am Thankful for my spiritual journey.

    I am Thankful for, home, food, and water.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Good Day all, bee said a prayer of protection for you and your family, stay safe.

    I'm thankful for all the beautiful changes going on inside.

    I'm thankful that I can stand back and look at this mess of our economy without getting overwhelmed and giving in to fear!

    I'm thankful that I can lean not to my own understanding but have Faith that all will be well.




  • Welcome to the newbie Scorp/Wolf, LOP- Baby Brooke is fine, they found a hernia the other day not sure where that came from but other than that she's okay.

    Dmick- So happy to see you here, I miss your company! I pray all is well with you and your family! I think we better hold on for this roller coaster ride (the world).

    CWB- Hola!

    I miss everyone, RC- it will be okay, watch and see!

    Peace, Love and Light to all, We are one!

  • Thanks poetic, 🙂 Love ya. Hugs Bee Xx

    and welcome to the new comer scorpwolf 🙂 and hiya to everyone else too.

    Love n light Bee xx

  • love you too,

    be back tonight,

    love to all,

    thrilled that u are far from danger, may god keep u and your love ones safe,

    love and hugs,


  • i am thank ful for another day of life, just to be on the planet earth and enjoy my grandchildren as they get older,

    i am thankful that i can be useful and led a productive life,

    i am thankful for all the friends i have found on my journey,

    i am so so very thankful that i was able to get to the forum today,

    i am thankful that my friend and little daughter, adopted from the heart lotus princess is safe,

    may god continue to protect her each and every second,

    i am thankful that the rain did not caught me outside,

    i thankful to have a family,

    i am thankful that i have my needs met,

    i am thankful that i believe truly there will be a better tommorrow for all mankind, i am thankful that my friends, have been close pyhicscally or spiritual while facing my problems,

    i am thankful that there is still love in the universe


    what happen was i recievced a call from your number since your number comes up with out a name, i ask my young grandson to call back and see who it was, so right now i am going to ring you and when you read tommorrow this message, the ringing means i am thinking of you my hearing is not so good so when i talk on the phone, i have to have someone close, i dont like it, but what can i do, but except,

    thanks for telling me,

    love and hugs, to all,

    it hurts to know that baby brooke is still going thru pains, i pray that god puts his hands over the child, and a miracle happens, that she no longer suffers,

    love to all,

    tommorrow, look for a post i made to my journey,

    love you all,

  • I am thankful for all the many blessings we have been given and for those yet to come our way. I am thankful for the realization that anything is possible if you trust, believe and let go.

    I am thankful for new awareness and for new understandings.

    I am thankful for all my tarot pals who make it easier for me to get through every day and for allowing me to celebrate my progressive steps with them. I have never felt so blessed.

  • Hi All ,

    Today i am thankful that Bee is no where near the riots

    Blessings 2 all

    Love and light Mags xx

  • Good morning, my fridge is full and for that I am very thankful, having had times when it was empty and times without a fridge.

    Laie how did your kids adapt with all the moving? Are they sane responsible people? I worry so much about the effects a move would have on mine. And hubby will be in Germany for max a year, two and a half hours from here, weekend relationship but close enough in a crisis. I ask myself if a move is worth it. We would not see him, he works long hours.

    I am feeling thankful in general today.

    Love and hugs Paddixxx

  • Hey all and thanks Mags 🙂 xx, may need to keep up the prayers for England, with a fourth night running for riots, seems like london in calming down some, with people, taking some action, though there has been some rumours from sisters friends, and mine of riots in Farnham, and aldershot, 15 minutes from mine, since last night. So hoping that settles, and dont come here. Manchester, and Birmingham also Leicester got riots last night. hopefully will calm down soon. Things are going a little crazy around here. hope everyone is doing good, will keep you posted.

    Sustenance for the Soul

    Taking Time for Yourself

    Daily Om Message.

    Making time for the activities that contribute to your spiritual growth has little to do with being selfish.

    Modern life compels us to rush. Because we feel pressured to make the most of our time each day, the activities that sustain us, rejuvenate us, and help us evolve are often the first to be sacrificed when we are in a hurry or faced with a new obligation. It is important we remember that there is more to life than achieving success, making money, and even caring for others. Your spiritual needs should occupy an important spot on your list of priorities. Each task you undertake and each relationship you nurture draws from the wellspring of your spiritual vitality. Taking the time to engage in spiritually fulfilling activities replenishes that well and readies you to face another day. Making time for the activities that contribute to your spiritual growth has little to do with being selfish and everything to do with your well-being. Regularly taking the time to focus on your soul’s needs ensures that you are able to nurture yourself, spend time with your thoughts, experience t! ranquility, and expand your spiritual boundaries.

    It is easy to avoid using our free moments for spiritual enrichment. There is always something seemingly more pressing that needs to be done. Many people feel guilty when they use their free time to engage in pursuits where they are focusing on themselves because they feel as if they are neglecting their family or their work. To make time for yourself, it may be necessary to say no to people’s requests or refuse to take on extra responsibilities. Scheduling fifteen or thirty minutes of time each day for your spiritual needs can make you feel tranquil, give you more energy and allows you to feel more in touch with the universe. Writing in a journal, meditating, studying the words of wise women and men, and engaging in other spiritual practices can help you make the most of this time.

    Making time to nurture your spirit may require that you sacrifice other, less vital activities. The more time you commit to soul-nurturing activities, the happier and more relaxed you will become. The time you devote to enriching your spirit will rejuvenate you and help you create a more restful life.

    I am Thankful for having some holiday. of rest, and peace.

    I am Thankful for my spiritual journey i am on,

    I am Thankful for my spiritual family, friends and family at home.

    I am Thankful for, creativity, and music.

    love and light bee









  • I am thankful

    I am thankful for the awareness that I am worthy of consideration

    I am thankful for new opportunities still coming my way

    I am thankful for the support and encouragement of people I care about

    I am thankful for rising belief in myself, my skills, my faith to make all things possible

    I am truly thankful......every day for all our many blessings and for those yet to come our way.

  • I'm thankful to have all of you as my friends and I feel honored.

    I'm thankful to be in this evolution of life, we got a ticket!

    I'm thankful that good days are ahead of us and that we will soon be able to instantly manifest whatever we want.

    I'm thankful for Faith, Love, Hope and Charity.

    I'm thankful that I've made it this far!

    Amen, Amen, OM!


    I'm thinking of posting the Universal laws, maybe. Have a wonderful day no matter what!

  • Morning, Poetic!

    Thanks for shining Your Special Light! Beautiful pictures! That blue just glows! Have a wonderful weekend!



  • LotusPriestess,

    It is sad that a few knucleheads are ruining life in your country. Stay safe and be cautious this weekend. Talk soon.



  • G'Morning paddifluff!

    Kids adapt more easily than adults do from what I've seen. The only negatives the kids would say was, I miss So & So. Why did we Have to move? But, they got over that quickly and made new friends. Today they are flexible, friendly people who adapt to new situations quite easily. I think this came about in part, from all the moving. No matter who they meet or where they go, they fit in and are capable. Each one of them has a wide circle of friends and Now, they say, Remember when we lived in --- X ---- and this happened? I sometimes don't remember why they're all laughing! Plus, they rely on each other whenever the need arises because they learned long ago to depend on each other. As a parent this gladdens my heart! We will be gone someday, but the four of them will always have each other!

    In many ways, moving and staying together strengthens the familial bond which gives the kids a strong, stable foundation. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Once hubby & I separated for a year and a half because where he was stationed became waayy to expensive. He'd hop a flight and come home once a month for the weekend and all we'd do was fight! It was stressful for me, 2 little ones and a third on the way. Yes, he was working but I was resentful too of the fact that he had Free Time. And, I was a jerk and felt I didn't adapt to him showing up and messing with how things were done in the house then disappearing! Anyway, when we stayed together it was better for us and better for the kids.

    Is it worth it for you on a practical level? I don't know. Always something to consider is expense. Will it be cheaper to live or comparable to where you are now? If the difference is minor, I say move with him. What about your relationship? The toll it takes on him coming to see you after working all week is rough ( been there & done that too!) which then wears on your marriage. It doesn't matter if the kids adapt or not if the two of you fall apart! My advice: Make a decision Based on what you and hubby feel and think. If you two are happy, the kids will follow suit and Be Fine!

    Its tough, Paddi! I really feel for you and understand what a huge decision it is!



  • Morning RC, Loap, Ramonita, MyJourney & Zep!

    I hope this weekends Full Moon shines brightly in your parts of the world! May you all connect to your loving, individual lights and Shine even brighter!!



  • Hey laie4- is it is definitely a sad thing, thinking its only the beginning though. it will take a lot of things to settle back to normal, even some people will be feeling a little unsettled for a while..

    hope you have a good weekend too. laie4 🙂 and everyone else of course.

    Love n Light Lotus

    I am Thankful for all of my spiritual family here. 🙂

    I am Thankful for overcoming challenges.

    I am Thankful for, flowers, butterflies. and trees

    I am Thankful for my animals, home, and Family

    I am Thankful for spiritual journey i am taking

    I am Thankful iv made it this far.

    I am Thankful for Dreams.

    Love n Light Bee Xx

    You Deserve to Have Your Dreams Come True

    Personal Power

    Daily Om message.

    Power is not about exerting our will over others, it is about being in complete truth with yourself.

    Many of us have do not understand what personal power means. We have been given the false notion that power is bad—that it is something we use to exert our will upon others. In fact, when our personal power is intact, we are neither overbearing nor meek. We have a clear sense of our strength and the impact we can have on others. This actually enables us to be more sensitive. Personal power is what permits us to work on behalf of our dreams and desires. It allows us to realize that we are worthy and deserve to be heard. In addition, our personal power lets us extend the respect we know that we deserve to the people around us. There is no reason to be afraid or ashamed of fully owning your power.

    In the chakra system, the solar plexus is the seat of personal power. One way to evaluate your sense of power is to breathe into this part of the body. If it feels tight or nervous, it is an indication that you may not be fully expressing your power. You can heal this imbalance by expanding the area of the solar plexus with your breath. You can also visualize a bright yellow sun in this part of your body. Allow its heat to melt any tension, and let its light dissolve any darkness or heaviness. Repeating this exercise on a regular basis can restore and rejuvenate your sense of power.

    Another way to nurture your personal power is to honor your dreams and desires by making concrete plans to manifest them in the world. Start by making a list of things you want, and let yourself think big. Choose one goal from the list and commit to bringing it to fruition. In addition, break the goal into tasks that you can work on each day. Know that you deserve to have your dreams come true and that you have the power to bring them into being.

  • Bee,

    Great post and perfect timing!

    I read somewhere, maybe Poetic sent it?, that astrologers are writing that all of what we have learned spiritually we will need to tap into to get through the coming months. Your post points out that we need to also keep our third chakra balanced.

    Staying strong, healthy, and feeling empowered both spiritually and physically allows us to get through any emotional crap that comes our way! LOL!

    Luv ya!


  • censored!!!

    it wasn't a bad word, Sistahs! although i chose it for emphasis. : > )

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